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Dating Thai boys (37) changing phone number

Dating Thai boys (37) changing phone number

I don't know why some of my Thai friends change their phone number often (and thereby spamming my phone and Line directory with dead numbers). One idea is that they lose phone and SIM card, another idea is their SIM card expires. I would be grateful if others shared their thoughts.

The phone number gets assigned to a new SIM card, and someone buys and uses it. Then I call the number and ask for my friend and either get information that they don't know him, or after some mutually incomprehensible exchange the other party hangs up. 

For Line, it is more interesting. I get a message that a new user registered on Line, and sometimes you can see a new profile picture which gives a hint that the phone number is now used by someone else. But to make sure, I write "hello" and see what happens. Or I wait until the other party writes something. In most cases it is quickly established that we never met, but here is an interesting one.

18Nov2015, by chance I met an old acquaintance* (name Copy mocy driver at Hua Lampong), and he introduced his friend Wan to me and we exchanged phone numbers. Nothing happened for weeks, but then he messaged me (at least I think it was him, because now he calls himself Golf, but mocy taxi fits). My translations after original text in Thai, comments in italic.

2015.12.23 Wednesday
23:00 Golf HL กอล์ฟเอง It's me, Golf.

(Profile picture is a Thai girl.)

2015.12.26 Saturday
15:38 Golf HL ไม่ตอบเลยนะ Why don't you reply?

(I read the message, but was busy and wondering who this is.)
2015.12.27 Sunday
00:01 Christian ผมชื่อคริสเตียนครับ My name is Christian.
00:11 Golf HL นี่กอล์ฟปี้เองที่ขับวินอ่ะ This is Golf. The mocy driver.  

(I have no idea who he is.)
00:13 Christian Photos

(I send a face pic, hoping he would send one in return.)
00:13 Christian กอลฟ์หยู่ไหนครับ Where are you?
00:14 Christian ผมยุ กทม สาทร I'm in Bangkok, Sathorn.
01:12 Golf HL จำได้ป่าว Do you remember me?

(N.b. question about his location is not answered.)
03:24 Golf HL อยู่บ้านพรุ่งนี้ผมไปขี่วินมาหาผมสิ I'm home (where???) Can you come to see me at mocy taxi stand tomorrow? (where???)
09:37 Christian วินอะไรครับ Which mocy taxi stand?

(message read, no reply)
14:06 Christian Hello
16:50 Christian Wan Hua Lampong

(Now I finally have an idea and write it down here.)
16:50 Christian ส่งรูปนะครับ Send a picture please.
17:13 Golf HL จำผมได้ปะคับ Do you remember me?
17:14 Christian เปล่า จำ ยอด คอบบี้ วาน 

No, I only remember Yot, Copy and Wan  
(names of other mocy taxi drivers there I have met before)
17:15 Golf HL มาปะคับ Will you come to see me?
17:15 Christian ที่ไหน Where?
17:29 Golf HL

Im his wife. 
Please dont disturb my husband ever again.  
(Text was in English, my bald emphasis. Hilarious!)
17:31 Golf HL Call Time : 00:27
(He or she calls me, incomprehensible.)

Out of curiosity, I made some more attempts that led nowhere.

Not sure what to make of this. Why didn't he send a photo, or at least write where exactly he is, I asked several times?
(You need a smart phone for Line, it should have a camera?)

*Original story here: Foursome with mocy drivers at Hua Lampong 05.10.2013 and

Another case is the boy Z. He calls me from different mobile numbers, sometimes from landline. That got me thinking: When I'm traveling in a noisy environment, I don't answer calls regardless of caller. But when I'm in comfortable environment, I take all calls from unknown numbers out of curiosity, but would not take calls if I see who's calling and I don't want to talk to him (which applies to Z).

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  1. You red the message ? I prefer to read them.

  2. I mean read (past tense of read, pronounce like the color red), changed it. Another case of homophonitis, previous here:
    I should go see a doctor!


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