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Oh my god! (23) Nazi chick - in the news

Oh my god! (23 Nazi chick - in the news

Various scandals about Nazi symbols being used in Thailand that appeared in the news in chronological order:

October 2009 Pattaya

Hitler billboard used to advertise Thailand wax museum covered up after causing uproar in Germany  and Israel 

ฮิตเลอร์ยังไม่ตาย! Hitler is not yet dead! (Mirror image: Hitler salute with left arm and swastika turns left)

September 2011 Chiang Mai

Thai school's Nazi-themed parade sparks outrage 

Anger over Nazi show 

2012 Bangkok

The scandal is about a shop Seven Star in Therminal 21 which sells T-shirts with Hitler prints and has a Ronald McDonald with Hitler mustache doing the Hitler salute. The shop is still there, but the Nazi chic is gone.

Fashion craze with murderous past  - Adolf Hitler shirts are popular among Thai youth, but the fad will wear out its welcome if they know its meaning

Is it Nazi Chic in Thailand or a Way to Make Hitler a Figure of Fun?

July 2013 Ubon Ratchathani

Fried chicken takeaway called 'Hitler' opens in Thailand and comes complete with logo of Nazi leader in a bow tie 

I went to "Hitler Fried Chicken" in Ubon Ratchathani in Sep 2014 to find it's gone.

Inaccuracies elsewhere on the net are exposed here:
Hitler-Themed Chicken Restaurant in Thailand Ruffles Many Feathers

July 2013 Bangkok

Chulalongkorn University in Thailand sorry for Adolf Hitler superhero mural

December 2014

In Prayuth's 'Thai Values,' school children love painting Hitler 

Part of the video, with the offending scene, is here:
Watch: Thailand’s military rulers use Hitler in propaganda video

Full video here (Hitler 0:54-0:58):
Hitler Makes Inexplicable Cameo in Thai Junta's 'Core Values' Video for School Kids

Further reading (articles that cover various Nazi chic events or merchandise in various countries):

Bangkok's 'Hitler chic' trend riles tourists, Israeli envoy

Nazi-Chic is Trending in Asia: A Sordid Kind of Love Affair 

Hitler as Iconic Asian Fashionista – What is it with Thailand’s love affair with Hitler?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Thailand HITLER  
"KFC calls it (Hitler Fried Chicken) extremely distasteful."

"Thailand at Random" Edition Didier Millet 2012 p117: Fashion or Fascism?

"Out in Thailand" magazine had an exchange in reader's letters that went over several issues (Sep to Dec 2013) with an article in Nov 2013 The Swastika and Cultural Awareness.

We have our micro-scandals (people who see a swastika in bathroom tiling) in Europe as well:

Baufirma verlegt Hakenkreuz in Fußgängerzone (in German) (in German) (in German)

Here an alternative pattern without swastikas (Munich railway station)

Hallmark pulls holiday wrapping paper with swastika-like image (video)  

Celebrate the "Good Old Times" of Nazi Rule With Coca-Cola and Fanta
Coca-Cola pulls 'Nazi' Fanta advertisement which referred to the 1940s as 'the good old times'

ChristianPFC says: it's over (WW2) and Germany has paid dearly. Save your outrage for worthier causes:,
and many more.

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