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Singapore Pub Sunday 24.11.2013

Singapore Pub Sunday 24.11.2013

Quicker than expected, a repeat visit to Singapore Pub (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2) with Burmese Woman (unfortunately, her friend C from two months ago wasn’t well and couldn’t join us). Arrive around midnight. A friend W of her joins us and three other friends join later. We enter Singapore around midnight. Filled at about 20% capacity. W pays the first round of whisky and mixers. At 1:30 am, three (in words: three) coyote boys in underwear get on the stage and dance for 7 minutes. There has been a decrease in number of boys (7 to 5 to 3) over my last visits. After that, usual show, but fewer acts than before. Anyway, I don’t come for the show (but for the coyotes in underwear). More customers come in, still far below 50% capacity.

Last time (2 months ago), Burmese Woman got drunk quickly, becoming quiet and bored. Not this time: drunk, happy and dancing around. Unfortunately, she got talkative and touchy as well. Cold sweat, unpleasant. I have to change place so she can’t reach me and talk to me (music is too loud, I have my earplugs in, and with still a bit of sore throat I don’t want to shout back at her, so I just ignore her talking). There are a few cute boys, but I cannot make eye contact to them.

We get a shisha on our table. Shishas have spread quickly over the last years. When I came first to Thailand in 2009, I didn’t see any, now they have penetrated areas outside the tourist bubble. I am indifferent towards the smell (contrary to cigarette smoke, I try to get away from it), but it occupies space on the table, costs money (fortunately not mine so far), and there is a chance to knock over the shisha or glasses with the tube. In addition, the glowing coal is dangerous. On our shisha, it fell down and singed the cardboard windshield (made of packaging from a whisky bottle), so it was slowly glowing where the coal touched it. I wonder if there have been fires caused by shishas. My suggestion: ban them.

At 3:10 am, lights go on and at 3:15, music goes off and customers leave. Boys stay in groups outside, waiting for friends/taxi/food/whatever. This is where contacts are made! One boy had a fancy for me, but was shy, so his friend introduced us and the boy asked for my telephone number. He was not my type at all, but it would be rude to refuse (but now I might have to deal with a few calls where and when we can meet).

Other bars in the area: Door Dum closed, Meeting/High/Seeman (former SeeK dance) closed, new place Harlem open, G-Star Paradise open.

Take taxi back to my place, in bed at 4 am, alarm clock rings at 8 am.

(Originally, I wanted to stay in my area and we first walked to a place I saw during day or in the evening before. It turned out to be a massage place with restaurant/bar/karaoke. The massage part had an aquarium with three ladies waiting for customers, in the restaurant/bar/karaoke I saw some customers sitting with ladies. Then I excused myself that I am gay and looking for boys, not for ladies. The first time I saw such a place.)

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