Saturday, 24 December 2016

X-Size and X-Boys and update Dec 2016

X-Size and X-Boys Bangkok Nov/Dec 2016

Fri 25nov2016
Meet Reader J for dinner, then bar hopping and sauna hopping.

X-Size 22:07-23:34. Soft drinks 300 (negotiated between their official price of 400 and my suggestion of 250; off fee is 500, short time 1500). Over 20 boys in individual red underwear and closed shoes. I would have offed #11 or #22 if prices were reasonable, and would take #21 and #93 and boy without number (no tattoos, cross earring, remember him from previous visits) in big cock show for free. Two handsome waiters as well.

#11 is Lee whom I first met in Staxx Karaoke (Saphan Kwai) on Saturday 27.02.2016 and then chatted in Line many times without getting anywhere, until I finally realized that he must be an analphabet (didn't reply to my messages in Thai, only sent stickers that made no sense, or sent voice messages, until some day a friend read and wrote for him and suggested a threesome). He looks great on stage, but offing him when I have his Line would be admitting defeat, and I have to find a trick to get proof he is an analphabet without direct asking (for example some public toilets have no signs, only written Man/Woman in Thai, there he would have a 50% chance of getting in right). I had given up after endless chat leading nowhere in Feb/Mar/Apr2016, but now I want him (but not at those prices, make direct arrangement for 1000). He did not recognize me (brain capacity insufficient to store memory of my face?).

Show 22:30-21:11. The usual stuff, too much ladyboy singing and dancing and too little big cock. About 20 customers during show. Too long pauses between the acts, especially mopping up the water after soda show.

Music too loud, temperature and light ok. Smoking allowed. About 25 boys on stage when we leave.

Sat 3dec2016
Meet reader V for dinner, then X-Boys.

X-Boys 21:38-22:35. Drinks 400 Baht. About 30 boys in white shorts (not so much my style) and closed shoes. Coyote boys in individual underwear. Music too loud, temperature ok, light good. Show starts 22:15 with gaps between rotation and show and between acts of the show (inacceptable to leave your customers waiting for minutes with nothing on stage). Smoking allowed (boys and customers). Audience about 80% full during show. We leave after three acts (just to confirm that there is nudity and erections on display, but ). Some boys I would take for free, but wouldn’t pay an off fee for any of them (much better outcome than X-Size where I was left to ponder how I can get the cute boy directly at a reasonable price).

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  1. Merry Christmas Christian from reader V

  2. From recent experience-of coruse not a gox2, but msg-boy: comes ffrom Burma, cannot read Thai. Except for some of the obvious signs. Can read Burmese and write it too. Do not judge too quick, dear.
    Und ja, falls erwunscht; Frohe Weinachten im heissland dort und ein guter Rutsch in ein doch vielmals besseres Neujahr fuer dich. Und sehr viel Paeckchen unterm Baum am Heiligabend.

    1. I checked my notes (27feb2016): The boy is from Chiang Mai and has been living in Bangkok for more than 10 years with his family and studies and works here. Of course this could be lies (wouldn't be the first time) and then it makes sense. Even if he can read and write Burmese but not Thai, his intellectual capacity is inverse proportional to his awesome looks.

  3. Reader J just read this :-) Great night out with Christian, thank you! In particular Farose Sauna is one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. Not particularly because of boys or anything sex & sauna, but it is like fairytale castle in the middle of nowhere and seems like straight out of a Murakami novel gone gay cruising.. Strongly recommend the experience.


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