Monday, 25 January 2016

Words of praise: Bepanthen creme

Words of praise: Bepanthen creme

My butt hurts. Unfortunately from walking, and not from fucking.

Alternative wording by a native speaker: "I have a pain in the arse, but not in a good way, but from walking too much."

When I walk an entire day, I often have butt cheek chafing, which makes walking and bottoming unpleasant. When I told my mother about this problem (sans the fucking), she recommended Bepanthen creme and even had a tube for me. 

And it works great! It works in advance: a dollop between my butt cheeks before walking prevents chafing; and it works afterwards: if I forget to use it before walking, my butt gets better with Bepanthen over night, without it would take two days.

Available in Thailand:

There jokes with similar subject on the internet: 
"Dad, I just had sex for the first time"
"I am proud of you son, sit down and tell me all about it" 
"Well, sitting still hurts .."

Language note. Original in German: 
"Mir tut der Arsch weh. Leider vom Laufen, und nicht vom Ficken." 
When I told this to a German friend, his Thai boyfriend listened and understood and laughed. However this does not translate well into Thai. Thai has two words for "hurt".

เจ็บ jèp [to be] hurt ; injured ; in pain 
ปวด bpùat [to] ache ; pain

Ask an educated Thai friend about the difference: 
jep is hurt from accident or external action,  
pbuat comes from being sick. 
When you hit your head on a door frame, it's jep hua, 
whereas if you have headache, it's bpuat hua.

Ask another educated Thai friend: 
jep is outside pain,
pbuat is inside ache.  

"Thai for Beginners" by Benjawan Poomsan Becker p170/1 similar explanation. 

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  1. Try switching to cotton briefs for a week Christian and see if that makes any difference. This doesn't sound common and there is probably a reason why this is happening to you. Have you ever visited a Podiatrist?

    1. It's in an area that has no contact with my underwear. I haven't seen a doctor, and now it's solved with Bepanthen! I had to look podiatry up: "Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg." A bit far fetched for my problem.

      Afterthought: Why do do some humans have hair around their ass (but not elsewhere), whereas animals have no hair around their ass (but everywhere else)?

  2. Last week, my Bepanthen was gone. I don't know if I misplaced it or any of the boys I had in my room since I last saw it. Went to nearby pharmacy (open 24 hours, prices might be higher than elsewhere) and bought Bepanthen First Aid 30 g for 160 THB. They had Bepanthen for babies as well, but not normal Bepanthen.


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