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Gay activities Aug 2017

Gay activities Aug 2017 

ICK Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 is back, The Beach Sukhumvit Soi 71 moved, sending money online and a boy's financial situation. 

Tue 1aug2017 
Kim Chan45 comes to my room for 500 for wanking. He got even more tattoos, and wanking every time gets boring, but he won’t bottom or suck me.

Sat-Sun 5-6aug2017 Mae Sot
In Dec 2016 I met a boy from hornet in Mae Sot and we had a good time in my room. But now the week before the trip I had difficulty reaching him, and when I finally did he said he is in Kamphaeng Phet and busy. 

Mon-Mon 7-14aug2017 Myanmar separate.

Thu 17aug2017
A boy who messaged me on gayromeo on 6jul2016, V from Phuket, and who kept in contact since then is in Bangkok now, and I go to meet him in his hotel room in Surawong. I take a shower and lie down on the bed next to him (he is watching volleyball on TV). I make a few gropes (skin temperature fine, no body hair), little response (he takes my hand and puts it on his soft dick – in hindsight that means: “not interested in sex now”). I stay about two hours in his room, reading book or on my phone next to him in bed with the occasional grope and then it dawns on me, we are not going to have sex. And I’m getting hungry, so I say goodbye and leave. Half an hour later the solution as message: 
“Nice to meeting you today sorry for inconvenience I’m watching volleyball final . And I’m not horny” 

Fri 18aug2017 
Top the German speaking boy calls me. After short introduction, “Kann ich Sex mit Dir?” (“Can I sex with you?”). So far we did not talk about my homosexuality, but from having met in Saranrom he can probably guess. Anyway, he is not looking for sex with me (judging by facebook, he has a girlfriend; anyway he is not my type), he is looking for money for food. After exploring all other possibilities (neither girlfriend nor any of his friends or neighbors has money), I agree to online him money (the amount needed has risen from 200 to 300 to 500 in the course of our conversation).

Shortly after the transfer, he calls me again: the bank account he gave me was his mother’s in Phetchabun, and she has no online banking so she can’t send the money to him, so I send him another 500 to his bank account.

1050 THB (2x25 fee for instant transfer to another bank) and half an hour (online banking and multiple calls) wasted! I have to stop this (I sent him 500 some months ago that I didn’t get back). Next time he asks for money for food, I will buy a bag of rice and personally take it to his room.

Absurd: I sent him 3x500, and he is not my even my type and no other benefit for me!  At the same time refuse to send money to BFC6in2017 with whom I had the best sex this year.

And BFC5in2017 Ball in Kanchanaburi I even offered to send money, once I learnt of his situation.

Farose II 23:10-42. About 30 customers, one shapely. From this poor Friday and other poor visits on Sundays I estimate that 50% of Farose II’s business is on Saturday. Estimated customer numbers at midnight for day of week: Mon 20, Tue 20, Wed 20, Thu 20, Fri 40, Sat 200, Sun 40. 

ICK gay disco in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 is back! When I first went there in 2010, it was ICK, then changed name to Singapore (gay), Wave (gay), then became Blush (a disco for straight Blacks), and now ICK again! However not many customers (around 30). Around 1 am performers for show arrive, but nothing to gain for me, leave.

Nake 01:21-46 (Sat morning) about 20 customers.

Sat 19aug2017
Meet Chin in Central Pinklao. Invite him for dinner in foodcourt. During chat on Line he told me he wants to eat here or there, but when I arrive and ask where to go “I don’t know”, just like BFC6in2017, so it’s foodcourt – fastest and cheapest. Or do they expect me to remember from chat and then take them to the place they mentioned, as a sign of take care?

During dinner he tells me he has limited time, wants to go shopping with me at Southern Bus station (i.e. wants me to buy him clothes), but cannot come to my room. I was expecting this so I make a quick exit (place and time were right for subsequent visit to Macho X sauna).

After 3 encounters let’s be realistic: he is not so much looking for sex with me, he wants me to invite him here and there and buy him this and that. Next chat I should offer money (not directly for sex, but tell him I don’t have time to go with him to the market, but if he comes to my room – implied for sex – I will give him 500 so he can buy clothes himself). 

Macho X 20:26-21:35. Show in progress. About 10-15 spectators out of about 50 customers. The shapely boy Golf and the fatty perform the show. At one point of the orgy, Golf, a cute boy from audience and I end up lying on the floor and groping/stroking/sucking. At the end I get a blowjob by arbitrary customer while having my hands and lips on Golf. 

Tue-Thu 22-24aug2017 Pattaya separate report. 

Fri 25aug2017
The Beach Resort Sauna in (Sukhumvit Soi 71 = Pridi Panomyong ปรีดี พนมยงค์) moved from (Soi 42 = Soi Phanit Anan ซอย พานิชอนันด์) Yaek 4 to (Soi 14 = Soi Mi Suwan 3 ซอย มีสุวรรณ 3) Yaek 10, new landline 02-711-1240 to 1. Open daily 3 pm to 6 am, entry 119 THB.

G reception, locker, group shower (cold water, soap)
F1 karaoke, bar (food and drink)
F1.5 fitness (mezzanine)
F2 private rooms
F2.5 private rooms (mezzanine)
F3 movie room (with cubicles with glory holes), private rooms
F3.5 dark room
F4 sauna and steam
F4.5 relax garden (smoking area)

Stay 21:52-22:52, about 30 customers. Free cold drinking water, one big blue towel of good quality.

There is a Tesco Lotus Express and a 7-Eleven (8057 ปรีดี 14) nearby.

Sat 26aug2017
39 underground 18:20 – 19:25. Busy. In steam room, too much menthol added to steam, bordering on chemical warfare: causes me some coughing and cold sensation on foreskin, but no problem with eyes.

Strangely cold sensation only on foreskin, not on anus and nipples (as it is when using shampoo with menthol), similar go getting a blowjob by someone who recently used breath freshener lozenge with menthol. Get blowjob by fatty in steam room. 

Meet Top the German speaking boy near Sirirat hospital. Go for lunch and have an interesting conversation for 2 hours, largely in German, with some explanations in Thai.

Some interesting insights: he works as a driver and earns 18kTHB per month, of which he sends 6k to his mother in Petchabun to take care of his two sons there (he has another son in Germany, no money), rent for his room is 5k. His girlfriend earns 10k and sends 4k to her mother and does not contribute to rent for room. Every month around the 25th of month they have no money left and need to borrow. And his girlfriend is pregnant, so it will get worse. I will give him some condoms next time we meet.

I had a weak hope I might get 500 of the 1000 I onlined him back, but at the end he wants to borrow another 500; I give him 100.

And then, as a sidenote, he tells me he spends 20 per day for cigarettes! That's 600 per month! His mother, stepfather, girlfriend and I disapprove of smoking, but he says he is addicted and can’t stop.

We talked about Saranrom, and he knows plenty of boys who would go with me for 500 for wanking, and I showed him some pictures of boys I like. There might be some benefit for me at the end!

Meeting Top at Sirirat is about as far and takes as long as BFC6in2017 at Pata Pinklao. So why did I refuse to go to pick up BFC6in2017, but go to see Top? BFC6in2017 is sitting in his room, waiting for me to come to pick him up with nothing else to do, just too stupid or lazy to go to meet me. Top works Mon-Sat and sometimes overtime on Sun, so it’s fair that I go to see him because I have more free time. 

Classic Boys 21:39-23:18. Official drink price 380, our counter-offer of 300 instantly accepted. Up to 10 gogo boys (out of about 15) in individual white underwear, up to 2 coyote dancer (out of 4) in individual black underwear, all closed shoes. Over 30 customers in course of our stay, influx during show.

Show 22:15-23:08. costume/dancing/singing CDS, big cock, underwater big cock, CDS, suds/shower, CDS, comedy, CDS. Smoking allowed. One cute staff, one cute external performer for show, both interesting facial expressions (some boys I can just watch their facial muscles).

Light rain, 2 standing taxis ask for 200 or 150 to go to Malaysia hotel, and 5 passing taxis generally refuse to use meter, but then we get one passing to take us by meter.

Summary Aug 2017: 
4 Free sex: Macho X (blowjob by fatty), AP, AP, 39 underground (blowjob by fatty). (Counting anonymous blowjobs in saunas by people I'm not attracted to as free sex is pretty desperate.)
3 Paid sex: Kim Chan45 500, Gaeng 1000, Chan 1000 (+300 off fee + 110 drink) = 2910.
Health no expenses.

5 Sauna: Farose II, Nake, Macho X, The Beach, 39 underground.
6 Gogo: Nice Boys, Cupidol, Winner, Kawaii, Dream Boys, Classic Boys.
2 no sex: V from Phuket, Chin in Central Pinklao.
2 Host bar: Euro Boys, Good Boys.
2 Boys from online: V from Phuket on gayromeo, AP from hornet.
1 Disco: ICK Ramkhamhaeng 89/2.

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