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Gay saunas in Bali August 2015

Gay saunas in Bali August 2015

There are currently two gay saunas in Bali (Young Generation and Elegantz (sic!)), both attached to a spa but separate entrance. They are located in Kerokoban area, Jalan Tangkoban Perahu, about 500m from each other. From gay bars area about 10 minutes and 25 kIDR drive north. All information in this post based on one visit and information from locals. 

Both have steam room, but no dry sauna. Both are worth visiting again. Both poor light. Both big towel of good quality. Young generation customers mainly in underwear, Elegantz mainly in towel.

Young Generation has been open for about 4 years, Elegantz for about 2 months (info from local).

Young Generation on Monday 10.08.2015

Entry 100 kIDR, stay 18:45-20:20. I actually arrived around 18:00 and went to reception of spa. Staff told me sauna isn’t busy yet and recommended I take a massage to spend the waiting time. But I’m waiting for a friend from hornet, so I walk around in the area. Then I find entrance of sauna is to the right of the entrance to spa, but somewhat hidden (behind the electricity pole with transformer). My friend is late, so I don’t wait for him any longer. Then finally meet in sauna and go to room, details separate.

Outside parking for mocy, bar and restaurant, reception.
Ground floor locker room (big lockers), steam room (can seat 15), Jacuzzi in operation but cold water, group shower, smoking corner (inside!). Locker area is lit, everywhere else poor light. 
Second floor rooms. The entire second floor has no lighting, only stray light through windows. Rooms are in complete darkness and cannot lock the door.

There were between 20 and 30 customers throughout my stay, one other White. Locker room was busy.Other customer told me it’s busy on Monday and Friday. Staff in Bali Joe told me Monday 5-8 pm is good time to go. Group activities on second floor.

Good level of cleanliness and maintenance, customer base ok, light very poor.

Elegantz Tuesday 11.08.2015

Entrance to sauna is to the right of the entrance of spa, less obvious (behind the bushes in picture). Staff at massage asked if I want massage or sauna and pointed me to sauna. Entry 30 kIDR (reduced because steam room not operating), stay 19:35-20:43. About 10-20 customers, up to 3 other Whites.

Ground floor reception, locker room, group shower, Jacuzzi.
Second floor outside smoking area and balcony running around the entire building, inside lounge (room with TV (turned off), sofas, table with magazines but couldn’t find light switch) and rooms. With stray light from outside it’s too dark, when you switch on the light it’s too bright. Group activity in darkness on second floor.

Good level of cleanliness and maintenance, customer base ok, light very poor.

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