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Pattaya August 2015

Pattaya August 2015

General note: All boys I met spoke good English. Apart from Boys Boys Boys and Eros, everything quiet, but still good choice of boys. I changed from drinking fruit juice to hot tea. When I go to several bars, I am full after two fruit juice, but I can drink many cups of tea.

To celebrate exchange rate of over 38 THB per EUR, to relax after trip to Indonesia, and because I haven’t been since June, trip to Pattaya.

Thursday 20.08.2015
Bus and van from Bangkok to Pattaya. Check into Marina Inn, 500 Baht per night (in June it was 600 Baht per night, is it possible that staff pockets the difference when the owner is not around?).

Nice Boys 20:03-42. An old acquaintance is outside Nice Boys, so I follow his invitation. Pineapple juice 150 Baht. No other customer, 15 boys in white shorts, from bare feet to closed shoes. Hard dick on display. Cute boys are number 3, 5 (James, the one who lured me in and whom I met two or three times before, see June report), 34 (looks like one parent is from Africa, great body and brown skin, but looks bored and unhappy), 35. Number of boys and customers increase during my stay. Tip 3 and 5 100 Baht each and leave.

Boys Boys Boys. By chance, pass the line-up of boys in the soi 21:05. Looks interesting. Underwear sale on terrace (100 Baht, styles like in Silom, boys rummage in bag from street vendor).

Funny Boys 21:08-42. Hot tea 160 Baht. No other customer, 12 boys in individual underwear and bare feet. Drink menu has Chinese language; complimentary peanuts. Boys are coming and going, dress in boxers before going out of the bar. Most of the boxers are hideous. I would take 23 and 33 for free. Some other customers when I leave.

Walk along Beach Road. General observation from both nights and different times: more boys (up to 10) and cuter than ever before.

BoysBoysBoys 22:18-23:58. Hot tea 250 Baht. Bar is quite full, have to point to a free good seat and ask if I can sit there, otherwise staff would lead me to a peripheral seat. There must be over 50 boys working, on stage and coyote dancing on small stages among the audience. Individual underwear and bare feet. Boys muscular/manly (some fat), no fem and no twinks. Some customers throw ping-pong balls at boys. Plenty of Asian customers and several women.

Show is 22:43-23:58. Variations of big cock (then roaming audience for tips), B-Boys (then roaming audience for tips), candle show, shower show, playing drum with hard dick. Announcement that midnight show will be different. The bar was packed for the show, estimated 90% occupancy.

Highly recommended: big cock from wall to wall and not a single ladyboy, cabaret or lipsync in sight! (You can get that at Café Royal, Copa or Castro.)

Enquire about prices: off fee 400, short time 1500, room upstairs 500 (in addition to off fee).

I would off 12, 23 or 80 if it were in another bar, but here there is no place to have a boy sit next to me for chat and I will not pay 1500 for st in Pattaya. When staff ask me upon leaving if I want a boy, I tell them so and there seems to room for negotiation (i.e. 1000 is acceptable for short time, they just want to push up the rate).

It has been a long time that I went into a bar and thought “wow!” when I looked at the choice, and bodies of 23 and 80 can only be described as awesome. I will be back!

To beach road. Boy (Army from Chachoengsao, 19 y.o.) I spotted before is still there, ask him to come with me. Cute face and great smile. Back in my room, I can see he is a bit too fat and hairy for my taste, and skin is too cold (I noticed before when I put my hand on his shoulder to check neck). But good kissing and great nipple play and gets hard. But then he falls asleep during hugging, so I sleep as well (1:45 am) and postpone sexual activities.

Friday 21.08.2015
We wake up around 7:30. After sleeping together (in the original sense), our bodies, mattress and duvet have reached thermal equilibrium, but he is still too cold. He has to go back to his room, I give him 500 Baht (we didn't have sex, only foreplay) and say goodbye and go back to sleep (7:50 am). Would recommend to friends, but will not take him again.

Message a boy I found on gayromeo. Efficient communication. At 50 kg and 180 cm he can best be described as stick insect. Spend an hour in my room and tip 1000 Baht. Will see him again some time (I said this many times before, but then the lure of gogo bars is greater than meeting boys I know already again). There are four boys James I have met since 2013 (from Ratchaburi, Buriram, Kanchananburi, and now Sri Saket) and all are worth meeting again.

Spend afternoon in Tuk-Com. Count gay massages around Tuk-Com: Royal House, Relax @ Me, Relax @ Me 1, Somjit, Sitalanna (has girls as well), Blue House, Enjoy Massage, ICE Massage.

There are two cute boys at ICE Massage, take one hour oil massage with one of them. Lovely legs (when I walk up the stairs behind him). Massage is soft and slow (read between the lines: he has no training for massage and is just rubbing oil on my body), but erotic part is better. Tip him 1000 Baht and exchange Line (next time get in my room, so we can skip the useless massage part).

Sunny Boys. Walk past 20:10 and spot about 10 boys outside, none of them my type. Anyway:

A boy who is sitting outside a gogo bar fully dressed is not inside on stage in underwear!

Power Boys. 20:15 Have a look inside, there 4 boys on stage and 2 sitting with customer, come back later (hope there will be more boys).

Eros. 20:20 – 21:53. I am the first customer, there are no boys on stage, not even music on. But you have to start somewhere, and being in before boys get on stage allows me to watch them changing (my locker room fetish!). Most of their theme days are not my style, so today: they wear something that resembles a kilt.

Why do Scotsmen wear kilts? 
Because a sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away!

They have some new boys, a cute one (Art from Chachoengsao, several tattoos, has been working for 5 months) sits next to me uninvited (I like this, I can chat and touch but I don’t have to buy a drink and tip because I didn’t invite him) and interaction is promising, might take him another time. Later another cute boy (Ton from Ubon, has been working for 4 months, didn’t spot tattoos) sits on my other side, here interaction positive as well. Might take him another time. Tip Art 200 and Ton 100.

Conclusion: Eros is reasonably busy and good choice of boys (many who have been there for years, but some new as well).

Power Boys 22:00-26. Hot tea 170 Baht. 8 Boys in individual underwear (trunks) and 2 customers. No rotation on stage. There is a cute boy number 3 whom I remember from before. His interaction with a customer looks promising.

Conclusion: that was a poor night at Power Boys.

Wild West Boys. Pass 22:55 and spot cute boy outside. Have a look inside: boys from outside rush onto stage: 4 boys in jeans. Tell doorman that I will not pay 250 Baht for a drink to watch 4 boys in jeans, when I can see boys in underwear elsewhere.

Dream Boys 22:58-23:38. Hot tea 170 Baht. 7 boys in individual underwear and bare feet and 3 boys in jeans and closed shoes, 5 customers. I would take some boys for free.

Kawaii Boys 23:48-00:33. Hot tea 150 Baht. 8 boys in individual underwear and no other customer. Number 15 and especially 26 are cute. I don’t like 26’s navel piercing, but that can be removed. I had a boy number 3 earlier this year, now number 3 has been assigned to another boy (I have never seen such big balls, judging by the bulge in his underwear), but 15 looks like the boy I had before, but I’m not sure. Leave alone, but might come back for 26. (Update: message the boy 3 I had earlier this year, he is in his home province.)

I’m happy with rooms in Marina Inn, but this trip I had an ant problem. When I showered first night, I noticed ant on my body. The ant bites were a bit above level or perception. Thinking about it the following day, I realized they must come from ceiling or shower. On second day I checked: shower head covered with ants. Wash off all ants, then turn on shower. There were ants inside the shower head who come out now, finally shower with water without ants. Tell owner about the ants when I leave.

Pattayaland Sois got new surface (asphalt), before there were many potholes. Beach road promenade still large holes in the pavement (sand washed out).

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  1. another great report, thank you for the hot tea tip, I agree , much better than useless soft drinks but still bit worse than Singha or Chang

  2. ChristianPFC, why do you never go or report about the A-bomb gogo bar in Pattaya ? When I was there, but this is now 2 years ago, there where cute and handsame boys there.

    1. I haven't been to A-Bomb for a long time. Last visit here: low number of boys on stage.


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