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Wat Tham Pha Daen in Sakon Nakhon province

Wat Tham Pha Daen in Sakon Nakhon province
วัดถ้ำผาแด่น บ้านดงน้อย ต.ดงมะไฟ อ.เมือง จ.สกลนคร

Amazing stone carvings and oddly shaped trees and good view from hill.

17°01'50.6"N 104°04'19.1"E = 17.030711, 104.071973
22.5 km by road south of Sakon Nakhon city. 4.4 km by road west of hwy 2339, dead end with no public transport and little traffic (poor conditions for hitchhiking). 

Naga ((พญา)นาค mythological snake) left and 
Garuda (ครุฑ Krut mythological bird) right:

I didn't take picture of Buddha footprint carved in ground (there was water in it; see link at end of article for picture). Aerial picture gives better impression:


Ubosot is further up the mountain, was locked when I went and looks like most ubosots from outside.

More stone carvings (8 Buddha postures according to days of the week, with Wednesday divided in before noon and afternoon):

More oddly shaped tree trunks and roots and life trees outside:

and as pillars in new building (under construction):

Further reading:วัดถ้ำผาแด่น-สกลนคร/308055869326350 (in Thai) (in Italian) 

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