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Aircraft used as decoration (3)

Aircraft used as decoration (3)

Chokchai Farm/Museum/Steak House is right on hwy2 (southern side), but helicopter and jets not visible from hwy.

location (helicopter)
14.653678,101.3489324 = 14°39'13.2"N 101°20'56.2"E

There is another airplane on southern side of hwy 2, about 22 km west of Chokchai, near Thepprathan Steak House เทพประทานสเต็กเฮ้าส์
14.6371644,101.1628464 = 14°38'13.8"N 101°09'46.2"E

And several wrecks 20 km east of Chokchai, on northern side of hwy2 at 14.6289311,101.1737129 = 14°37'44.1"N 101°10'25.4"E

Some months ago a friend forwarded this picture without any details:

source: internet

Extensive research on the internet gave no result, and on Thaivisa noboby knew for sure where it is, but at least the airplane was identified as RTAF-4 Chanthra จันทรา (first flight 1972, which means the swastika is an anachronism).

Then I had the brilliant idea to show this picture to staff at Samut Songkhram stall at a travel fair ( ไทยเที่ยวไทย ครั้งที่ 40 on 1-4 Sep 2016 in QSNCC) and they told me it's across main road from Wat Bang Kung วัดบางกุ้ง.

But when I went, the plane with the swastika was gone, and the other one (or a different one in its place?) had a different paint:

The following is an RFB Fantrainer which is noteworthy for its ducted fan:

Aerial view of all 5 planes:

In Nakon Pathom province, there is an entire market decorated with airplanes:
Aircraft used as decoration (2) is here:

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  1. It does seem strange that the hakenkreuse was on that plane and not the Buddhist Swastika. I wonder if the genius that painted that confused the two. I think someone woke up to the (mistake?) or the bad vibe of the hakenkreuse, and repainted the plane.


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