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Hua Hin gay bars Oct 2015

Hua Hin gay bars Oct 2015

The gay scene in Hua Hin is covered by and by occasional posts by Smiles, most recent here Locations in gay guide and on map in Thai Puan / Desire are correct.

Currently there are 3 host bars in Hua Hin: New Guy Bar, Buddy Boy Bar, Red Indian Bar’s Boy (sic!); of which New Guy Bar and Buddy Boy Bar had a decent number of boys, some of them cute, when I visited. Same problems as elsewhere: music too loud, too dark, boys playing on their mobiles, low number of customers.

WARNING: pictures of dead animal and skin disease below.

Tuesday 13.10.2015
New Guy Bar 20:13-21:32. Up to 8 boys, 3 of which I consider doable. 2 customers when we enter (ChristianPFC + Farang friend B + his Thai boyfriend N), later we are the only customers. Pineapple juice 70 Baht, soft drinks 40, boy drink 130, off fee 350. Music too loud (I told the manager, he lowered the volume, but turned it up later). Unless playing pool, boys are sitting in dark corner and occupied with their mobile phones.

Wednesday 14.10.2015
Buddy Boy Bar 21:03-22:20. Up to 6 boys, 2 of which I consider offable. Fruit juice 70 Baht, soft drinks 40, off fee 350. Music too loud, too dark, no aircon.

One of the cute boys gets a chair and sits between B and N. However in presence of N, B cannot take a boy home, so I call him over to sit with me. He appears utterly bored and apathic. I would have tipped him and sent him away, but B has decades of experience in whoring around and instigates interaction (the boy doesn’t speak English, B doesn’t speak Thai, so B tells me what to ask the boy and where and how to touch him).

On B’s insistence, I open the boy’s zipper and rummage around, he plays possum but slowly gets hard. 

On B’s insistence, the boy does the same with me (but I don’t get hard). It seems he slowly warms up. I ask him how much for short time: 1000. B tells me to ask if he can go for 800: can. After long pondering and lot of encouraging words from B, I take the boy off.

On the way to my hotel he smokes a cigarette, but in my room, kissing shortly after entering, I can barely smell it, and minutes later it’s gone. Nice body, no hair on balls and butt and interaction ok. Would not have thought after the indifference in the bar. We have a wank together. He tried and managed to satisfy me, so I gave him 1000. Underwear and nipple-play-wise some room for improvement.

In the bar he said he is gay and can do everything, but when I asked him in my room: cannot bottom and cannot suck. If someone teaches him to bottom and to suck and sends him to Bangkok, he could make a lot of money. But first he has to get rid of a skin infection on his butt:

He says it’s an allergy แพ้ and is already healing. Years ago I had a boy in Saranrom with oozing pimples on his butt, whereas these scales are dry. What’s going on?

Thursday 15.10.2015
Drive past Buddy Boy Bar 5 pm: already boys inside.
Have a look at Red Indian 21:45, 2 staff and one customer.
New Guy Bar 21:58-22:50. 6 boys and 2 customers.

More observations:
Cute boys on bikes or skateboard in Pone Kingpetch park, cute boys sit and drink midnight after disassembly of night market. Didn't spot anything interesting at the railway station at night. People in groups on beach at night (but a friend in Bangkok told me there are cruisy areas), no gay discos. 

Hornet active and some cute boys. Would have liked to meet one of them, but then breakdown of communication where I don’t know if the boy is not interested, hasn’t read my message or has been driven over by a car while walking and typing.

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  1. Very funny.Francois

  2. The skin rash is often caused by handwashed underwear
    The boys wash their underwear at home (no money for laundry!) and don't remove the powder completely from them...
    The powder residue then causes teh allergic reaction.

    Other options are of course that they are are dirty and don't wash or that its bacterial and contagious!!

  3. Another HHin place, that advertises for more as 1 yr now on Thaimassageboy as the usual massage+more:
    Cha-Ka, in soi 90 off Phetkasem rd, no idea how far that is from centre-town.
    Oil massage is 6/800 for 1,5//2 hrs. TMB site only has shops that will offer more as just massage-min, tip is quoted as 500 bt.
    The regular HHian reporter also has never mentioned this.

  4. Now that you mention massage: massage parlors are plentiful but were predominantly manned by ladies (poor choice of words "manned by ladies"), I spotted only two boys who were worth a second look. But there is at least one gay massageboy around (he messaged me on hornet).


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