Sunday, 30 August 2015

Muse Pass 2015

Muse Pass 2015

I wrote about Muse Pass (2014 edition) before: 

and now there is a new edition, extended from 20 venues to 32 venues, some outside Bangkok, free flyer (in Thai):

Muse pass on the left (top: outside, bottom: inside area for sticker for each museum), on the right discount coupons:

Can be purchased until 31.10.2015, valid until 31.12.2015, price 199 Baht. This post is quite late for my readers to take advantage this year, but I hope there will be another one next year.

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  1. Muse pass 2016 is out. On sale 199 Baht now until 30 Sep 2016, valid 1 year from date of purchase (available in most participating venues). Number of venues increased to 40 (Sirirat medical museum is gone, Siam House of Bizarre Creatures is gone, Anti-Corruption Museum is new).


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