Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ramkhamhaeng bars update 19.11.2013

Ramkhamhaeng bars update 19.11.2013

Went again on Tuesday, 19.11.2013 (Tuesday is day with coyote show) with a friend. Had dinner at the food court, there are two lovely cats, the most gorgeous I have seen in a while. Enter Singapore Pub about 00:50. Boys from the audience dancing on stage; filled to less than 50% capacity. There were only five coyote boys, on stage 01:25 to 01:40. When we left at 02:40, filled to more than 50% capacity.

Other bars: Door Dum closed, Meeting/High closed, G-Star open, a new bar Harlem open, but when I had a look no customers, but bottles on one table.

(add pictures from their advert)

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