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Dating Thai boys (59) Catching a thief on video

Dating Thai boys (59) Catching a thief on video

In I wrote:

4. Bom Minburi 300 Baht
A friend Bom (moneyboy) stole 300 Baht (I counted) on Tue 12.07.2016. But he is cute and good in bed, will invite him again, once I have figured out how to secretly record video of my room to get the next theft on video (just for my own pleasure, I have no plan to confront him). 1100 for ST and 300 stolen.

Update Mon 26jun2017:
Bom Minburi 1200 for ST and 500 stolen. After such a long time, almost a year since I had him in my room, but met by chance in sauna in the meantime, one meeting to see if he remembers the way and is on time. (Actually all times we met - about 5 in total - efficient communication in Thai and on time.)

Update Mon 25sep2017:
Bom Minburi 1000 for ST and 820 stolen, recorded on video.

Put 500+6x100+50+5x20 THB notes in my wallet. Set up secret recording of video. Let Bom into my room and take a shower.

I have barely disappeared in the bathroom, not even water running, and Bom not even sitting down, his hand is darting for my shorts (behind grey towel and brown T-shirt on my chair):

After rummaging in my shorts for 40 seconds, he finds my wallet:


And takes out 500+3x100 THB notes:

Puts my wallet back:

Decides to take out another 20 THB (for mocy taxi from MRT to my room?):

Finally puts my wallet back and folds my shorts as they were before:

And takes his prey to his bag:

When I come back from Bathroom, sex ok (slim body; big cock; brown, warm and dry skin). But nonetheless, 3 short times for a combined 3300 paid and 1620 stolen is too much!

I was thinking how to recover the loss, but the problem is we might cross paths in a sauna or disco, as we did in the past. Only after he was gone I came up with the idea of handing him 180 and if he hadn't gotten the hint, would have told him what I had in my wallet before I took shower, without saying a word about theft or that I have video.

I once had to call a thief in my room out, else he would have gotten away with my camera:

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  1. After reading this I think that all one can say is that you have some serious mental health issues that you should see about talking to a professional about.

    1. Maybe he has mental issues, but you are not far away from him, giving that you read his blog for so much time that you can issue such remarks.

  2. He must be something if after two thefts you still give him another chance, up to you as boys say

  3. Now that theft is confirmed, how about setting up a trigger in your wallet that would ring an alarm whenever someone tries to open it.? Or a voice recording to remind him that he's a trespasser.

  4. or 20000 Volts!


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