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Pattaya quicky Fri 15sep2017

Pattaya quicky Fri 15sep2017

Going with a Farang friend by his car, in that case I can justify a one-night stay (when going by public transport 4 hours each direction, I have to stay 2 nights to make it worthwhile, and find some entertainment for the day).

The cat is back! For that alone, the trip already a full success before even setting foot in a bar!

Eros 19:55 no boys on stage.

Power Boys 20:01-26, orange juice 150 THB. From 8 boys no customer to 10 boys 1 customer. There is a cute waiter Kim from Chiang Mai whom I have not noticed before, and who would be my type, but skin temperature just ok and hair between navel and waistband; 100 THB tip well spend to find that out.

Nice Boys 20:28-52, hot tea 150. From 14 boys 2 customers to 14 boys 2 customers (in between 0 customer). None sticks out.

Boys Boys Boys no parade in the soi when I pass 21:02. (Info from my loyal reader vinapu: after the funeral, the parade will be back and the boys will be in underwear on stage.)

360 degree opened again, and when I look in 21:07 about 10 boys in long trousers on stage. I ask when they have boys in underwear, and staff tells me they can take their trousers off if I want them. However the way my request was processed deterred me from taking them up on their offer.

I had this once elsewhere (I think the defunct Wild West Boys in their dead throws) where upon my request all boys lowered their long trousers to their knees, and then pulled them up again, with a sense of bewilderment as if I had asked them to stand on their left leg. I can only assume what shock and horror it will be for them when I ask them to get naked in my room.

But others have been and reported:

Dream Boys 21:07-28, pineapple juice 170. 15 boys and no customer throughout my stay. I remember #10 and #16 from last visit a month ago, and most of the other faces slightly familiar, which means there is little turnover (same like in Eros, whereas in Nice Boys and Power Boys you might have a completely new set of boys from one day to the other, an idea I will test some day).

#10 tried a lot to get my attention, tip 100 well deserved, body and face ok, and perfectly warm and dry skin. Next time might be his chance!

There are enough boys with nice bodies, but when I’m looking for someone with a face to fall in love with, in addition to nice body, pickings get slim. However, during sex I don’t see much of my partner’s face, so for short time rather focus on nice body, big cock, warm and dry skin. Whereas in a relationship it would be inverse: I see his face more than his body.

And when looking for someone with good character and shared interests, pickings get even slimmer.

Kawaii 21:30-45, hot tea 150. 12 boys and no other customer throughout. Their last day of operation, tomorrow the building will be for rent and the boys will move to Cupidol.

Vassa closed some months ago:

Cupidol 21:55-22:07, pj 160. 12 boys and no customer throughout my stay.

Jomtien Complex 22:30-45 brimming, tables occupied with customers and boys on the road. Spot several cute boys at host bars and massage. However the one I’m looking for from some months ago is not there.

Dongtan Beach 22:50-23:15. Construction work, but north and south of construction work I encounter Thais who chat me up with intent.

Daytime pictures of the beach and construction work here: 
Changes Coming To Dongtan Beach

Euro Boys 23:40-00:13, hot tea for me 50, drink for boy 90, off fee 300. Chan from Cambodia is still there, and without finding someone who is considerably cuter, I take him again.

Return to Bangkok through the new tunnel:

Hotel prices:
Baan Dok Mai has gone up from 500 to 600 per night for standard room on 1sep2017.
Ting Tong has gone up form 500 to 600 some years ago.
Marina Inn has rooms for 450 now (staff couldn't tell me how long this low season promotion would last).
Two Guys has standard room for 650 including breakfast, and specials like free upgrade to big room, or pay 4 nights stay 5 nights. Their current contact information:

Update Feb 2018: Two Guys Guesthouse closed for good.

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  1. Kawaii was open when I passed by on 22 September.

  2. williewillie is reporting on Gay Thailand that BBB parade returned last weekend

  3. Certainly Pattaya has better value then Bangkok eh? Pineapple juice for 150 vs 300. But the boys are still leaning towards the younger, more girlie and pre-workout stage? Like I visited 5yrs ago? (Seems like forever)


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