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Aircraft used as decoration (1)

Aircraft used as decoration (1)

During my travels in Thailand, I have come across many an old aircraft used as decoration. Here some pictures I took.
No attempts to identify these aircraft was made.

Ramkhamhaeng between Soi 103 and 105 

aircraft boneyard 13.7650408,100.6523414

The most impressive one I know, and has been covered extensively by others:

and previous short post by me:

Now the place is inhabited* and not open to public. There is a fence and a closed gate (with note in Thai: private property, do not enter) that you could easily climb over, however there are people living there. When I took these pictures from main road, one of the dwellers came back from buying food and offered me to enter for 200 THB, I declined. I have been there at night a year ago when it was open, anyway 200 THB (probably open to negotiation) seems very expensive. As far as I could see from main road, everything as I remember from previous visit and as reported in links above and as can be seen on satellite pictures.

Many buses pass on Ramkhamhaeng road and give good view; 600 m walk from Wat Sri Bun Rueang pier ท่าเรือวัดศรีบุญเรือง (end of Saen Saep แสนแสบ boat line). The aircrafts are on northern side of Ramkhamhaeng road.

*Reports in media here:
http://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/15/travel/bangkok-plane-graveyard/index.html?eref=rss_asia and
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3232250/Inside-bizarre-Bangkok-aircraft-graveyard-families-live-decaying-passenger-jets.html and
and several more (all same story and pictures, who copied from whom?). From reading these reports, the people seem to be homeless and just occupied the land, and now try to charge tourists an entrance fee?

Ramintra between Soi 45 and 45/1 
Police Flying Devision กองบินตำรวจ 13.8539435,100.6171293

Can be easily seen from Ramintra (airplane is on northern side), many bus lines pass.

Aerothai Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Company Limited in Sathorn 13.7154241,100.5401819

On northern side of Nang Linchi road ถนนนางลิ้นจี่, 
bus 22, 62, 67, 89 pass.

DCA Department of Civil Aviation กรมการบินพลเรือน 
in Sathorn 13.7176896,100.5426396

Ngam Duplee road งามดูพลี, no public transport, but in walking distance from above Aerothai. East of public park.
Airplane not visible on satellite image,  
website https://www.aviation.go.th

Wat Phuet Udom วัดพืชอุดม in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani 13.9574945,100.8865747 

Helicopter not visible on satellite image, no public transport.

And many more I spotted driving past, but did not have chance to take a picture:

Civil Aviation Training Center - สถาบันการบินพลเรือน
Pahonyothin road, a bit south-east of BTS Mor Chit

Udon Thani Wing 23 (Thai airforce).

Others have reported aircraft used as decoration or for living as well: Pattayadays
http://www.pattayadays.com/2015/07/the-orange-air-flight-from-who-knows-where-is-now-landing/ http://www.pattayadays.com/2015/08/return-flight/

http://www.pattayadays.com/2015/12/swiss-sheep-farm-pattaya/ (one picture without comment) 

This website has an extensive list of locations and identification of old aircraft all over Thailand: 

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  1. There's been a few unfortunate plane crashes in Thailand such as the crash outside of Bangkok of Austrian and Lauda Airlines flight 004 that went down the 26th of May 1991 after the faulty thrust reversers deployed in flight at take-off. I recall the Thai's began stealing the parts off the wreck before the investigators arrived on scene. If you ever see that plane or parts of it Christian, that would be interesting to see.

  2. Then there are the museum exhibits in the airforce dito along Phahonyotin, north of Sapan Mai, east side of DMK. But I guess that does not really count. Bus 34/39/114/356 pass by. 503 out of service there now.
    A funny thing I encountered last december: a small plane was standing in front of Govt. registration building, they were dismantling it-and the same thing was re-assembled 2 days later at an exhibition near Govt. house! Probably gone from there by now again.

  3. Hi Christian,

    Enjoyed your review of land-bound aircraft. In particular, the Ramintra location that displays the venerable DC-3. First produced in 1935, amazingly some remain in service today (many in Alaska and third-world locations worldwide), The civil aviation version production was 607 while the military version (C-47) numbered 10,000+ and many of those were converted to post-war civil application. Nearly 5,000 were produced under license to Lusunov (USSR) and another 500 to Showa (Japan). I had the pleasure to fly it when it was in airline use in the US. It built a reputation for being and exceptionally reliable and forgiving aircraft.

    Thanks for the memories!


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