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Gay activities Sep2015

Gay activities Sep2015

Details about dating Thai boys, Saranrom, DJ station, Banana Massage, Nature Boys, Screw Boys, Playboy Massage.

Tue 01.09.2015
Bus to Nong Ki (Buriram province), stay one night and meet old acquaintance. Wank together. He asks for financial support, I give him 500 Baht.

Wed 02.09.2015
Check hornet in Surin, receive plenty of messages, but don’t see anyone online who is my type in entire Surin province.

Fri 04.09.2015
Evening chat on Line with the cute boy Wut near Hua Lampong. He would like to meet, even come to my room. I suggest he take MRT, but he insists on tuk-tuk. It turns out he never used MRT! I won’t pay 200 (!!!) Baht for tuk-tuk ride (which might take an hour at 6 pm traffic jam). Try again another day (or rather arrange my travel that I can pick him up there and show him how to use MRT). Apart from that promising: has no money, wants me to take him shopping at Pratunam.

Saranrom one round 22:35-23:15 spot 29 available boys, some bordercases. All police boxes are manned with two men in uniform (crowd control), not related to Erawan shrine bombings, general security, they don’t interfere with activities.

A tuktuk driver saw me walking and stopped. He offered his services in finding boys or girls and made several attempts (he would switch off his engine when I stopped to talk, then I would say goodbye and continue walking, he would start engine, overtake me and chat me up again). You never know if he knows a place I don’t know, that hope was crashed when he suggested to take me to Patpong, and finally “boys here are no good” – the ultimate argument (have heard it elsewhere before).

Finally find a cute boy. He doesn’t want to come to my room, so we go to Sukhawadee hotel (260 Baht, 23:35-00:15; overnight price is 560 Baht). As far as I understand, reception retains ID of Thai nationals who are accompanied by a foreigner.

Right place and time to go to Sake disco, details separately.

Saturday 05.09.2015
Z calls me and needs a place to sleep. I wrote last month that he fooled me twice and I won’t let him into my room again, but today I’m absolutely sure I won’t bring a boy, and it doesn’t cost me anything, so I agree. But he has to wait 5 hours, I won’t let him stay alone while I’m away and I won’t change my plans (I could do shopping at Klong Toey market another day, but it’s on the way and right time). In hindsight, the whole story doesn’t add up. He is just back from Russia (funded by a Farang, I saw the travel documents), but his Farang friend certainly would give him some money to get started on return to Thailand, so he can’t be without money, work, and place to stay as he claims?

Paradise sauna in Ngamwongwan separate post.

Sunday 06.09.2015
More lies from Z: he needs money to go to Chiang Mai. Before he told me he will go there for holiday (which I understand as trip planned and sufficient funding available). He calls a Farang friend: not free. He wants me to call a common friend (who told me he doesn’t want to see Z again). He can’t go back to Lomchoey (I guess they are sick of his lies and tricks?). Upon leaving my room, he asks me for money for food, a firm “no” from me (see paragraph above, I can’t imagine his friend in Russia sent him back without money, and if he spent all the money in the week he has been back, that’s poor management.)

Sightseeing in Bang Na area, so I can go to Sukhumvit Soi 78 (State cinema and Safe House sauna) afterwards. Details separately.

On bus 46 (I could get off near my place or continue to Hua Lampong – more precisely Rong Mueang which is in walking distance), I message boy Wut at Hua Lampong. He is free and we can meet. 22:20 last message from him, arrive and call 22:45, no answer. Walk around and make some other interesting contacts. Catch the last MRT home.

Cross paths with Z. He tells me he has no place to sleep. I notice he has no backpack and wears different clothes than yesterday. We have the following conversation:

“Where is your backpack?”
“It’s in the bin.”
“Why is it in the bin?”
“I threw it away.”
“And the clothes you wore yesterday?”
“In the backpack.”
“Why did you throw them away?”
“I don’t need them any more.”
“Why do you lie to me? Good night.”

Now I know how to spot when he is lying: his lips are moving!

Not tired, time for my annual visit to DJ station. 150 Baht entry including one drink. Arrive 00:52, ground floor full (walking slow along the bar and very slow across the dancefloor), 2nd floor about 40 customers, 3rd floor empty. The bar/toilet/outside smoking on 2nd floor next to the metal cages (which were added around 2010) has been renovated since my last visit. Urinary and washing basins are clearly visible from dancefloor or seats, you can watch someone else at the urinary while dancing or having a drink! Renovated stairways down as well, now you can’t put your fingers around handrail (on the right side when going down). Several bordercases, exchange some looks, leave 02:28.

Monday 07.09.2015
Let Z stay one last night in my room, and tell him so and all my Farang friends who know him.

Tuesday 08.09.2015
Z gets up 3 pm and leaves soon after.

Wednesday 09.09.2015
Visit Wut on way back from Padung Klong Krung Gasem Market. Pay for their drinks and invite him to join me to watch fireflies in Bang Kra Jao with overnight stay (you could arrange for transport to get back to Bangkok on same day, but this is great occasion to add Samut Prakan to my list of province I stayed in and get Wut away from the others). We wants to go, but only on Saturday (because Sunday is his day off) and with another boy Dan (looks interesting as well). Now I have to arrange for accommodation for 3 (in one room!) and firefly watching!

At night Seed 23:09-00:57, of which about 1h 30 min spent on internet. Towel so-so. Music too loud, but you can remove the cable without tools to mute the loudspeaker. Up to 10 customers, some bordercases.

I notice two missed calls from landline numbers on my phone, and on way back another call: Z wants to stay over night. I tell him no and say goodbye. Some more calls during the rest of the month, but I stay firm.

Thursday 10.09.2015
Pass Arena Massage Silom Center: former place now construction work, moved to 3rd floor diagonally above.

Meet Farang friend in Silom Complex. Z is driving him crazy! Stroll along Silom, my all time favorite masseur is back at Thai Best Massage! If he had called me when he arrived, I would have gone to see him a few days after, but now is just an exploratory stroll because Top called me the afternoon that he has no money and wants to see me tonight.

Haven’t been in Soi 4 for a while, some changes: One Night Only is now a dog café (sic!) and construction work at Tapas. Update: One Night Only will soon be a German restaurant, the dog café is only in between.

Back home, call Top: he is still in his room. I guess he will not come tonight. Update: I guessed right!

Friday 11.09.2015
Go to meet my favorite massage boy. Massage and afters ok, but not as exciting as last year. I have the impression (both at The Nine Pradipat and now Thai Best) that the massage is rushed to pack as much massage into 60 min as possible and allow time for afters.

Afterwards go to Heaven sauna, details separate.

Saturday 12.09.2015
State cinema, details separate. 

Get phone number (and place/time/price details) of a boat driver for firefly watching at night.

In the evening to Hua Lampong to pick up the two boys for firefly watching. Arrive 18:05, they are not ready yet. In this case this was fortunate, soon after it started to rain. Wait for rain to stop. MRT to Klong Toey (to introduce them to the MRT), then taxi to pier. Call the boat driver: he says in his area it’s still raining and there will be no fireflies. Decide to go to Saphan Phut market. I suggest bus number 4, but Wut wants taxi because bus is slow and uncomfortable. Leave 20:00 by taxi. Walk around the market, then have dinner. I give Wut money to buy headphones for his mobile. Then taxi back and goodbye. Not much achieved, but set the stage for more.

Sunday 13.09.2015
Fantasia Lagoon Water Park at the Mall Ngamwongwan, stay about 18:15-19:05. Entry 200 Baht, head cover 10 (50 deposit), padlock for locker 20 (150 deposit). (I realized too late that that’s the rent for the lock; if you bring your own lock you could use locker for free.) Changing rooms, shower, toilet are one floor below cashier and all clean and well maintained. Why do they have a condomat in the changing room? Lockers are same level as cahier and water park. About 50 customers, no cute boys. Will some day make a post about water parks and public pools in Bangkok.

Shortly before leaving, I spot a promising looking boy with a friend in the shower/changing/toilet area. Make a detour to get a closer look, smile at him and he smiles back. I have to go up to my locker to get towel, when I’m back he is gone, but two changing rooms are occupied. With a mirror I could look through the gap under or above door. Linger around until they come out. Exchange smiles again. Chat the boy up, good English. Leave without exchanging contact information, but I linger around at the locker and ambush him with my name card when he comes up with his friend.

Walk to Paradise Sauna, details separately. Two calls from a number I don’t know. Chat on Line: the boy from the changing room. Invites me to join party at Fake Club on Saturday. He is gay and interested, but if I hadn’t approached him, he would not have approached me! Update: couldn’t reach him on Line on Saturday to exchange details about disco visit, stayed home.

Monday 14.09.2015
Déjà vu in Ladprao 122, details there.

Continue to Seed. About 10 customers, and when I reach top floor I spot two cute in the smoking room. Have a chat and a grope, they invite me to dark room where others join, so we have an orgy with about 5 participants. Not bad, worth the money and time.

I pondered going to Pattaya on Tuesday, but I wouldn’t find anything better then the orgy there, so I cancel Pattaya trip. A good idea, I would have arrived just for the deluge! Anyway, I found going to Pattaya every other month (last trip was in August, next will be in October) brings a hint of excitement, whereas only one month between trips is not enough.

Tuesday 15.09.2015
Meet Farang friend for dinner in Patpong. Medium to heavy rain thwarts all other plans (Saranrom). Sit the rain out, my friend returns home, I have a stroll in the area.

Poke head into Screwboys: 23:20 show in progress, 3 coyote boys on stage, some more elsewhere, not worth buying a drink.

Soi Twilight quiet, all bars open to the soi few if any customers.

Former Fuse Pub, then Bangkok Bounce, is now Zip Club (currently under construction, will open Oct 1st).

Wednesday 16.09.2015
Laem Tong cinema in Klong Toey in the afternoon. Details there as comment.

In the evening, Top calls me. I am eating at a restaurant, send him directions by SMS. He finds it without further call. With other boys, that would have required multiple calls, but this one is far more intelligent than the average. Meet on the street and go to my room, but I’m preparing for a run and won’t let him stay alone. Separate 6 pm (he asks for money, I give him 100), he wants to come back later and I tell him I will call him 8 pm. Call him 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, no reply. Second time he doesn’t come and I can’t reach him. Have to address this somehow next time we meet.

At night (1 am) play Camfrog (room Gay_4_Guy_Tiger) about 30 minutes to quantify how useless it has become. Open 100 cameras one after the other (that is about 19 seconds wait for signal and 1 second watch for each), of which

32 display nothing (black or wall of room or indistinguishable because blurred)
25 display body without face (from fully dressed to nude and penis)
24 display face (I’m generous in counting, often only half of a face from nose down)
15 display empty room
4 display pre-recorded video or picture

With pro version (payable, allows you watch multiple cameras at once) it would be viable, but the free version (only one camera at a time) is a waste of time.

Thursday 17.09.2015
Banana Club Sukhumvit Soi 11 (will move to Soi 23 in Nov 2015) open 15-22 (if you have a reservation, to 24). 60 min oil massage 650 + 700 minimum tip, 90 min 800 + 1000 minimum tip. No other choices. Read here as well: Manager explains the procedure to me and I have the impression he is genuinely interested in my well-being. About 15 boys available, they sit in about 5 m distance and you can pick one while sitting and drinking. Locker room like sauna. Masseur showers with you before and after massage (not just sharing a shower, but washing you). Level of massage table like bed, no music in room. One minor complaint: his fingernail on thumb was long, I could feel it a few times on my skin. The boy I chose was a bordercase, so I pondered if I leave it at massage (and still tip the minimum tip, why spoil a good massage with so-so sex), but after turning around he got me hard quickly and slipped a condom on my cock, applied lube and rode on me before I could make up my mind. Everything in place (condom, lube, tissue). Good massage and good afters, clean and well maintained and well run, full recommendation based on one visit. Will be back some day.

Saturday 19.09.2015
Saranrom 22:30-23:25 one round, 25 boys, none of them my type. There was an event with road blocked for cars on northern end of palace.

Sunday 20.09.2015
Silom with a Farang friend. Have a look into Super A: about 5 boys, none of them my type. Golden Cock about 5 boys, all fully dressed. Nature Boys 9 (!) boys and one customer. Stay 21:30-22:07. Two more boys come in (on previous visits, they had 3 to 5 boys). No rotation. It only takes a minute until I see the first cock, contrary to boys in Golden Cock fully dressed.

Have a stroll in Soi Twilight (spot boys fully clothed on X-Boys stage), then to Screw Boys. Stay 22:30-00:03. 14 boys and 2 customers when we enter. More boys and customers come during the course of my stay, during show audience was full. Slow rotation, music too loud, smoking allowed (and becomes unpleasant later). Sit through the show:

23:11 stage empties (then three minutes nothing to see)
23:14 two coyote boys
23:16 Ladyboy dancing and singing in costume
23:23 Big cock show (3 boys behind a veil)
23:27 Ladyboy dancing and singing in costume
(Two cute Asian customers come in, staff leads them to a table with view to stage blocked by a column, they leave. I was hoping they would sit next to me, my corner could seat 4 people.)
23:32 Big cock show
23:35 Ladyboy comedy
23:39 Ladyboy dancing and singing in costume
23:43 end of show, boys back on stage

Overall, nothing to write home about. Too much ladyboy, big cock show poor. I wonder why the audience fills up for the show, do all these people really come for the show?

Some boys I would take for free (10, 60, 92 I had twice last year but don’t like his current hairdo), and 19 was a stunner. Can live with the tattoo (a wheel and two wings?) on his upper back. Their chessboard underwear tucked in so it looks like briefs looked great. But I spotted him smoking, which is a turn off. While I was waiting for smile from him, other customers called him over. Interaction looked promising.

On my way home walk past Playboy and spot a boy who is cute. After some pondering, decide for a massage. Boy was outside in jeans, but appears in massage room in boxers, a good start. The “door” in Playboy massage rooms is just an optical barrier. Massage good, after turning around he asked if I want more and if 1000 is ok, I agree. (I used to tip 1000 for massage with happy ending, then reduced to 800 this month. But here won’t spoil the first impression, can still tell him next time I will tip 800 from now on, especially as he told me he cannot bottom when I fingered him.) Take off his clothes, have my hands all over his body (he has warm hands, but skin temperature so-so), finally wank together. Exchange phone number, I will be back some time.

General note on massage: the boy in Thai Best has some awesome technique with his ulna on my back, the boy in Playboy with thumb on nape of neck. But erotic part is missing (from leg up or from back down, they just stop before it gets interesting: butt crack, perineum and scrotum). Whereas the boy in Magic Hands 2 does a great erotic massage, but is not so much my type (too pale, too fat). Have to ask him to write down in Thai what he does and pass it to the other boys?

Tuesday 22.09.2015
Flight to Germany.

7 sauna (Paradise twice, Safe House, Seed twice, Heaven, Déjà vu)
3 massage (Thai Best, Banana, Playboy)
3 sex cinema (State Cinema twice, Laem Tong)
2 street trade (Saranrom)
2 old friends (Buriram, Thai Best)
2 gogo bar (Nature Boy, Screw Boys)
2 gay disco (Sake, DJ Station)

4 pay for sex (Saranrom, Thai Best, Banana, Playboy) 500+800+800+1000=3100
1 unclear (Buriram) 500
3 free (Paradise, Safe House, Seed)

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  1. Why did you fly to Germany? Is it related to your visa situation or you finally got a job?

    1. My mother's 60th birthday. And I will take as much cheese, hazelnut cream and Christmas cookies as the airline allows with me when I fly back to Bangkok.

  2. Replies
    1. Syrians of all countries, welcome to Germany!

  3. in the first part of your comment you mention "dating thai boys".

    Where was the dating thai boys section?

    1. Maybe more "interaction with sexual intent from my side" than "dating": the two boys from Hua Lampong, Z, camfrog and the boy from the water park.

      The two boys from Hua Lampong was my most complex endeavor so far: Reading about firefly watching (some hours, internet and on paper, partially in Thai language), calling two guesthouses, making a trip to Bangna to inquire about boat service. Then abandon overnight stay (to many uncertainties), then abandon firefly watching due to rain.

  4. I don't see the dating either, but English is a tricky language. Nevertheless, I find his replay fascinating.

    1. He is not doing any dating. He acts like a farmer on a cattle market, believing he is a good catch. But even a thai guy with a cattle's brain (if there is any thai guy that stupid, what I doubt) finds out about him in minutes. He thinks he is smart but has a weired perception about other human beings (especially young and cute thai guys) and about himself. But this is part of the entertainment in this blog.

  5. You have to work for living, dude. Or you expect German taxpayers will pay for your sexual escapades forever? I hope they cut your unemployment benefits.

    1. Jumping to conclusions without knowing the facts. I am not receiving any money from government, I am living solely on my savings.

    2. Indeed, those benefits are solely reserved for Syrian 'refugees'.

  6. Funny how this comment section has become a bitch fest venue for a bunch of saggy old queens to expose their frustration and thinly veiled jealousy. I'd guess if I had lived all of my best years either firmly in the closet or busy working for peanuts (or even both), I'd hate to see someone like ChristianPFC as well. Predictable, but do keep it up (while you can).

  7. If he lives solely on his savings, then he is heading to the dead end and pretty soon. (Think of totally degenerated farangs begging in BKK). And idiots like Alex encourage him to continue the way of rapid self-destruction.

    1. Dead end - yes, my current lifestyle is not sustainable.
      Pretty soon - no, money will last for a while, but I am dependent on visas.
      Self-destruction - yes, it will be more difficult to find a job after years of unemployment. Thanks for your concern.

  8. Most readers know Christian has a PhD in Chemistry.
    We just love his quirky look on life and are amused by his adventures. I truly hope he won't stay in Germany.

    1. But after several years of doing nothing, he disqualified himself as a researcher in organic chemistry. He will need to think about new carrier:
      janitor in rural Germany? Competing with Syrian immigrants?

    2. Why are you being a mean cunt? Are you jealous of author's freedom to live how he wants?
      This is excellent blog, there are no honest, no bullshit blogs like his!

  9. I found your comments assholish, read and digest Alex's post above

  10. I enjoy the blog and thank Christian for doing it. How he survives and what jobs he does or doesn't do is up to him.

  11. You are pathetic shitty motherfuckers. Enjoying one particular guy destroying his life? Just to satisfy your lowest instincts. What a fucking scum! Especially this shit Vinapu

    1. work in improving your English vocabulary , being short dicked in not an excuse

  12. Where does this smelly turd come from? Get off our beloved blog your motherfucker yourself! What a piece of shit, go back to the smelly hole where you came out of! you are what hanging down there when we run out of toilet paper, got it?

    And hey, Hen Stal leave the refugees alone, give them at least some respect and stop trawling them around okay? What have they done to you? Have they taken any satang out of your deep pockets? Mygaad since when did this blog got infected with this kind of misanthropy?

    Christian, you and us your faithful readers don't have tto waste our time replying to these lowlife comments, just spray them with roachkill powder and get done with it.Yuk!

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  14. When you say "details separate." like for Heaven Sauna.... where are they?

  15. I try to present information in digestible chunks, the monthly gay activity reports are getting quite long, hence info about saunas separate. "Details separately" sometimes before, sometimes after monthly report. In case of Heaven Sauna, it was posted here:
    whereas other "details separately" are still drafts on my computer.


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