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Chiang Mai 23aug2016

Chiang Mai 23aug2016

The main purpose of this trip was sightseeing, but Farang friend with car has interest in gay nightlife in Chiang Mai. Venues mentioned: House of Male, See Man Pub, Ram Bar, Orion.

House of Male 18:50-19:29, entry 130 Baht. Entrance area changed since last visit over a year ago (trees are gone, now wall to main road), to the west construction work for pool. Over 30 customers, all too old and too fat. Several Farang customers. Most customers in towels, some in underwear. Some groping in steam room and showers. I didn’t find a real sauna. Two big towels of good quality, condom and lube provided. Note in locker room: no nudity.

Have a look into See Man Pub 23:35: no customers yet. Continue to night bazar area.

There seems to be show in preparation at Ram Bar at midnight, but I have no interest in show and couldn’t spot any cute boy.

But there is a cute boy at Orion, so we stay 00:18-01:01. Soft drink 50 Baht. The cute boy notices my interest and joins our table after he finished playing pool. Little English, all conversation in Thai. (I didn’t write down his name, and now I don’t remember his name!) He is Shan and has been working there for some days, his brother (?) has been working in Orion for longer. Small talk quickly peters out and none of us gets to the point (how much?). Skin temperature check positive. I ask him what he will do after work: go home and sleep. Not a good start. And indeed when the bar closes at 1:00 he gets up, says goodbye and is on mocy with his brother (?) and gone before I can think of anything to say. Just minutes* before I could ask him if he wants to come with me tonight. Saved me a lot of money!

*It’s always “just minutes before” – I am indecisive.

I didn’t have a hotel yet (kept my stuff in FF’s car and showered and changed in FF’s hotel room to save time), but had something in mind (Green Hotel, stayed there before and in walking distance of FF’s hotel). While walking to the hotel, I check hornet and have the following conversation (messages only minutes apart, copied from, the desktop version of hornet):

K: Hey
CPFC: Hello
K: What you up to
K: Want some late night quickie
CPFC: Why not? Where are you?
K: (details)
(walking distance from me)
K: Close to maya mall
(I check in and pay for room)
CPFC: I'm in green hotel
(walking to my room, check hornet again)
K: You can come to me and stay if you want
(Bummer! Missed free fuck and free stay by minutes!)
K: But i am kinda too tired to travel
K: Not too tired to get
CPFC: Sorry, tired too and no travel tonight.
K: Lol... ok
K: Maybe tomorrow
CPFC: Good night.
CPFC: Only one night in cnx

I could only sample some of Chiang Mai’s gay venues, for a complete overview see elsewhere.

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