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Phuket (Patong) 29nov2016

Phuket (Patong) 29nov2016

Summary: Food is overpriced (twice of what you would pay elsewhere), gogo bars reasonably priced and good offers, beach looks much nicer than in Pattaya and now has umbrellas coming back, but still no beach chairs. Many Russian and Chinese tourists. As a gay prostitution destination, I consider Phuket a good alternative to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai.

Tue 29nov2016
Trip to southern Thailand with a Farang friend FF leads us to one night in Phuket (Patong). FF meats a friend in a restaurant (nothing special by my standards), and after looking at the menu, I decide I have to draw the line at 80 Baht for a water and leave to find reasonably priced food elsewhere.

My quest leads me to the food court of  Banzaan Fresh Market. The fact that there are signs in Chinese, and lobster (in a food court!) and no prices displayed should have clued me in; only after seeing what’s left on my cash card I see that Khao Pad Gai (basic dish chicken fried with rice) was 120 Baht! (To be fair, it was a big serving, so let’s generously assume it would have cost 60 Baht elsewhere in Thailand in a similar place).

update 28jan2017: I'm not the only one who finds the food overpriced:

For the rest of this short stay, I would live on food from 7/11 (same price as elsewhere in Thailand). Afternoon walk through Paradise Complex, massage places open but no cute boys. One place 1 hour oil massage 300 Baht, elsewhere I get the same offer in spoken form, but printed price is 400 Baht.

Then to Patong Beach. Umbrellas are coming back, but still no beach chairs allowed, this is partially circumvented by making piles of sand to be used as beach chairs:

At night go to Paradise Complex. A first walk-around around 21:00 shows low numbers of boys and customers, and I wonder if I should rather go to bed, but stay on for research.

MO2 (in Thai โมทู, from that pronunciation mo-two) 21:22- Pineapple juice 160. One other customer. 6 boys in individual underwear and closed shoes on stages, and 5 more in white singlets and shorts sitting around and waiting for their turn to get on stage. Some real dancing on stage. One other customer. Mamasan tells me they have room for massage upstairs. 

I recognize one boy from Bangkok (had foot massage with him in preparation for more, but then he disappeared). Heavily tattooed and several mooks (from pictures and porn, I haven’t seen myself). Music, temperature, light ok, but rotation too slow. It took about one hour until I had seen all boys on stage. Ask mamasan for prices: off fee 500, short time 1500, long time 2000. I’m sure there is room for negotiation, I didn’t tell mamasan that I have spent a lot of time in Thailand, but as this is my first visit to Phuket bars I might have appeared to be a newbie.

Mamasan points to the stage and says all these boys can go with customer, whereas the others do not go. Seeing the surprise on my face, she adds it’s a joke, everyone can go. (Racist, anti-Semitic, jokes about gays, women, disabled people are fine with me, but jokes about boys not being offable are NOT FUNNY!)

They have only sofas, no couch, which is unsuitable to have someone sit next to you (I mean unsuitable for touching, there will be two armrests between you). When I leave 6 boys on stage and 12 sitting around and 4 customers. I would take 4 of their boys for free.

The Heavily tattooed boy appears in several amateur porn (pictures and video), and various others use his pictures on their profiles. Here a recent one from Line:

I can accept some tattoos, but the above is too much. But he has an awesome body, pic from just one or two years ago:

My Way 22:40-23:55. Pineapple juice 100 Baht (pay when order arrives). About 15 customers. When I arrive boys in white jeans on stage, then show 22:43-23:30. The usual ladyboy, singing, dancing stuff, plus a fire-eater and big cock at the end completely nude and walking through audience for a grope and a tip. At 100 Baht for non-alcoholic drink, this is by far the best value for money show in entire Thailand! Temperature and light ok, music too loud. There is a column in the middle of the room, blocks view to stage depending on where you sit.
Over 10 boys when I leave, quick rotation (between 1st and 2nd floor, going down on a chrome pole from second floor). 3 worth a second look, but wouldn’t take any of them for free. But I’m sure their boys would appeal to my readers.

My Way and Zap seem to share their boys, outside in white jeans shirtless, in bar in white trunks and closed shoes. I didn’t go into Zap.

Passport bar has all their boys clad in black (black jeans outside, black trunks on stage).

MO2, Zap, Passport have large windows, so you can partially see the boys on stage when walking past outside (whereas everywhere else – Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai – you might just be able to get a glimpse at the stage when the door is open). 

Walk back along beach and Bangla road (feels like a mixture of Khao San and Walking Street).

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  1. I don't like tattoos but did like the one that covered the boy's back. Would have loved to see all of it.


  2. Addendum: we got around by walking or by my friend's car, so can only guess what horrors you will encounter when using public transport or taxi/mocy.

  3. I have always enjoyed reading this blog for its wealth of information and more importantly, the precision and clarity in the way information is presented. Essential for me as a new resident of this amazing city. This morning, while updating myself on Christian's adventures in Phuket, the following gem of sentence absolutely made my day: "Racist, anti-Semitic, jokes about gays, women, disabled people are fine with me, but jokes about boys not being offable are NOT FUNNY!"

  4. Thank you! Finally made it over to your Blog from GayButton. Grateful for the detailed reports. Very helpful.


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