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Pattaya 22-24aug2017

Pattaya 22-24aug2017

Details about gogo bars boy and customer numbers, daytime activities in Pattaya, train from Pattaya to Bangkok. This trip to Pattaya was a full success: met old acquaintance, good new money boy, and even a boyfriend candidate BFC!

Maybe I should abandon free dating after years of misfortune, and find money boys in Pattaya who are my type and my style? Or even in Bangkok, in Soi Twilight pay drink and off fee once and then get them to meet me before or after work for 1000 for short time. At the end, that would cost less money and time than all the crap I'm dealing with with free sex.

Tue 22aug2017
Bangkok to Pattaya by public transport (bus 46 to Bangna Trat bus station, bus 48 to North Pattaya bus station, songtheo to South Pattaya) 9+108+10=127 THB and 3 h 50 min door-to-door.

Have a boy I know from before come to my room, 18:37-19:57, time and 1000 THB well spent.

Winner Boys 20:38 only 5 boys, not enough to warrant a visit.

Nice Boys 20:44-21:35 orange juice 150 THB. Over 11 boys, 4 customer, 1 off.

Walk along Beach Road, no available boys around 22:00.

Poke my head into BoysBoysBoys around 22:05, but all boys on stage are in jeans, and I tell staff I want to see boys in underwear.

Cupidol 22:07-58 pineapple juice 160 THB. 18 boys in individual white underwear bare feet, 9 customers, 1 off. Tip #31 100 THB (remember him from before, and we chatted on hornet, and might get into business some day).

Euro Boys 23:37-00:18 hot tea 50, boy drink 110, off fee 300. The boy Chan from Cambodia I sat with last time is still there, and eager to go with me. In my room all fine, we will meet again!

Wed 23aug2017
Lunch with a Farang friend, then to Naowarat Textile and Woodcraft Museum Pattaya พิพิธภัณฑ์ เนาวรัตน์ ผ้าไทย (from Royal Garden Plaza across Second Road). Photography not allowed, but the website has pictures form inside. Small museum and shop, free entry, I’m through in 10 minutes.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Has been on my list for a while, but when I discovered double pricing, I crossed it off. But now with Muse Pass 2017 I get free entry to the museum (Muse pass costs 199 THB and gives 1 entry to each of the 56 participating museums within 1 year from purchase; Ripley’s museum alone would cost 590 THB), and spend an entertaining 2 h 30 min in there. Their other attractions are not included in Muse Pass.

The museum has my recommendation, and some day I might fork out the money for the other attractions.

Meet a boy AP from hornet in Tuk Com. Cute, good English, interesting conversation and no character flaws. However what he wrote in his profile “No one night stand only real love For friend or boyfriend”  is confirmed (and not just another trick). But I’m looking for something different (sex on demand, pay if necessary, one night stand without commitment), so we leave it at chat.

Good Boys 20:13-40 orange juice 150. About 10 boys. Observe the event announced here:

Winner 21:06-35 pineapple juice 75. 20 boys in white tie and black suspenders and over 7 customers.

Kawaii 21:53-22:06 orange juice 150. 9 boys and 1 customer.

Dream Boys 22:09-23:01 pineapple juice 170. 13 boys in black individual underwear and closed shoes, 2 customers. Some very shapely, but in the end none convincing, tip #7 (not my type, but he worked up an erection that was clearly visible in his underwear and such behavior should be rewarded) and #16 (cute face) 100 each.

In the course of the evening AP messaged me and wants to meet in my room. An offer I can not refuse (and if he believes in "no sex before marriage” , I still have enough time and choice after him).

Interesting chat first (he warns me of the dangers of having multiple sexual partners “some people look healthy but are sick”, and “condom is not 100% protection”, the first time I hear this from a Thai boy; he disapproves of me paying for sex and having many boys, but doesn’t make a drama of it), but when he rests his head on my shoulder, it takes the expected course. BFC7in2017.

Asks me if I smoke or drink. He wouldn't go with a smoker, but can tolerate social drinking. 

He had several Farang boyfriends before (more of a holiday fling from the Farang side, one of them told him at the end of his holiday that he has a boyfriend in his home country already), and prefers Farang over Thai.

That made me thinking: those Thai boys I date and who are indifferent Farang vs Thai, as long as it’s cock, they probably think if they date a Farang, they want a material advantage to compensate for cultural and language differences!

Thu 24aug2017
Meet AP again, at his aunt’s massage shop and have one hour oil massage with his aunt (a strange arrangement, but there are no private rooms, only curtains, so massage by him and happy ending was not an option). Usually I do massage for happy ending, but here I had time to kill and wanted to show my support.

Train from Pattaya to Bangkok

I rode the train once and wrote about it: and with recent changes in vans (all negative: more expensive and not to Victory Monument any more), train is a viable alternative to me.

The train is only on Mon-Fri, only one per day in each direction, only 3rd class, the price is 31 THB. It’s a regional train that stops in all stations and goes from Bangkok Hua Lampong to Ban Phlu Ta Luang Railway Station สถานีรถไฟบ้านพลูตาหลวง, about 5 km north-west of U-Tapao airport.

Train 283 Bangkok Hua Lampong 6:55 – Pattaya 10:34 – Baan Phlu Ta Luang.
Train 284 Baan Phlu Ta Luang 13:35 - Pattaya 14:21 – Bangkok Hua Lampong 18:15.

There is a train station (just a platform, no station building, not even a shelter) in South Pattaya at 12°54'30.1"N100°54'04.2"E = 12.908351, 100.901176. Take songtheo on South Pattaya to Sukhumvit road and then either mocy (60 THB) or walk 1.5 km. Train was there 14:10, in Pattaya main station 14:15-18, Lat Krabang 17:13-14 (can change to ARL here), Makkasan 18:05-06 (can change to MRT here), Hua Lampong 18:26.

Total 10+30+10=50 THB and about 6 h door-to-door (can be cut down to 5 h by taking MRT from Makkasan).

(The fare from South Pattaya is 32 THB, from Pattaya 31 THB, but on South Pattaya there is no ticket counter, so I got on the train without ticket and the cashier gave me 6 x 5 THB ticket and charged me 30 THB.)

Takes a bit longer than van, but much more comfortable (for me, I value a good seat higher than aircon), more interesting, more reliable (I have taken the train before, and it was on time – for vans you might have to wait for departure and don’t know where before reaching Mor Chit they will stop – going all the way to Mor Chit would be a huge detour and waste of time for me, I prefer getting off at Bangna, Din Daeng or Lat Krabang). The downside is there is only one train per day, but the time is ok for me.

While I’m on the train, AP messages me and we find out that both of us are free Fri and weekend. AP want to come to see me in Bangkok (no whining “I don’t know the way”, “I don’t have money for bus” like here and takes van to Bangna and then bus to Ekkamai where I pick him up.

Shortly after entering my room, he tells me he might have to go to Pattaya tomorrow (Friday) for a job interview that his aunt has arranged. How very strange! Around 23:00, we get into bed and have fun. Then 23:50 after fun, when I emerge from bathroom, he tells me he has to go now for job interview at 7 am.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no public transport at this time (between 10 pm or midnight and 6 am). He ponders about taxi (he says he took one once from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya for 1000 THB), which would cost estimated 1500 from my place, if you can get one. But I guess I would have to pay for it, so I just tell him "cannot" and lie down to sleep.

Fri 25aug2017
AP gets up at 5:00 am, and I’m a light sleeper so I wake up as well and give him 200 for return to Pattaya and we say goodbye on the road 5:10. 

Pattaya Klang Underpass ทางลอดพัทยากลาง
The tunnel at Sukhumvit Pattaya Klang is finally operational, here a picture from a friend's facebook from 29aug2017:

source: friend's facebook

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