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Museums in Bangkok

Museums in Bangkok

I didn't expect there to be 100 museums in Bangkok and 
vicinity, but there is a book that claims so:

100 Museum in Bangkok and its vicinity: 

The whole world within reach 
Plan readers publisher First edition 2004, 
295 Baht, 160 pages, ISBN 974-91909-8-X 

In English, I have seen Thai language edition as well.
A quality publication, worth every Baht, even though there are only 97 museums in the book. I know several more, some might be younger than the book

Museum Siam

Buddha Dharma Relics Museum 
พิพิธภัณฑ์ พุทธธรรม พระบรมสารีริกธาตุ

Siam Fighting Fish Gallery พิพิธภัณฑ์ปลากัดไทย
in Bang Krachao (Samut Prakan)

Batcat Museum in Ramkhamhaeng / Srinakarin

The Owl Art Museum, Nakhon Chaisi, Nakhonpathom  

Wood carvings museum, Nakhon Pathom

Buddha image museum in King Power complex 

Prasat Museum พิพิธภัณฑ์ปราสาท in Bang Kapi 

The Museum of Bua Roi Temple Bang Sao Thong (Travel @ Samutprakan Vol.2 / No.4 / June 2015)

The Museum of Floral Culture

There used to be a museum at 22 July traffic circle in Chinatown (signs พิพิธภัณฑ์ and MUSEUM still on the building, but has been closed for a long time).

Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum (Phahonyothin road, Bangkok University, Pathum Thani)

District Museum Yannawa 

Klong Lad Po Museum Samut Prakan 

Thai Wadee House Museum บ้านพิพิธภัณฑ์ไทยวดี 
Bangbo district, Samut Prakan province
(Travel @Samutprakan Aug 2015 p 82-89)

see here as well:

TAT has a flyer "Must visit Museums of Bangkok" (10 musuems, with map. has entries for several district museums in Bangkok.

This forum (in Thai) discusses some of the entries in the book with pictures and links:

There are some typos in the book:
p3 Phyathai Palace
p11 Prince of Nakhon Svarage -> Nakhon Sawan
p20 Dr. Karl Siegfried Dohring -> Döhring
p59 coup d'tat -> coup d'état
p60 (Museum of counterfeit goods moved to Rama 3 road)
p123 17-storeyed building...from the base to the top is 50 m
        -> 29 m + 15 m pedestal according to
p141 "Jarlet, King Rama VI's favorite." ("dog" is missing)
p144 which took three year to make -> years
p152 brining
p154 Eravan -> Erawan
p155 The national Museum -> National
p156 Paribarta -> Paribatra

For visiting, keep in mind that some museums are open only on weekdays, others only on weekends. Closing time is 4pm in many cases, which is pretty early by my standards. 

Update April 2016:
drove past on Western Ring Road, looks interesting from main road: Sriyantra Gods Museum
พิพิธภัณฑ์เทพศรียันตรา 1 (สาขากาญจนาภิเษก)
total 8 branches over Bangkok and nearby provinces 

Court Museum of Thailand and Archives
Ratchada road, north of crossroads with Ladprao, on western side

MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art
(interesting architecture as well, will soon be partially covered by skytrain station in front of it) 

Ratchaprasong Cultural Centre, the Museum of Cultures in Bangkok, located at the 3rd floor of Amarin Plaza  

Golden Teak Museum in Wat Thewarat (Mysterious Bangkok Vol. 1 p. 247) 

Rare Stone Museum moved from Silom to Pathum Thani in 2008  but sign on street still there (Mysterious Bangkok Vol. 1 p. 251)

Royal Military Museum primarily about war medicine 
(Mysterious Bangkok Vol. 1 p. 270) near Phaya Thai Palace

gold shop Tang Ko Kang small private museum
(Mysterious Bangkok Vol. 1 p. 271)

Geological Resource Museum (Minerals and Rocks Museum) 
wrong address and opening times, better look here: 
8.30 A.M.-  4.30 P.M. On Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Monday 

update 23dec2016: 

update 5jan2017: 

Tooney Toy Museum 
(near Don Muang, Prachachuen - Pak Kret road) 

update 15mar2017:
Bodindecha Museum 
(Ramkhamhaeng 43/1, 3 traditional Thai wooden houses)

Siam House of Bizarre Creatures (see article in my blog) 

Hua Lampong railway museum (see article in my blog)

Rock and Mineral Museum, Department of Mineral Resources
(Rama 6 road, Phaya Thai) 

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  1. For a moment I thought you would describe all those 100 (or more) museums in true ChistianPFC fashion.

  2. I'd be happy if somebody intiated gay go-go bars museum with scenes from K-Why, Twilight, Solid, Zeus and all other long or no so long gone places.

  3. The now gone massageshop AQUA had subscriptions to about any/all of those Thai gay mags from the very start-they had a table full of them-many looking distinctly old+battered (it was also a sauna long ago-stuff for clients to peruse), maybe in total nearly 1 cubic metre. This could have been a veritable start for khun vinapu's suggestion.

    1. I confirm, you are not exaggerating, it was massive collection.

      Thank you for bringing memories of the place, possibly best in BKK in it's heyday. In early 2000 's they used to have two mamasans on weekend to handle traffic.

      Then it went slowly down . I was one of their last clients in Nov 2013 and place seemed like abandoned railway station then, closed shortly after.


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