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Provinces I have visited

Provinces I have visited
Currently there are 77 provinces in Thailand. Newest province is Bueng Kan บึงกาฬ, split off from Nong Khai หนองคาย on 23 March 2011. There are plans to split Bua Yai บัวใหญ่ off Nakhon Ratchasima นครราชสีมา: 

Technically there are 76 provinces plus Bangkok: 

Thailand is a unitary state that is subdivided into 76 provinces (Thai: จังหวัด; RTGS: changwat) and one special administrative area representing the capital Bangkok.[1] The provinces are part of the provincial government, while Bangkok is part of the local government. 

but even Thai guidebooks and maps speak of 77 provinces.

I lost count how many times I have been to Thailand (and with passport stolen in 2013 there is no easy way to look it up) and how many provinces I have visited (only spending a night counts). Here a list of my travel to countries in South-East Asia and provinces in Thailand I visited. Ordinal numbers give provinces in chronological order, other entries provinces (except Chonburi/Pattaya, I've been many times) I visited before and other countries. 

When staying elsewhere than provincial capital, specified in brackets. One date means date of check in (and check out the following day), range of date means check in and check out (i.e. a range of 3 days means staying 2 nights).

1. Bangkok 25.08.-02.09.2009 (1st holiday)

Bangkok 13.-18.01.2010 (2nd holiday)
2. Chonburi (only Pattaya) 18.-21.01.2010
...Malaysia 21.-25.01.2010 Kuala Lumpur
Bangkok 25.-26.01.2010
Bangkok, Pattaya 24.06.-07.07.2010 (3rd holiday)
01.12.2010-22.02.2011 (4th holiday, study Thai language,  bkk pty samui)

3. Surat Thani (only Koh Samui) 15.-19.01.2011
...Lao 27.01.-03.02.2011 Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, ...Vientiane
28.07. – 14.08.2011 (5th holiday bkk pty cm)
4. Chiang Mai 10.-13.08.2011
20.12.2011-10.01.2012 (6th holiday bkk pty)

09.-29.09.2012 (7th holiday bkk pty Koh Sichang)
Chonburi Koh Sichang 15.-17.09.2012
22.11.-12.12.2012 (8th holiday bkk pty Lopburi)
5. Lopburi (only Chaibadan=Lamnarai) 26.-28.11.2012 (123Nikon – location of pictures) 

Thailand from 09.01.2013 (9th holiday, now staying permanently in Thailand with trips to Europe)
6. Bueng Gan (only Bueng Khong Long) 02.-05.02.2013
7. Chanthaburi 06.-09.06.2013
Thailand until 16.07.2013
...Austria Vienna and Germany in July (131/2Nikon)
Thailand from 31.07.2013
8. Chachoengsao 30.08.-01.09.2013 (133/4Nikon) 

Thailand until 31.01.2014
...Lao 31.01.-09.02.2014 Vientiane, Phonsavan, Luang Prabang
Thailand from 09.02.2014
9. Chiang Rai 09.-10.02.2014
10. Srisaket (only Kantararom) 23.-24.02.2014
Chanthaburi 02.-04.03.2014
...April Germany
11. Ang Thong 23.-25.05.2014
12. Buriram (only Nang Rong) 05.-07.06.2014
13. Roi Et 07.-09.06.2014
...Cambodia 30.06.-07.07.2014
...Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Poipet
14. Khon Kaen 31.07.-02.08.2014
Roi Et 02.-04.08.2014
15. Nakon Si Thammarat 22.-23.08.2014
16. Phuket 23.-25.08.2014
17. Ubon Ratchathani (town and Nam Yuen) 12.-16.09.2014
...Singapore 03.-07.10.2014
Chiang Mai 17.-21.10.2014
18. Kanchanaburi 31.10.-03.11.2014
Srisaket town 21.-23.11.2014
Buriram 23.-24.11.2014
Lopburi town 29.11.-01.12.2014
19. Phichit 24.-27.12.2014

20. Songkhla (only Hat Yai) 03.-04.01.2015
...Malaysia Penang 04.-07.01.2015
Songkhla (only Hat Yai) 07.01.2015-08.01.2015
21. Udon Thani (town and Kumpawapi) 23.-26.01.2015
Kanchanaburi and Sangkhlaburi 04.-07.02.2015
Surat Thani (Khao Sok and town) 18.-20.02.2015
Khon Kaen 14.-16.03.2015
22. Chaiyaphum 16.-17.03.2015
23. Nakon Sawan 27.-29.03.2015
...April Germany
Chiang Mai 15.-18.05.2015

24. Phrae 18.-19.05.2015
25. Suphanburi 28.-29.05.2015
26. Ratburi (only Ban Pong) 29.-30.05.2015
27. Nakon Nayok 24.-26.06.2015
28. Sakaew 26.-27.06.2015
29. Sakon Nakhon 15.-18.07.2015
Lopburi (only Chaibadan=Lamnarai) 22.-24.07.2015
(to be updated regularly below)
...Indonesia Jakarta, Banyuwangi, Bali 05.08.-13.08.2015
Buriram (only Nong Ki) 02.-03.09.2015
30. Surin 03.-04.09.2015 
...Germany 22.09.-07.10.2015, 4d5n in Munich 
31. Prachuap Khiri Khan (only Hua Hin) 13.-16.10.2015
Sakon Nakhon 23.-27.10.2015
32. Nong Khai 27.-28.10.2015 
Nakon Nayok 13.-14.11.2015
33. Trang (Kantang and Trang town) 19.-23.11.2015  
34. Mukdahan 22.-23.12.2015
Sakon Nakon 23.-26.12.2015  

...Cambodia Phnom Penh 03.-05.01.2016
...Vietnam Saigon - Vung Tau - Saigon - Hanoi 05.-13.01.2016 
35. Narathiwat 28.-31.01.2016 (Sukhirin, Tak Bai, Narathiwat) 
36. Pattani 31.01.-01.02.2016 
Nakon Sawan 09.-11.02.2016
37. Sukhothai (only Sawan Khalok) 11.-12.02.2016
Phrae 12.-13.02.2016 
Sakon Nakon 02.-04.03.2016
Srisaket 04.-05.03.2016
Ubon Ratchathani 05.-06.03.2016
...Vietnam Saigon 08.-14.03.2016
Chonburi Koh Si Chang 19.-20.03.2016
38. Uthai Thani 04.-06.04.2016      
Kanchanaburi 13.04.2016 
Prachuap Khiri Khan (only Hua Hin) 19.-21.04.2016 
Khon Kaen 02.-03.05.2016
Bueng Kan 03.-04.05.2016
Sakon Nakon 04.-05.05.2016
Buriram 05.-06.05.2016
...Germany 10.05.-11.07.2016
Kanchanaburi 20.-21.07.2016
Ratchaburi 21.-22.07.2016
Nakon Sawan (only Chum Saeng) 27.-28.07.2016
Chaiyaphum 28.-29.07.2016
Khon Kaen 29.-30.07.2016
Buriram 30.-31.07.2016
Ubon Ratchathani 31.07.-02.08.2016
...Cambodia 09.-11.08.2016      
39. Trat 11.-12.08.2016
40. Rayong 12.-13.08.2016
Phrae 21.-22.08.2016
Chiang Rai 22.-23.08.2016
Chiang Mai 23.-25.08.2016
Nakon Sawan 25.-26.08.2016

...Germany 8.9.-19.10.2016
41. Nakon Pathom 2.-3.11.2016 
42. Chumphon 27.-28.11.2016
Surat Thani (Khirirat Nikom) 28.-29.11.2016
Phuket (Patong) 29.-30.11.2016
Surat Thani (town) 30.11.-1.12.2016
Prachuap Khiri Khan (town) 1.-2.12.2016   
...Taiwan (Taipei) 16-20dec2016
43. Tak (only Mae Sot, Umphang, Nu Po) 26-29dec2016
Prachuap Khiri Kan (town and Hua Hin) 31dec2016-2jan2017 

Khon Kaen 22jan2017
Udon Thani 23-24jan2017
Bueng Gan 25jan2017
44. Nakon Ratchasima 26jan2017 
...Germany 17feb-7mar2017 
Chachoengsao 18-19mar2017
Chonburi (Koh Si Chang) 19-20mar2017
Phrae 26-28mar2017
Chiang Mai 28-30mar2017
Tak 30-31mar2017  
Kanchanaburi 13-15apr2017
Suphanburi (U-Tong, visit Ball in Phanom Thuan) 25-26apr2017
...Taiwan (Taipei) 4-11may2017
Kanchanaburi 19-20may2017 
Trat 4-5jun2017 (Khlong Yai)
...Cambodia 5-9jun2017 (PPenh, SReap, Koh Kong town) 
Lopburi 27-29jun2017
45. Singhburi 29-30jun2017
Chaiyaphum 7-10jul2017 
Tak (Mae Sot) 5-7aug2017 
...Myanmar 7-14aug2017 (Pa-An, Kyaitko, Yangon) 
Songkhla (Dan Nok, Hat Yai) 1-5sep2017
46. Phatthalung 5sep2017

Suphanburi 26-27sep2017 
Phrae 1oct2017
47. Phayao 2oct2017
Chiang Rai 3oct2017
Phayao 4-6oct2017
Nakon Sawan 6oct2017 
...Germany 14oct-3nov2017 
Nakon Sawan 7-9nov2017
48. Samut Prakan 21-22nov2017 
Nakon Ratchasima 26-28nov2017 
Chumpon 3-4dec2017
Pattalung 4-5dec2017
49. Krabi 5-8dec2017
Chumpon 8-9dec2017 
...Myanmar 20-29dec2017 (Yangon, Moulmein, Dawei)
Kanachanaburi 29-30dec2017
Prachuap Khiri Khan 30-31dec2017 (Hua Hin)
Prachuap Khiri Khan 31dec-1jan (Prachuap Khiri Khan town) 

Prachuap Khiri Khan 1-2jan2018 (Hua Hin) 
Chumpon (Lang Suan) 24-25jan2018
Prachuap Khiri Khan 25-27jan2018 (Hua Hin)  
Phrae 4-5feb2018
Phayao 5-7feb2018
Chiang Mai 7-9feb2018  
50. Samut Sakon 14-15feb2018
Samut Sakon 21-22feb2018 
...Taiwan (Taipei) 26feb-26may2018 
51. Pathum Thani 29-30may2018 (Rangsit) 
Chanthaburi 2-4jun2018 
Samut Sakon 7-8jun2018 
52. Ayutthaya 10-12jun2018
Chumphon (Lang Suan) 14jun2018
Prachuap Khiri Khan 15jun2018
Nakon Sawan 21jun2018
...Germany 26jun- 

At 10 to 15 new provinces per year (probably declining with advancing coverage as I will go to provinces I have been to again), it will take about 5 more years of living in Thailand, or the rest of my life of coming to Thailand for holiday to visit all provinces.

You might wonder who cares how many provinces I visited. 
I don't know, I made this list for myself to keep track and might as well share it.

One Farang friend has been to all provinces except the three southern with civil unrest (Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat). A Thai friend warned me not to go there. Do you think that will deter me? On the contrary, it's a challenge! If they sell me a ticket at Hua Lampong, I will go by train. If not, I will go by bus from Hat Yai. If not, I will walk and hitchhike! (Update: Narathiwat and Pattani by train and bus without problems in January 2016.)

(Thonburi joined with Bangkok, used to be separate province.)

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  1. depends on what U call ''have visited''. I have-that means at least travelled across-but Bg Khan before it weas split off.
    Yes, you can just buy tix to points beyond HYai from any SRT station-but not all 3 provinces there have trains. I went through (had been there before) at the year when the floods hit TH-nov '11? Heavy military presence on all stations and riding on trains-with open rifles/guns. And very nice locals wanting to talk. This to go to MY/Kota bahru. The point is more-fairly high chance of being at the wrong place at the wrong time-bombs exploding on a daily basis.

  2. I like your system of counting place as visited only if night was spend there. I use this for myself too.
    Sometimes it leads to funny stares if I say that I never was in France and at the same sentence I boast about climbing Eiffel Tower or being able to contemplate Mona Lisa for 10 minutes without any crowds.


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