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Dating Thai boys (46) One-liners

Dating Thai boys (46) One-liners

A collection of one-liners regarding Thai boys and prostitution, with source where available.

If there is a will, there will be a fatal accident.
(Summarization of multiple deadly accidents shortly after the Thai boyfriend/girlfriend learnt that he/she is the beneficiary of the Farang’s will.)

If you want love in Thailand, rent it!
(Often quoted by gaybutton, original by Richard Burk.)

Lend money to a friend and you lose the money, the friend or both.

Original in German:
Wenn das Geld alle ist, ist auch die Liebe alle.
My translation:
When (the Farang’s) money runs out, 
(the Thai’s) love runs out as well.

A hard cock equals a soft heart and 
a soft cock equals a hard heart.
An old Thai saying according to an anonymous reader’s submission at https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers-submissions/2016/01/life-after-thailand/ However, none of my educated Thai friends knows it.

What’s the difference between a straight boy and a gay boy? 
5 beer or 500 Baht.

The 4 F in dealing with Thai money boys: 
find, fuck, feed and forget them.

How do you know a Thai money boy is lying to you? 
His lips are moving!

Prostitution is a job like any other. At least, it’s not dusty.
(My loyal reader vinapu). I compare prostitution to going to a restaurant or getting a haircut. You could do it yourself, but it’s nicer if you have someone else do it. Coincidentally, my mother goes to the hairdresser as often as I enjoy the company of money boys, and we spend about the same amount of money per encounter.

If you help a Thai boy when he has a problem, 
he will come to you every time he has a problem. 

When a Thai boy says “I want to take care of you”, it means he wants you to take care of him, his family and his village. (ChristianPFC)

When a Thai boy says “Yes”, it means he heard you, it does not necessarily mean he understood what you said or agrees with you. (ChristianPFC, but see the following)

Every answer other than an immediate and enthusiastic “Yes” is a “No”.
(Idea by Farang friend, wording by ChristianPFC, kind of contradictory to the previous)

If you go into a brothel, you will find hookers. 
(ChristianPFC on people who take boys out of gogo bars to become boyfriends.)

An empty stomach does not like to fuck.
Based on, from my time in the army:
Original in German: Ohne Mampf kein Kampf.
My translation: No food no fight.
Similar from my time in university:
Original in German: Ein leerer Bauch studiert nicht gern.
My translation: An empty stomach doesn’t like to study.

Finding a new sexual partner can be easier than meeting someone again.  
(ChristianPFC, after contacting over 5 boys on Line and not getting any of them come to my room, I just go to a sauna and hope I will find someone new.)

This boy is different. 

(character flaws of most Thai boys I meet) 
Stupid, lazy, greedy - pick any two. 

Copyright 2016 ChristianPFC


  1. For that brothel the usual female is:
    You can take the girl out of the bar, but not the bar (=the money-wish) out of the girl.
    But I have hardly ever heard that say for barboys though.

  2. You have one version of "gay for pay" but not the actual expression.

    1. So what's the actual expression?

      "This boys is different!"
      "I want sex in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. Unless when I'm horny, then more often."


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