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Saen Saep Canal Tourist Boat

Saen Saep Canal Tourist Boat

A recent (I first noticed it in June 2017) boat service on Saen Saep Canal คลองแสนแสบ. 

I have written about the commuter boat service here

Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat (name of company)

A traffic-jam-proof way to travel along Saen Saep Canal. During rush hour very crowded and I advise against using it if you are fragile; getting on and off is no fun. Noisy engine. Totally unsuitable for tourism, you sit low and they pull up a tarpaulin to protect passengers from splashing water. Most of the canal has a walkway on either or both sides, can be used for walking or mocy.

Panfa Leelard (W4) ผ่านฟ้าลีลาศ in the west, compulsory change at Pratunam (CEN)  ประตูน้ำ, Wat Sriboonreung (E22)
วัดศรีบุญเรือง in the east.

and mentioned the new tourist boat here: 
http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2017/07/various-jun-2017.html and now 2aug2017 found time to ride the boat. 

From their website http://www.bangkokcanal.com/:
Sightseeing in Bangkok without the Traffic. Visit New Town & Old Town with One Day pass through 6 piers Pratunam to Klong Banglumphu. Special soft opening ticket 200 ฿/each (5-6 US Dollars)  Comfortable, safe and happy. Starts at 09:30 am. to 06:00 pm. The boat leaves every 30 minutes, interchanging every 15 minutes. See you.

I'm impressed with quality of their website and flyers and maps (in Thai, English, Chinese) online and printed. 

Boat at Pratunam pier:

Past Jim Thompson House:

and under Saphan Mahat Thai Uthit or Saphan Ronghai สะพานมหาดไทยอุทิศ หรือ สะพานร้องไห้

where the roof has to be lowered (the commuter line goes under the bridge to U-turn and their roofs/rooves can be lowered as well):

and under Phan Fa Lilat Bridge สะพานผ่านฟ้าลีลาศ (picture taken on return)

Parts of the canal that no other boat serves:

Terminal pier Klong Banglamphu (Samsen Road):

It would be 650 m by road to Phra Athit pier (Chao Phraya express boat) - another "missing link" in public transport network in Bangkok. Walk around, have dinner, then return. 

Pratunam to Banglamphu 15:49-16:31,
Banglamphu to Pratunam 17:46-18:20. 

Maximum 10 passengers, drives slowly (even stops to let commuter boat pass), good view, comfortable seats and easy to get in and out (commuter boat poor view and getting in and out is dangerous).

On Chao Phraya, there is a hop on hop off boat as well:

But at those prices, and with 30 minutes between departures, I will take the commuter boat.

Update 28may2018: I saw two of these boats used to commuter boats. Better seats for those who get a seat, less standing room for everyone else. And only one point, but with stairs, to get in and out on each side. From that I assume that the service has stopped and boats are now used as commuter boats, keeping original seating, walls and stairs .

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  1. I was impressed with the new canal boat pier right in the center of Banglamphu. Wasn't so impressed with prices and frequency and service shuts down at 18h...

    Mocy from Banglamphu pier to Panfa Leelard and then the regular San Saep boat is faster and cheaper.


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