Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 1

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 1

Friday 08.10.2013

Bus from airport as usual, then baht bus along South Pattaya road to Tuk Com. Arrive in Sunee around 21:30 and check in. After a stroll through Sunee, I continue to Walking Street and to Boyztown. I have a look into Wild West Boys. Five boys on stage (total number of boys working today is seven, a member of staff told me). Two of them look cute, but they all are wearing trousers. I should have told staff that I don’t like the boys wearing trousers, I want underwear. You can’t charge your customers gogo bar prices and try to get away with boys in trousers.

I read several positive reports about Vassa, so I go there. Friday night is towel night. I count 14 boys, there are more than ten in the bar at any given time. They have plenty of customers, too, at about 80% occupancy of seats. Good atmosphere and attitude of boys. There is one boy G with a great body and cute face, but I am not absolutely sure, so I wait and watch. Another boy comes who is even a bit cuter, but the first boy has been flirting with me for a while, so I call him over for a drink. Everything is fine, skin temperature check slightly positive. I off him. My drink (fruit juice) 150 Baht, drink for boy 180, off fee 400. We have dinner at the market on South Pattaya road. Not easy to get something for me. Khao Man Gai (rice with boiled chicken and chicken soup) is finished, so I settle for Khao Kha Muu (Rice with pig leg). Not so much my taste, too much fat. We go back to my room and have fun. Very talented, one of the best money boys I ever had. Not only good in bed, can hold a conversation in English as well. No question, I will keep him overnight. We go down for a drink in the bar and chat with other customers (in German, as most customers are German). They have concluded that the boy will stay overnight because he went up with backpack and came down without, a detail I had missed. We go to bed comparatively early (about midnight).

All three boys I know who have a black spot on their nose were great in bed. I had E from Toy Boys a year ago, if he wasn’t a heavy smoker I would have taken him many times again, but with smoking only once. I had D in Super A three times, but now he is gone. And now G from Vassa.

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