Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Aircraft used as decoration (5) Airplane Market near Nakorn Pathom

Aircraft used as decoration (5) Airplane Market near Nakorn Pathom

Name in Thai: ตลาดเครื่องบิน กม 5 นครปฐม
(Airplane Market at km 5 Nakorn Pathom)ตลาดเครื่องบิน-กม-5-1566760533616687/

13.848641, 100.020446 = 13°50'55.1"N 100°01'13.6"E
On hwy321 = Malaiman road ถนนมาลัยแมน at km 5
Wednesday and Saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm.

A bit too far from town to walk (5 km), but several bus (line 737, 8139, 402) and van (line 1704, 80, 996, 78, 737, 8139) pass. (Some numbers appear twice because there are bus and van in that line.)

Visit on Wed 2nov2016. Arrive 16:05. Around 17 still stalls being assembled, but already many customers. From 18 pm very busy, 18:30 rain, go home.

The original jet engines have been replaced by dummies:

The big passenger airplane is open. You can step onto the wings, fall out of the door, sit on pilot's seat:

Even a boat:

And dozens of old army trucks at the end of the market:

Now to the market itself. The usual stuff: clothes, shoes, belts, perfume, medicine, kitchen utensils, watches, pet animals, cosmetics, toys, new and used car parts and entertainment electronics, food. Only little old (collectible/antique) stuff.

Some food I haven't seen before or haven't seen for a long time. Live crickets that will be fried for sale and consumption:

Fried frogs:

Live shrimp for "dancing shrimp salad":

Luuk Chup dessert:

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  1. Very cool! Definitely a very Thai market :). Have you been to the abandoned airplane graveyard in Bangkok yet?

    1. Yes:

  2. There is lot of Airplane in this area. Thailad Airplane market, great place.

  3. A new one in Thonburi


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