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Bruce’s Pearls of Wisdom

Bruce’s Pearls of Wisdom

I have shared this in similar form in Bruce's now extinct forum gaysexthailand about a year ago.

My good friend Bruce has said some very interesting things, some of I wish I had said, others are thought-provoking, others the opposite of what I’m doing but work for Bruce. Most of it has been posted before, but I consider all of it worth posting again, here as a collection.

Bruce on cultural differences:
If your boyfriend asks you: “Would you like to go to cinema?”,
he means: “I want to go to cinema!”

Bruce on buying a business for his boyfriend:

If you simply want to "help" your boyfriend "build a better future".... Do what I do.

First, teach him that running his own business will be the hardest most difficult job he's ever had.

Second, it will be a cold day in hell before I invest a in a business for him.... until *after* he has successfully worked his way up through every position in that type of business.... and remained at the top level, running it successfully, for a minimum of 3 years. Altogether, that would probably take 5 to 10 years. Otherwise, how do I (and how does *he*) know that he can do it....?

I tell him, if we want to just throw money away.... Let's take a cruise and throw all of our money into the middle of the ocean..... Or let's start a big fire and burn all of our money. Same same as starting a business that will fail.

If he can't hold down a restaurant job, and work his way up to number one manager, while making the place more profitable..... then we're all out of our minds to think he can run his own restaurant. This same principle applies to any type of business.
"If a bank won't lend you the money, why should I? If you can get a bank to lend you the money, then I will. (but then you won't need me to)"

Bruce on love and money:

Once, over breakfast, I asked my first Thai boyfriend... "How much do you love me?" He replied, "How much do you have?"

Ha ha ha (Ever heard the expression, Things said jokingly are meant seriously...)

I once asked my second Thai boyfriend, "If I was poor and had no money at all, would you still have chosen me to be your boyfriend?" He replied, "If I were fat, ugly, and feminine, would you have still chosen me to be your boyfriend?"

Bruce on tipping in massage places:

In a non-sex massage spa..... If we play around sexually at all.... I give him at least 200 baht.... If it's more intense or he puts in a great effort, then I give him 500 baht. If we end up having full-on sex... (which is very rare)... I give him 1000.... and get his phone number.

This is absolutely something I do nearly every day.... going to a "non-sex" massage. But I don't do anything at all sexual about 50% of the time. Depends on my mood, and on his "hotness" factor. When "nothing at all sexual" happens... that's when 100 baht is a generous enough tip. (I've asked the manager. She told me that most customers tip between 20 - 40 baht. I used to always tip 500 baht. She told me that was too much.)

Bruce on working with mamasans:
(ChristianPFC does the exact opposite, totally ignore all staff that wants to interfere and only talk to the boy.)

Go to A-Bomb, FunnyBoy, etc (alone!), *early*.... as soon as they open.... and work with the mamasan (waiter). Tell him *exactly* what type you want, and want you want to do in bed. Don't be shy! Negotiate the entire thing with the mamasan.... including the total charges including tip. Ask the mamasan to guarantee his performance!

Then choose a hottie who the mamasan says matches your requirements and tell the mamasan you want to "off" him..... now. No need to speak with him or buy him a drink! Just say no to that nonsense. Take him out the door and directly back to your room and fuck. It's not important that he can speak English. As long as he understands, " I fuck you. "

And fuck *first*..... all other fun activities can happen later, after sex. (Other activities, like dance clubs etc, can often just be the boy's way of putting off sex he doesn't want to do..... and get loads more whiskey money out of your wallet for free drinks for all his friends.) Fuck first.

Always choose "Short Time".

Here's why: You are *not* going to enjoy spending a long time with someone unless you're both into it. And if you are both into it, you can change any short time into a long time on the spot impromptu. Never over commit. There are too many fish (hotties) in the sea.

Bruce on exchanging phone numbers:
(ChristianPFC does the exact opposite, giving his phone number to boys but rarely asking boys for their phone number. But I am looking for free sex in these cases, details here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.de/2015/03/dating-thai-boys-28-name-card-case.html)

Also, at the big venues like Hero and Prince, they have so many boys that the manager doesn't even know their names. They come and go on a daily basis. Best to, when you do find one you like, inside the private room hand him your phone and tell him to dial *his* number into it. That's much better than giving him your card because he might not call. In fact he probably won't call.

Copyright ChristianPFC and Bruce 2016


  1. Christian, is your park likely to be happening in about ten days?

    ST hotels aroud there having rooms despite proximity to Thai crowds?

    If not , is there another physical location where similar things might be?

    oh one more -- closest place to there to use wifi for ten minutes without paying too much

    thank you

    1. I assume you mean Saranrom. Numbers were low anyway last year and this year, and currently there will be a lot of general traffic around the Royal Palace, I guess it's not worth going now or in 10 days unless you have experience.

      There are short time hotels in walking or short driving distance, details here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.de/2014/12/short-time-hotels-in-bangkok.html

      I don't know of any other place like Saranrom and don't know about WiFi in the area.

    2. Having been around Saranrom and the Royal Palace recently at night, there are crowds and I assume many people sleep there. This will probably continue for months and might be the death knell for street trade.

  2. Could I assume all the gay venues like gogo-bars or naughty massage places in Boystown/Silom/Surowong are all closed now? Would they be open again by mid-Dec?

    1. I am not in Thailand at the moment, and don't go to bars and massages that often. I can't give first-hand information, better check the gay Thailand forums where this information is available. As far as I read there, most places are open, albeit with a bit less light and a bit less loud music and fewer boys; I guess in mid-Dec everything back to normal.

  3. "If I was poor and had no money at all, would you still have chosen me to be your boyfriend?" He replied, "If I were fat, ugly, and feminine, would you have still chosen me to be your boyfriend?" I think that Thai boy was honest and considered a good catch than those who who simply give a half sincere yes. Quite intelligent too, although I imagine your friend Bruce was hoping otherwise

  4. I agree with you and bypass mamasans. I don't need anybody to tell me which boy I like.

    1. I pay the bar premium to get see the shows and feel the vibes of being surrounded by beautiful boys within my (or my wallet's) reach. If go straight for boys to fuck there are other more value for your buck options like the park or online

    2. After I have paid for a flight to Thailand, I don't mind paying a few of fees, at least at Pattaya levels. That way, I know exactly what the boy will look like and how he reacts to me.


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