Sunday, 24 September 2017

Airplane construction kit in Pattaya on hwy 7

Airplane construction kit in Pattaya on hwy 7

There is a disassembled airplane about 150 m north of highway 7 (Chonburi - Pattaya) at km 121.3, easily visible from the highway (is on google street view Aug 2016, but not on satellite view).
12.952723,100.946730 = 12.952723, 100.946730
Less than 1 km by air from Million Years Stone Park.

Part of it are used as shelter or living areas. And the moment I concluded the line of thought: "if there is someone living here, there must be dogs around" I heard the dog growling. Fortunately it was not a vicious dog, and I'm not afraid of dogs, and I had gathered all material I need for a post, so I made a slow retreat.


Aerial pictures by a friend's drone:

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