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Gay saunas, bars and magazines in Phnom Penh

Gay saunas, bars and magazines in Phnom Penh

Details about Amam, Arthur & Paul, Galaxy Khmer closed permanently, Space bar.

Sunday 03.01.2016

Amam spa 18:38-20:24. Entry 4 USD (discount? Regular entry is 5 USD). Everything as I remember from last visits Jul 2014:

About 20 customers throughout my stay. All in towel, often change underwear under towel in locker room. Sandals provided, but clean enough to walk bare feet. Free cold drinking water at bar. I didn't see condom and lube.

1st floor = ground floor reception, locker, steam room (light only through glass door), sauna well lit and thermometer shows 63 deg C, cold showers, internet corner.
2nd gym, rooms, TV.
3rd Jacuzzi in operation but cold.
4th private rooms and dark group room.
Small and big towel of good quality. Locker size ok. Jacuzzi and showers unlit. Steam generator is coal fired (watch employee adding coal to combustion chamber).

Verdict: recommended. Basic but clean.

Monday 04.01.2016
Arthur & Paul 17:08-18:32. Entry 5 USD.
1st floor = ground floor entrance, reception, shop.
Underground bar, lounge, gay books, big locker with 1 big towel of good quality.
1st floor rainfall public shower (for 3) with shower gel and warm water, Jacuzzi hot and operating, private rooms (3), hot steam room (light only through glass door).

I didn’t see condom and lube. Upper floors accessible, contain hotel rooms. Various animal furs on floor.

About 15 customers, half of them locals, in towel or underwear. No free drinking water. Management seem to be very concerned about people urinating in the poor or Jacuzzi (“This pool has sharks. They come out when they smell urine” “This Jacuzzi is fitted with a urine detector”). This is just to scare customers, there is no urine detector:

Verdict: Nicely decorated and luxurious, but lacks volume / area / customer numbers, rather a wellness area attached to a hotel and open to general public at an entrance fee than a dedicated sauna.

Continue to Galaxy Khmer Sauna #18, 246 street. Building is closed and a fence in front. I could not find number 18 on that house, but from the sequence of numbers and asking their neighbor it fits; later confirmed by checking on google street view: it was Galaxy Khmer on street view.

Currently there seem to be 6 gay saunas in Phnom Penh:
Arthur & Paul #27 Street 71,
AMAM Café & Spa #20A Street 390,
Hatha Khmer Spa, Sauna and Gym #59 Street 350,
Khmer Sauna & Spa #26B Street 410,
M Health Spa #175 Street 254 (corner of 51),
CLOSED Galaxy Khmer Sauna & Spa #18 Street 246 CLOSED,
Love Spa For Man #103 Street 105,
and various gay massages (not my area of research, didn’t go to any of them).

I went to LOVE Spa For Men in Jul 2014:, other information from:

Walk past Blue Chili 19:50, spot 2 boys.

Walk past 2colours 20:55, spot 4 boys and 1 customer.

Space bar 21:10-45, orange juice 3 USD. 6 customers and 5 boys, increasing to over 20 combined during my stay. Music style ok, a bit too loud.

Walk past Blue Chili 21:58, staff and customers combined about 15.

In all these bars, nobody my type.

In Arthur & Paul, I get copies of Q magazine (first and only gay magazine in Cambodia) and Gay Map Of Cambodia by

Q magazine has a website without content (just front page and email). In issue 5, I saw this picture in an advert, which I would call marriage material:


The place is a hair saloon.

Issue 4 has nice pictures as well, see here:

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  1. Anon guy in Thailand3 February 2016 at 10:06

    Please share this with your readers:

    Beware of this place- candle spa in lumpini Rama 4 city court condo, the place is located in the car park of the condo.

    Visited in January 2016, served by this punk called Khun Ken.
    Halfway through the massage, he said he wanted tip, demanded 20k Thai baht. If I did not pay him, he will call the police, which are his friends and will throw me in jail and take my passport!

    I was horrified and in a state of shock while being naked! I only had 14k Thai baht.

    Got dressed up and wanted to leave, but prevented to leave by 2 guys. In the end, they took all my money.

    Saw a policeman nearby at lumpini station, tried to lodge a report against them, but this report was not taken into consideration!

    After calling the tourist police at 1155, they took in the case and will look into it.


    Can't imagine this happening in Thailand! It has spoiled my holiday mood and I had to call back to US to activate my credit cards for cash withdrawals here!

    Go at your own risk!

  2. I know this place, there are 2 or 3 massages next to each other. I have never heard anything similar to your experience.

  3. M Health Spa has closed down. The sign has been taken down and the Honey Bar building next door has been demolished.

  4. Looks like he got his justice.


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