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Wat Hong Thong in Chachoengsao province

Wat Hong Thong in Chachoengsao province

The temple is built on a pier in the Gulf of Thailand.

วัดหงษ์ทอง (means: Golden Swan Temple)
ตำบลสองคลอง อำเภอบางปะกง จังหวัดฉะเชิงเทรา

13.471492,100.8721192 = 13°28'17.4"N 100°52'19.6"E

Coming from Bangkok on hwy 3 (Sukhumvit), 2.4 km after crossing from Samut Prakan province into Chachoengsao province, turn right (South) and the chedi is 1.7 km by road from hwy 3. There is ample parking before you reach the Wat.

One of the many interesting place on the road from Bangkok to Pattaya. I passed many times, and from elevated highway once saw a golden spire on the horizon that must have been Wat Hong Thong.

Aerial view from sea side, taken from a friend's drone. Many thanks! You approach the Wat from the north, hence most of my photography is against the sun. With a drone, you can take aerial pictures and with the sun!

Statues at the parking lot:

Access to the Chedi via pier with Naga:

Character from poems (details see link):

Boat shaped shrine on the sea side:

English language articles about this temple:

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  1. another little known gem you discovered for us , thank you


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