Friday, 15 November 2013

Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngamduplee

Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngamduplee

Rama 4 Road Soi Ngamduplee
(there is another branch in Bang Na ?, this review is about Rama 4 branch)

Opening times:
Every day 9 am to 2 am

Facilities: basic bathroom, massage rooms mattress on floor, no locker, no tissue. You have to put your stuff on the floor in the massage room, during shower it is unattended leaving it open for theft. After happy ending, there is no tissue to wipe off body fluids, this is done with one towel and you use the other towel for drying after shower.

Update 14.01.2014: I asked at the reception, there is no hot water for showering.

Massage skills: good oil massage and very good transition to happy ending.

I walked past Lomchoey many times over the years and recently decided to try them.

14.09.2013 I am in the area and in the mood for a massage with happy ending and there is cute masseur (name Ne) outside. I book one hour oil massage. Ne takes off his shirt before he ascends the stairs to the rooms in front of me. Good start! I shower alone, turning on the water is not straightforward, you need to figure out how to turn the tap forward and backward until water flows. Oil massage is good, I especially like the massage of my buttocks and butt crack. Then turn over. Ne stays shirtless (i.e. keeps on trousers). During massage of my front, he presses my food against his abdomen, warm and dry, feels good. I very much enjoy the massage of my inner thighs, balls, scrotum and penis (no wanking, just stroking, not hard yet). He then asks if I would like a happy ending. Yes, but we have to do some adjustments. I am lying on my back, seeing his shadow (the light is on the ceiling, behind him) and his body is out of reach. I want to see him clearly and want to touch his body, so I tell him to take off his trousers and come to my side. He does as I want, but is thrown off his routine, from there on it is downwards and the happy ending is so-so. But the transition from massage to happy ending was the best I ever had, very promising, I will be back. 1 hour oil massage 400 or 500 Baht (depending on promotion 20% discount), I tip 1000.

02.10.2013 I am in the area and in the mood for massage with happy ending. My previous masseur Ne is not in, but his younger brother (name Saep) is in, currently busy with a customer. Younger brother? Sounds good! I was going to have dinner before massage anyway, so I told them I would come back after dinner. So I did. Mamasan presented me Saep who was not so much my type (or not at all my type). I think mamasan could feel my resistance and disappointment, but after years in the business she knows how to handle customers, and the operation ("Nice to see you back. He has been waiting for you, let's get inside") was too quick for me to say "no" It was a "deer in the headlight" moment that I had, you suddenly realize that you have gone too far to back pedal (i.e. stopping the transaction would be a loss of face for all parties). The mistake was to tell her I would be back after dinner. Again problem to turn on the water, Saep had to come to my help. The massage was good, and the transition to happy ending even better. Saep used a technique that I think was what shamelessmack described as “undercarriage service”. Saep sat cross-legged and my legs rested on his. It took a bit of gestures until I knew how to position myself. This way, he had access to my front and back nether regions. I should have reclined happy ending and saved a few hundred Baht tip.
1 hour oil massage, tip 1000 Baht. On this day, I forgot my umbrella, noticed minutes later when I was in a taxi to Silom. I called and asked them to keep it.

Mid October 2013 I am in the area and pop in to pick up my umbrella. Mamasan presents me yet another boy as Ne’s younger brother. But by now I have sussed her out. I will be back when they a boy who is my type.

From two visits and two masseurs I can say that they are trained in massage and have the best transition to happy ending I ever encountered. Prices are reasonable, facilities are basic.

Internet: no website I know of, but read here:

Update 05.12.2013: Number of masseurs vary considerably. Today around 8:30 pm, one sitting outside out of three who are on duty. About two weeks ago, there were more than five sitting outside.

Update 14.01.2014: Went 21:10, one masseur outside, two inside sleeping (more busy with customers?), took the one who was outside, one hour oil massage, good massage, could have spend more time on butt crack and buttocks, after front massage proceeded to happy ending, very skillful, leave 22:20, 400 Baht + 1000 Baht tip; when I leave I count 6 masseurs


  1. I'm glad I found your blog this morning. Certainly you are putting lots of efforts to keep us updated. Missed Lomchoey on my last trip seduced by Magic Hands boys on my way from Malaysia Hotel - next time will visit for sure.
    vinapu from Gay Thailand

  2. Update: September 2014 new painting (light colour, before it was dark inside) and about 10 boys, most of them new. Tested two of them: good massage and good afters.


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