Friday, 21 October 2016

Hua Lampong railway station 2016

Hua Lampong railway station 2016

A collection of random observation at Hua Lampong railway station in 2016. 

Thai Railway Museum
The Thai Railway foundation opened a museum (free entry, open 10-18 Tue-Sat except holiday) in the railway station building:


A collection of old tickets, descriptions can be found here:

and details how the price for a ticket is calculated here:

Update 7nov2016: see here as well

Alcohol-drop boxes
After alcohol ban on trains in 2015, now they installed boxes "Alcohol-drop here". 

Ticket office for foreigners
Air-conditioned, take a queue number (although there are usually only few customers), seats, English speaking staff. (Has been open since at least Oct 2015, my earliest picture.)

New map of railway system
Such map is in all railway stations as far as I could see, but not available for free or for pay, and I didn't find it on the internet. It has distances to all major points and some planned railway lines are drawn.

New paint
The entire railway station got a new paint outside, but if I hadn't seen the scaffolding and painters I would not have noticed.

No more bomb shelter in front of station
I learnt (exhibition in Philatelic Museum Saphan Kwai) that there used to be a bomb shelter in front of Hua Lampong railway station. 

It's gone now and a fountain is in its place. (In Dusit Zoo, you can still see a bomb shelter from WWII).

Aircon in waiting hall ?
On 7sep2016, I noticed it was cooler than usual in the railway station, and my only explanation is that they installed aircons, with the air outlets above 2nd floor:

However checking older pictures, these air outlets have been there before.

Language note: Hua Lampong หัวลำโพง hŭa lam-pohng; "lampong" alone means "loudspeaker".

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  1. Thanks for a museum tip, being railway man by heart all my life will visit at next opportunity

  2. Are those two old geezers part of the museum display also?


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