Thursday, 22 October 2015

Oh my god! (22) Swastika as religious symbol

Oh my god! (22) Swastika as religious symbol

The swastika has been used as a religious symbol long before the Nazis used it. It's usually easy to distinguish religious swastika and Nazi swastika: proportions (religious has slimmer lines than Nazi), sense of rotation (religious often left facing, Nazi always right facing), position (religious usually on the side, Nazi often on the edge) and context.

For etymological connection between "sawastika" and Thai greeting sawatdi สวัสดี see here: Thai Bites - สวัสดี 卍 The True Meaning of Sawatdee by Stuart Jay Raj 
Thai 101 Etymologist 16: On the origin of สวัสดี sawatdi 

This one is clearly religious (proportions, presence of Om/Aum (symbol of Ganesha) on the shirt):

3 examples from temples in Bali:

Falun Dafa in Paris:

Temple in Bangkok, Chinatown:

Here one which I would call technical necessity:

whereas this is is not:

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  1. Hi Mr Christian, probably this is not the right platform to ask and you might not be the best person to answer but I am perplexed at what has happened to the writer of Bangkokbois. Has he retired? Or *gasp* something bad happened to him?

    1. I don't know.

      I shared ideas here in comments and on forums, will collect everything I know some day into a post praising his work and mourning his disappearance.

  2. I like that guy's shirt although I doubt I'd be brave enough to wear it in public .

    I join the chorus praising work of Rush of Bangkokbois fame.
    On personal level I credit his blog for opening charms of Tawan for me , avoided for many years due to unfavorable comments on various forums until I decided to follow his advice and discovered how bullshitty those comments were

  3. I hope Bangkok boys is rotting in a jail cell somewhere. I reported his picture of a young child holding a mans dick to the U.S authorities. Utterly disgusting, and from a man who claimed anyone who every went to Pattaya was a peado.
    Isnt that the karma he was so fond of.

  4. Anonymous: wow, you such a brave patriot! Murika needs more of you.

    I think BKK boys is just training for the Olympivs, he was very fond if it, reporting endlessly about it.

  5. I notice Sawatdee has gotten rid of the 'sunday funnies' Maybe you can find out why Christain


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