Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part 3

Pattaya weekend 8.-10.11.2013 part3

Sunday 10.11.2013

My friend gets up around 8 am, I lead him outside (have to open a lock downstairs) and go bed to sleep. At noon, I call B and he is already (or still) up and can meet me. He lives less than 100 m away from my room, but was at Tuk Com so it took half an hour until we met in a restaurant in Sunee (I am hungry and invite him for lunch). Then we spend an hour in my room. Straight boy, but shows some effort. Ticklish, so I can’t spend much time on his neck and nipples, but elsewhere is fine.

In the afternoon, a friend takes me on his motorbike and shows me places where he picks up boys (straight construction workers). I then continue to the gay beach (about 15:00 to 16:30). Not many boys, and those who are there are in company of a Farang.

Summary: in Pattaya, an inflation of boys (there are currently three straight boys for body worship just a phone call or a 100 m walk away; and there are two gay boys just a phone call and 10 minutes wait away) meets a sex fatigue on my part (once per day is enough). Plenty of leads on Grindr and Gayromeo, several of them not money boys as far as I can tell, but I don’t have time to meet all of them. Life is cruel!

Whereas in Bangkok, not many contacts online or in real life, and the problem is traveling distances up to 30 km. After plenty of disappointments in the past, I am not prepared to travel 30 km unless I am absolutely sure the boy is my type and will turn up.

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