Sunday, 18 December 2016

Abandoned haunted house in Sam Roi Yot

Abandoned haunted house in Sam Roi Yot

There is a quality article with full story and location here:

12.239356, 99.982767 = 12°14'21.7"N 99°58'58.0"E
Sam Roi Yot Soi 21, near National Park with Phraya Nakorn Cave and Khao Daeng View Point.

The area is walled/fenced off and guarded by gardener (?) and dogs. All my pictures taken over wall or fence.

The wall on the right is too high to climb over without help. I could easily climb over the corrugated iron, but I checked stability, dogs started barking. (I could have guessed when I saw the tidy lawn, means that someone is keeping it.)

View from main road (Sam Roi Yot Soi 21):

However one corner is accessible (not wall/fence/gate) and far away from the dogs, there are some construction materials left:

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone:

Sam Roi Yot Soi 21 in the back, haunted house on the left, shack for gardener (?) in the middle low, area with construction material leftovers on the right (among the trees):

Architecture is very similar to the abandoned house in Chiang Mai:

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  1. Very interesting. Speaking Thai got you into the house in Chiang Mai. When I tried to check it out, I got a very angry man with a growling dog on a leash, and a no nonsense get out of here.

    1. The one in Chiang Mai is easier to access (first it's in CM town, and second there is no fence around it), and more impressive. No problems when I went in 2014.

  2. My wife (who is thai) and I talked to the caretaker who said no access, no photos. Apparently many people have tried (including filming companies etc). Nice job with the drone ! It is listed as for sale now, so will be interesting to see what happens to it. If I had a spare 65 million THB I would be tempted.


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