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Gay activities August 2016

Gay activities August 2016

2.8.2016 Tuesday
Return from Ubon and message Boss Vipa16, Music and Bos McDo no reply (but I knew that these 3 are difficult to contact), Pong is in Khon Kaen, Nax Charan65 no reply. Finally Wut Hua Lampong is online, but wants to eat seafood first (i.e. he wants me to invite him and his friends for seafood dinner) and would come to my room afterwards. There will be some excuse after seafood dinner, so I insist on meeting in my room first.

And indeed he comes (stays 21:40-22:10) and is open for wanking. But I can’t get him to fully undress (he will just pull pants down and shirt up), and activities rushed. And before and after too much touching of my stuff and too much looking around, I have the impression he is looking for stuff to steal.

Great body and warm and dry skin and no body hair, nonetheless not much value for 700 Baht (500 for wanking +200 for rent of tuk-tuk?). That’s before considering that I have been working on this boy over 10 hours and spent more than 2000 Baht since we first met in Feb (?) 2015. Next time will be more clear what I expect.

Afterwards drive around in his tuk-tuk 21:10-48. Calls several friends, wants to change from seafood to durian to take-away: no! Finally say goodbye at Hua Lampong railway station. Cost me an hour, but saved me at least 1000 Baht for dinner.

A few more of such straight boy seductions, and I will give up.

3.8.2016 Wednesday
Kot comes, wants me to fuck him, but can’t take it. Before he told me he is top only. Maybe 1000 Bath (to buy a new mobile phone) instead of the usual 500 made the difference? 

Now that I know that another boy is a thief, and Kot might have stolen from me, I set up my camera in video mode and put it in a hidden place where it has good view of room before I let the boy in, and secretly record video while I'm showering. My pants with wallet is on the floor in front of the camera (not visible in video), and Kot stays in bed reading the book I gave him while I shower. Not a thief.

5.-6.8.2016 Pattaya separate post.

7.8.2016 Sunday
Seed 00:44-01:58. The one cute boy in there disappears with another customer in an internet cubicle. But this is my lucky day, afterwards he (name Game) joins me in my cubicle as well.  

9.8.2016 Tuesday
Phnom Penh saunas separate post.

10.8.2016 Wednesday
Meet BFC1in2016 again in Phnom Penh. Due to his work/study schedule, only time at night and then stays over night until following morning.

12.8.2016 Friday
On return from Cambodia by land stop in Trat and Rayong. I know a boy Jame in Rayong and arranged to meet him. The hotel I had in mind is closed for renovation, and there seem to be no other places near bus station, so I walk around until I find some place to stay (East Hotel โรงแรมตะวันออก, fan room 200 Baht). The place is very basic, but I want to get rid of my luggage and take a shower. It would be embarrassing to bring a friend back here, and that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: when I message Jame with hotel name, he writes back he is not free tonight. Later walking through town I find better places, closer to bus station.

This is the most costly no-show, not in terms of money (only 250 Baht), but I could have continued trip to Pattaya and spent the night in Pattaya. In time, it cost me 6 hours (time lost due to no-show) or 24 hours (I could have been back in Bangkok a day earlier without stop in Rayong) depending on how you count it.

13.-14.8.2016 Saturday-Sunday

I know so many boys in Pattaya, I can’t let this chance pass to stop in Pattaya to meet some of them.

15.8.2016 Monday
Meet BFC3in2016 in The Mall Bangkapi for cinema and market at Ramkhamhaeng university afterwards. Everything positive. That’s 3 dates without action with this boy. But looking back, those I went to bed with on first date, little useful came out of it. Now he is ripe:

Seed 20:38-21:57, 100 Baht entry. About 10 customers throughout, no cute, spend time on internet.

16.8.2016 Tuesday
I have Kot scheduled for 23:00 and X for midnight. However Kot is late and X is early, thus I have 2 boys (who don’t know each other) in my room at the same time, slightly embarrassing.

While X is on the balcony smoking, I give Kot 300 Baht and tell him I’m not horny and X will stay overnight, assuming that Kot will leave after taking the money. But this time he didn’t come by his own motorbike as usually, a friend took him and will pick him up, so we spend 23:50-01:10 all three in my room with some awkward conversation or each of us playing on his mobil phone.

Once Kot is gone, we go to bed. I have no intention of sex, but hug X just to know he is there and I could if I wanted, whereupon he asks me:
“Do you want sex?”
“But I want sex.”
An request I can’t refuse (warm and dry skin).

17.-18.8.2016 Wednesday-Thursday
A friend H from Austria is in Bangkok for some days, and when we met in the past we used to go to Soi Twilight, but now neither of us thinks it’s worth going.

18.8.2016 Thursday
There is a new construction site near my place, where I spot a cute boy who smiles and waves when he notices me. Linger around and take some pictures:

And chat him up. Name Boy from Nonthaburi, and travels from/to Nonthaburi every day which takes 3 hours (return or each way?). Will invite him to stay with me. (Update: was away a lot, and when I was in Bangkok and had no other plans couldn't spot him when I passed around 5 pm, couldn't realize this plan.)

19.8.2016 Friday
BFC3in2016 arrives 21:30 and stays over night.

20.8.2016 Saturday
Activities in the morning, but I don’t get fully hard. What does he do 10:00-30 in my bathroom? When he comes out, bathroom floor is wet, and with his wet feet he leaves wet spots on my room floor.

"Did you draw the shower curtain?"
"No. Should I?"
"Why are your feet so wet? Didn't you wipe them on the door mat?"
(still the same doormat that BFC1in2015 puked on and then turned around instead of cleaning it.)
"Sorry, I didn't." 
That, together with inability to read maps (he even admitted) and being tired after a few minutes of walking, makes him ex-BFC3in2016.

For a change from my usual Seed and Farose 2 trips, Phoenix and Macho today.

Phoenix 20:23-56. 180 Baht entry. Estimate 20-30 customers and count 25 occupied lockers. Condom 52 mm and lube provided. Towel ok. Cloth provided to wrap around your waist worn by most customers. Customer base looks promising, but no action for me today.

Macho 21:16-55. 160 Baht entry. Estimate 30 customers. One slim and tall but pale and wet skin, one cute staff. No condom or lube provided. Towel too small. All customers in underwear. Free food (fried rice).

Saranrom 22:12-22:47 one round. Optimistic counting 12 boys, 2 cute. But had I not recognized some of the boys from before (and they recognized me as well), I would not have known they are available, in particular those driving around on mocy.

21.-26.8.2016 Trip to the north (Phrae, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Nakon Sawan) with Farang friend.

22.8.2016 Monday
A boy Will whom I met in Wat Hua Lampong in Dec 2015 moved to Chiang Rai shortly after. Now I will be in Chiang Rai and want we have intention to meet. Communication was slow from the beginning and a black out while I was in Chiang Rai (but afterwards resumed).

23.8.2016 Chiang Mai reported separately:

25.8.2016 Thursday
Stay in Nakon Sawan (just over night because FF is too tired to drive to Bangkok). Hornet is active and several cute boys (whereas Ubon no cute boy within 50 km), but none of the cute is interested.

It was late (add 5 hours to get Thailand time), I was tired, but could have fitted in a quicky, but only if we skip romantique and talk, just "fuck now?".

Romantique, French for romantic, is what a Farang friend calls (and even pronounces in French, despite not speaking French) his fringe activities with boys (i.e. activities before and after fucking), and I like this expression.

26.8.2016 Friday
Kot is one hour late (21 instead of 20). Another friend X wants to come as well, but this time I can keep them apart by telling X I’m busy. Kot cums on my bedsheet, so do I. Usually I manage to keep all cum away from bedsheet. After wiping off and drying, there is only a weak spot. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t notice. I can continue using this bedsheet without washing, but have to change it when I invite Kot again.

27.8.2016 Saturday
I have been in contact with a boy James D from hornet for months, finally everything aligns and he comes to my room. Everything positive, will meet again some day.

28.8.2016 Sunday
By chance, meet the cute boy Boy from construction site (see 18.8.2016) when he is buying food. Chat him up and ask for Line, but neither his Line ID nor phone number is recognized on my phone, he becomes impatient to go back, so I give him my name card. No call.

X wants to come, doesn't want money, but then postpones to 23, then cancels:

I spotted a cute boy on hornet, gayromeo and gboysiam:

And now is an occasion to invite him to my room. Good communication in English and on time (we didn’t set a time, but he finishes work 20:00 and arrived around 21:00, with estimated 30 minutes walk and without too much confusion about location). Even brought oil for oil massage, but I don’t want to spill oil on my bed linen and I don’t like oil during afters, so I ask for dry massage. Skillful at massage and afters, full recommendation (but why does he change Line, gayromeo, hornet so often?)

29.08.2016 Monday
JJ Bangna can’t come.

Pattaya separately:

Summary Aug 2016:
4 free sex: Game in Seed, BFC1in2016 in Phnom Penh, BFC3in2016, James D (500 for taxi).
1 not sure:.Ohm 1000.
10 paid sex: Wut 700, Kot 1000, Nake 1000 in Pattaya, Lay 1000 in Pattaya, A 1200 in Pattaya, Lay 1000 in Pattaya, X 520, Kot 800, Lek Lao 1000, Nice boys 1000 = 9220 an expensive month!

10 Gogo bars: Nice Boys, Power Boys, Eros, Kawaii Boys, Cupidol, Nice Boys, Vassa, X-Boys Pattaya, Eros, Nice Boys.
2 host bar: Orion in Chiang Mai, The Venue (not exactly a host bar, but closest in my list).
5 sauna: 2 Seed, Phoenix, MachoX, House of Male in Chiang Mai.

(and more in Phnom Penh)
1 hornet: James D.
2 no sex: BFC3in2016, Kot 300.
3 no show: James in Rayong, Will in Chiang Rai, JJ Bangna.
1 disco: Tamnan Isan.
1 street trade: Saranrom (just looking).
1 massage: Lek Lao (with happy ending).

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