Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dating Thai boys (33) Boyfriend candidate 3 (2015)

Boyfriend candidate 3 (2015)

An interesting encounter. A free boy in Pattaya (don’t get that often, anyway I don’t go to Pattaya to meet boys for free) who knows what he wants: “I come, I fuck you, I go”. (Should get this translated into Latin and put on my name card.) And how he fucks! An expert! The only problem is I’m not so much a bottom, and after some minutes I feel like having to pee (with other boys as well).

Good English and speaks German as well, not bad!

Some of his messages are empty (nothing, just a white field). I don’t know how and why he does this, addressed this in the course of our conversation and sent a screenshot, he doesn’t know either. My guess is he wants to make sure I read the message and get instant confirmation, details here:

I almost took him with me on trip to Nakhon Nayok and Sakaew (unique chance, the week before he starts work), would have paid for everything. However that would entail him going from Pattaya to Nakhon Nayok (because I will not pick him up from Pattaya and I will not pay for him to come to Bangkok, both cases a detour) on the same day I go from Bangkok to Nakhon Nayok. And that’s where it failed: Thai boys cannot grasp that two people can travel on different ways and finally meet somewhere. (I will elaborate another time.) Hence this unique chance was missed after lengthy discussion.

Another chance to meet in Sri Ratcha missed as well. He can’t be that much into me if he can’t get on a bus from Pattaya to Sri Ratcha to meet me.

I go to see him in Pattaya Monday 06.07.2015.

He comes to Bangkok Monday 13.07.2015 and wants to stay with me over night after spending day with friends. Breakdown of communication, so I spend the full day in my room waiting for a sign of life from him. Should have gotten his phone number (have only Line). Days later reply: he returned to Pattaya the same day.

Will surely meet again some day, either Bangkok or Pattaya. “Start work next week” doesn’t sound realistic, I guess he has a Farang boyfriend who sends money from abroad. (Compare Z - details in 3 days - where "I start work next week" turned out to be a lie.)

Initial contact on hornet, then move to Line. Comments and translations in brackets. BFC3PTY = Boyfriend candidate 3 (2015) Pattaya.

10:19    BFC3PTY    Hi
10:19    BFC3PTY    Hope we can meet soon
10:20    Christian    Hello (name). Yes I hope too, but cannot promise. What do you work?
10:21    BFC3PTY    Now I study English
10:21    BFC3PTY    I finish study on number 17 this month
10:21    BFC3PTY    You stay alone here
10:21    BFC3PTY    Or you have a BF ?
10:24    Christian    Single, but with farang friend now.
10:24    Christian    What do you do after 17?
10:24    BFC3PTY    I not sure yet
10:24    BFC3PTY    You ?
10:32    Christian    Will be back in Bangkok tomorrow, have room in Bangkok
10:36    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:36    BFC3PTY    When we can meet here for sex
10:36    BFC3PTY    I want sex with you
10:37    Christian    I go sightseeing with friend now.
10:37    Christian    Maybe tonight
10:40    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:41    BFC3PTY    Let meet soon dear
15:04    Christian    I will be back in one hour.
15:09    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:09    Christian    See you soon
15:54    Christian    Back in my room
(message not read)
16:08    Christian    Do you want to meet now?
(message not read)
17:23    Christian    Can't wait any longer, go for dinner
(message not read)
17:39    BFC3PTY    You go for dinner now ?
17:57    BFC3PTY    Dear
17:57    BFC3PTY    ???
17:57    BFC3PTY    Sorry
17:57    Christian    Yes, just at restaurant
17:57    BFC3PTY    Where ?
17:58    BFC3PTY    I want come to see you in your room
17:59    Christian    Casa Fellini near boys town
17:59    Christian    Free after dinner
18:00    Christian    Where are you now?
18:00    BFC3PTY    After dinner we can meet in your room ?
18:00    BFC3PTY    My room now
18:00    Christian    Yes
18:00    BFC3PTY    I can come to your room later
18:00    Christian    Where is your room?
18:00    BFC3PTY    (location)
18:01    BFC3PTY    I have motorbike I can come to your room
18:01    BFC3PTY    I want fuck you
18:01    Christian    I'm free 7 to 8.
(because after 8, I want to go to gogo bars)
18:03    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:03    BFC3PTY    Your ass have hair ?
18:03    Christian    Little bit
18:03    BFC3PTY    In side hole have hair ?
18:04    Christian    Only around, I think.
18:04    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:04    BFC3PTY    What you like in sex ?
18:04    Christian    Hugging and cuddling
18:05    BFC3PTY    Can you sick me
18:05    BFC3PTY    Suck
18:05    Christian    Nipple play
18:05    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:05    BFC3PTY    I love to fuck
18:25    BFC3PTY    So
18:25    Christian    Yes.back in 20 min.
18:26    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:26    BFC3PTY    I waiting
18:26    BFC3PTY    Pls.... Clean your ass very good
18:26    BFC3PTY    I like clean ass
18:26    Christian    OK.
18:26    BFC3PTY    Just sex and when finish sex that I go
18:27    Christian    No talk?
18:27    BFC3PTY    Can talk little
18:29    BFC3PTY    I waiting
18:40    Christian    5min
18:44    Christian    Marina Inn plaza now
18:48    BFC3PTY    Room number ?
18:48    Christian    A5
18:53    BFC3PTY    Floor ?
18:53    Christian    2
18:53    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:53    BFC3PTY    I go now ok
18:53    Christian    OK.
18:53    BFC3PTY    Clean your ass for me
18:54    BFC3PTY    I come fuck you and I go
18:54    BFC3PTY    Ok ?
18:54    BFC3PTY    ??
18:54    Christian    OK shover now
18:54    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:54    BFC3PTY    See you
18:54    BFC3PTY    I be there very soon

9:01    BFC3PTY    Hi good morning
9:01    BFC3PTY    How are you ??
9:42    Christian    Fine. Go to Bangkok now.
9:44    BFC3PTY    Ok
9:44    BFC3PTY    Hope we can meet again next time
10:01    Christian    Yes

15:51    BFC3PTY    Hi
15:51    BFC3PTY    How you doing ?
15:52    Christian    I'm fine. And you?
15:52    Christian    In Bangkok now.
15:52    BFC3PTY    Mir geht es gut (I’m fine)
15:53    BFC3PTY    Was machst du ? (What are you doing?)
15:53    Christian    Ich esse (I’m eating)
15:54    BFC3PTY    A so (I see)
15:54    BFC3PTY    Wann du kommst nach Pattaya ? (When will go to Pattaya again?)
15:55    Christian    Weiss ich noch nicht (I don’t know yet)
15:56    BFC3PTY    Warum? (Why?)
15:57    Christian    Ich reise in ganz Thailand. (I travel all over Thailand)
15:58    BFC3PTY    Ich muss dir sehen (I want to see you again)
15:59    BFC3PTY    Du bist sehr schön und sexy (You are very handsome and sexy)
15:59    BFC3PTY    Und dein Popper sehr schön (And you have a nice ass)
16:00    Christian    Danke. Du auch. Du,kannst mich ja in bangkok besuchen. (Thanks, you too. You can come to see me in Bangkok.)
16:01    BFC3PTY    Ich habe kein Geld jetzt. Ich muss arbeiten (I don’t have money. I have to work)
16:01    Christian    Was arbeitest du? (What is your job?)
16:02    BFC3PTY    Ich noch nicht (I’m not working now)
16:02    BFC3PTY    I looking now for work just finish study
16:02    BFC3PTY    😀 (empty message)
16:03    BFC3PTY    Ich schreibe Deutsch nicht so gut (My German isn’t good)

13:39    BFC3PTY    Hello
13:39    Christian    Hello
13:39    BFC3PTY    Wie geht es dir ? (How are you?)
13:40    Christian    Mir geht es gut, danke. Und wie geht es dir? (I’m fine, thanks. And you?)
13:41    BFC3PTY    Mir geht es gut . Danke (I’m fine, thanks)
13:41    BFC3PTY    Was machst du jetzt? (What are you doing now?)
13:41    BFC3PTY    Uns wo bist du ? (And where are you now?)
13:41    Christian    Ich bin zuhause, lese im internet. (I’m home, play internet)
13:42    BFC3PTY    Ok
13:42    BFC3PTY    Bist du in Bangkok ? (Are you in Bangkok?)
13:42    Christian    Ja. Und was machst du? (Yes. And what are you doing?)
13:43    BFC3PTY    Ich bin meine Zimmer jetzt (I’m in my room)
13:44    BFC3PTY    Später  Ich gehe zum Volleyball spielen (I will go play volley ball later)
13:45    BFC3PTY    Bist du im Bangkok ? (Are you in Bangkok?)
13:45    Christian    Ja (Yes)
13:46    BFC3PTY    Kommst du nach Pattaya? (When will you come to Pattaya?)
13:46    Christian    Vielleicht nächsten monat. (Maybe next month)
13:46    BFC3PTY    Ich möchte dir sehen (I want to see you)
13:47    BFC3PTY    Nächsten Monat du kommst nach Pattaya? (Next month you come to Pattaya?)
13:47    Christian    Ich weiß noch nicht. (I’m not sure yet)
13:48    BFC3PTY    󾌹
13:48    BFC3PTY    Ich mag dir (I like you)
13:48    BFC3PTY    Du bist sehr schön (You are handsome)
13:50    Christian    Ich mag dich auch.(I like you too)
13:52    BFC3PTY    Kommen (Come)
20:24    BFC3PTY    You in Pattaya now ??
20:25    BFC3PTY    󾌬󾌬󾌬
20:58    BFC3PTY    Will be nice to see you again
21:32    BFC3PTY    You ok ?
21:33    BFC3PTY    Why you not talk dear
21:33    Christian    I'm fine. Eat dinner.
21:33    BFC3PTY    Ok
21:33    BFC3PTY    What you doing tonight
21:33    BFC3PTY    Maybe can I see you ?
21:34    Christian    Video can when I'm back in my room.
21:34    BFC3PTY    Where you stay ?
21:35    Christian    Sathorn
21:35    BFC3PTY    Where ?
21:36    BFC3PTY    ?))
21:36    Christian    Busy now
21:36    BFC3PTY    I was think now you in Pattaya
21:39    BFC3PTY    ?
21:40    Christian    Not
21:41    BFC3PTY    I see you in hornet you online in Pattaya
21:56    Christian    My phone doesn't update location immediately, I have to use GPS first here in Bangkok.
22:54    Christian    [Location]
22:59    BFC3PTY    󾌬
(General problem: when I go to a new place, hornet uses location of previous place. I have to get GPS or location from WiFi on google maps a few times before hornet accepts new location.)

18:23    Christian    Hello, did you find a job?
18:54    BFC3PTY     Yes
18:54    BFC3PTY    I work on number 1
18:54    Christian    What job?
19:27    BFC3PTY    Hotel
19:27    BFC3PTY    Where are you ?
19:28    Christian    Bangkok. Go for holiday in nakon nayok and sakaew tomorrow until weekend. Do you want to join?
19:28    BFC3PTY    Where ?
19:30    Christian    นครนายก สระแก้ว อช.ปางสีดา (Nakhon Nayok Sakaew Pang Sida NP)
19:30    Christian    Meet there
19:30    BFC3PTY    ??
19:30    BFC3PTY    You go alone
19:33    BFC3PTY    ??
19:33    Christian    Yes, but you can join if you want.
19:36    BFC3PTY    I not have much money and I waiting for my job dear
19:36    BFC3PTY    I want to go 󾌴
21:26    Christian    I can pay for everything
21:27    BFC3PTY    When you go ?
21:27    Christian    Tomorrow van to nakon nayok
21:27    BFC3PTY    Where we can meet
21:27    BFC3PTY    ?
21:28    Christian    In nakon nayok
21:28    Christian    Or sakaew
21:28    BFC3PTY    I not know
21:28    BFC3PTY    Sakaew
21:29    BFC3PTY    Calling Time 0:39
21:29    BFC3PTY    Ok
21:29    Christian    สระแก้ว (Sakaew)
21:29    BFC3PTY    Call later
22:02    BFC3PTY    Message when you can
22:03    Christian    In bus now, back home about 23:30
22:03    BFC3PTY    Ok
22:03    BFC3PTY    I want to see you
23:37    Christian    Home now.

3:48    BFC3PTY    I was sleep
6:11    BFC3PTY    Good morning to you sexy
9:40    Christian    Good morning
9:40    BFC3PTY    Gute Morgen (Good morning)
9:41    BFC3PTY    Hast du gut geschlafen? (Did you sleep well?)
9:41    BFC3PTY    󾌬
9:42    Christian    Ja (Yes)
9:43    BFC3PTY    When you go for holiday ?
9:43    Christian    This afternoon take bus
9:44    BFC3PTY    You want me to come with you
9:44    Christian    Yes, if you are free
9:45    BFC3PTY    I am free yes
9:45    BFC3PTY    But you say you will pay eve thing yes ?
9:45    Christian    Yes
9:45    BFC3PTY    Ok
9:45    BFC3PTY    Where we meet ?
9:46    BFC3PTY    ??
9:47    Christian    You come to nakon nayok or sakaew?
9:47    BFC3PTY    Where in nakon nayok?
9:48    Christian    Hotel, but I don't know where I will stay.
9:48    Christian    Is there bus from pattaya?
9:49    BFC3PTY    I think have yes not sure I have to look
9:50    BFC3PTY    But I have to know your hotel
9:50    BFC3PTY    󾍅
9:50    Christian    I take hotel near bus station, when I arrive.
9:50    BFC3PTY    Ok good
9:50    BFC3PTY    Where
9:51    BFC3PTY    Nakon nayok or sakaew?
10:02    Christian    Nakon nayok
10:21    BFC3PTY    Oh ok
10:22    BFC3PTY    And you will pay for the bus for me to go and come back too ??
10:22    Christian    Yes
10:25    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:25    BFC3PTY    You have phone number ?
10:26    BFC3PTY    Maybe I go to see you today
10:30    Christian    (my phone number)
10:31    Christian    I will leave Bangkok in the afternoon and arrive in the evening.
10:31    BFC3PTY    Tell me when you on bus to nakon nayok
10:31    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:31    Christian    Ok
10:31    BFC3PTY    I go because I like you
10:31    BFC3PTY    And like to see you
10:31    Christian    Ok
14:48    BFC3PTY    Not hear from you
15:18    Christian    On bus to victory monument now, then van to nakon nayok.
15:19    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:55    Christian    Victory monument, wait for van.
15:59    BFC3PTY    I think very late for me now .
15:59    BFC3PTY    󾍅
16:20    Christian    Van just left, two hours or longer to nakon nayok.
16:21    Christian    No plan for tonight. Tomorrow sight seeing out all day, back at night.
17:12    BFC3PTY    Ok sexy
19:36    Christian    [Location]
19:36    Christian    Finally in hotel.
19:36    BFC3PTY    What you doing ?
19:37    BFC3PTY    ???
19:37    Christian    Just arrived. Take shower, go out.
19:37    BFC3PTY    You stay alone
19:37    BFC3PTY    I want see you
19:37    Christian    Yes
19:38    BFC3PTY    What you doing tomorrow
19:38    Christian    [Photo]
19:38    Christian    Out sightseeing all day.
19:39    BFC3PTY    Sexy
19:39    BFC3PTY    I want to sleep with you
19:40    Christian    You can come tomorrow night here to nakon nayok or Friday sakaew.

6:46    BFC3PTY    Good morning
6:46    BFC3PTY    How are you sleep?
9:06    Christian    Good morning
14:46    BFC3PTY    Busy day ?
14:50    Christian    Sightseeing all day
14:50    BFC3PTY    Ok
14:50    BFC3PTY    Alone ?
14:50    Christian    Yes, back in hotel tonight
14:50    BFC3PTY    Ok
14:50    BFC3PTY    When you come Pattaya
14:50    BFC3PTY    I want to see you
14:51    Christian    Don't know, probably next month.
14:51    BFC3PTY    Ok
14:51    BFC3PTY    I want to sleep with you
14:51    Christian    Do you want to meet in sakaew tomorrow?
14:52    BFC3PTY    After tomorrow I not free anymore
14:52    Christian    Ok
14:52    BFC3PTY    I will be free after 29 again
14:52    Christian    Ok

13:44    Christian    [Photo]
13:44    Christian    [Photo]
13:44    Christian    [Photo]
13:44    Christian    [Photo]
13:44    Christian    Nakon Nayok, now I'm in sakaew.
21:15    BFC3PTY    Hello
21:15    BFC3PTY    Good evening
21:17    Christian    Hello
21:17    BFC3PTY    What you doing ?
21:17    BFC3PTY    󾌬
21:17    Christian    Shower, in hotel room.
21:17    BFC3PTY    Ok
21:17    BFC3PTY    Next month you come Pattaya ?
21:17    Christian    Why do you send messages without text?
21:18    BFC3PTY    I want to stay with you
21:18    Christian    I don't know yet.
21:18    BFC3PTY    What message
21:18    Christian    When I come, we can meet again.
21:19    BFC3PTY    Yes
21:19    BFC3PTY    I like you
21:19    Christian     I like you too.
21:19    BFC3PTY    You sexy
21:20    Christian    [Photo] (screenshot)
21:20    Christian     Empty message on bottom.
21:20    BFC3PTY    I not know
21:21    BFC3PTY    I eat now we talk soon ok

16:33    BFC3PTY    Hi
16:33    BFC3PTY    What you doing ?
16:33    Christian    Going back to Bangkok now.
16:33    BFC3PTY    Ok
16:34    BFC3PTY    And come to see me in Pattaya hehe....

10:15    BFC3PTY    Hi
10:15    BFC3PTY    What you doing ?
10:39    Christian    Sleeping
10:41    BFC3PTY    Can I sleep with you
11:36    Christian    Yes, next time we meet.
11:48    BFC3PTY    Ok
11:48    BFC3PTY    But when ?
11:49    BFC3PTY    Can you tell me ?
11:49    Christian    I don't know yet. Travel lopburi chaiyaphum first.

16:57    Christian    You start work tomorrow? What's your schedule and when do you have day off?
18:01    BFC3PTY    I have day off now .
18:01    BFC3PTY    Why ?
19:42    Christian    So I can plan when it's best to go to pattaya.
19:51    BFC3PTY    Can come now I am free
19:51    BFC3PTY    I will stay with you if you want ?
19:54    Christian    Yes. But I'm not free this week. Maybe weekend.
19:56    BFC3PTY    Saturday and Sunday you come ?
19:57    Christian    I don't know yet, still planning.
19:57    BFC3PTY    Let me know pls.... I waiting ok
19:58    Christian    Ok
19:58    BFC3PTY    I will stay with you . We will have good time together

8:00    BFC3PTY    Good morning . How are you doing ?
9:58    Christian    I'm fine. Just wake up.
9:59    BFC3PTY    How you sleep ?
9:59    BFC3PTY    I still waiting for you to come here 󾌬
9:59    Christian    Fine. And you?
9:59    BFC3PTY    I am good thank you
9:59    BFC3PTY    What you doing today ?
10:00    Christian    Visa extension at government complex.
10:00    BFC3PTY    Oh ok
10:00    BFC3PTY    I wish you come here very soon
10:02    Christian    I try to.
20:41    BFC3PTY    Hello
20:41    BFC3PTY    What you doing ?
20:48    Christian    Wait for bus
20:48    BFC3PTY    To go where
20:50    BFC3PTY    󾌬
20:55    Christian    Home

16:46    Christian    I'm planning to spend night Sun to Mon in sriratcha. Then to rayong. Do you want to meet in sriratcha?
16:47    Christian    Go sightseeing and fruit garden.
17:00    BFC3PTY     What is sriratcha?
17:00    BFC3PTY    And where are you now ?
17:23    Christian    ศรีราชา. (Sri Ratcha) Now in Bangkok.
17:24    BFC3PTY     You want me to meet you in sriratcha?
17:25    BFC3PTY    What you doing in sriratcha?
17:25    Christian    Yes, if you are free. I don't know when I can come to pattaya again.
17:25    BFC3PTY    When
17:25    BFC3PTY    I want to see you
17:26    Christian    This weekend. What is your work schedule?
18:39    BFC3PTY    I have work in hotel
18:39    Christian    When is your day off?
18:46    BFC3PTY    I not start yet
18:47    BFC3PTY    I want to see you
18:48    Christian    When do you start?
18:48    BFC3PTY    I want to see you before I work
18:48    BFC3PTY    󾌬
18:48    BFC3PTY    Hehe....
18:49    Christian    OK, this weekend.
18:49    BFC3PTY    Yes
18:49    BFC3PTY    If I work you will not see me

5:50    BFC3PTY    Good morning sexy 󾌬󾌬󾌬󾌬
9:48    BFC3PTY    I miss seeing you
20:41    BFC3PTY    You come tomorrow ?
20:54    BFC3PTY    So?
21:33    Christian    Tomorrow ศรีราชา (Sri Ratcha)
21:42    BFC3PTY    I see you ???
21:43    Christian    Yes
21:43    BFC3PTY    When you be there tell me I come
21:44    Christian    Ok
21:44    BFC3PTY    Good
21:44    BFC3PTY    I waiting for you

5:47    BFC3PTY    Good morning
9:32    Christian    Good morning
9:32    BFC3PTY    Yes
9:32    BFC3PTY    When you come
9:32    Christian    Today
9:32    BFC3PTY    I wait
9:33    BFC3PTY    How many day you stay in (ศรีราชา (Sri Ratcha)
9:34    Christian    One or two nights
9:50    BFC3PTY    Ok
9:50    BFC3PTY    I happy to kiss you soon
10:12    Christian    Do you stay alone?
10:12    BFC3PTY    No with friend
10:12    BFC3PTY    Why ?
10:37    Christian    Means I cannot stay with you when I come to pattaya.
10:38    BFC3PTY    Sorry
10:38    BFC3PTY    If I stay alone you can stay with me
10:47    BFC3PTY    Where I can meet you in ศรีราชา? (Sri Ratcha)
10:48    Christian    I don't have hotel yet. Will arrive late. Best meet tomorrow.
10:49    Christian    What do you do on Mon?
10:49    BFC3PTY    I not sure
10:49    BFC3PTY    Why you not come stay Pattaya
10:49    BFC3PTY    Come here
10:49    BFC3PTY    Have room for 500.600 for night
10:50    Christian    OK, I will come to pattaya on Monday and stay one night.
10:50    BFC3PTY    Good
10:50    BFC3PTY    Come Pattaya pls.... I want to see you very much
10:51    Christian    Ok
10:51    BFC3PTY    And today where you do ?
10:51    Christian    ศรีราชา (Sri Ratcha)
10:52    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:52    BFC3PTY    And I see you Monday?
10:52    Christian    Yes
10:52    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:52    BFC3PTY    I wait
15:52    BFC3PTY    Where are you now ??
15:52    BFC3PTY    ??
15:53    BFC3PTY    󾌬
15:53    Christian    Bus to ศรีราชา (Sri Ratcha)
15:53    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:53    BFC3PTY    I want to kiss you
15:54    Christian    See you on Monday on pattaya.
15:54    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:54    BFC3PTY    Why you not come tomorrow ?
15:54    Christian    Stay two nights.
15:54    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:55    BFC3PTY    I want to kiss
15:55    Christian    Take train, only Mon to Fri.
15:55    BFC3PTY    And can I make love with you ?
15:55    BFC3PTY    Hehe....
15:55    Christian    Yes
15:56    BFC3PTY    Very good
15:56    BFC3PTY    I wait

11:02    BFC3PTY    Where are you ?
14:00    Christian    ศรีรสชา (Sri Ratcha)
14:00    BFC3PTY    Ok
14:00    BFC3PTY    See you tomorrow ?
14:01    Christian    Yes

10:24    Christian    On train now, see you this evening
10:25    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:25    BFC3PTY    I waiting for you :))
10:25    BFC3PTY    Where you will stay ?
10:26    Christian    Not sure, maybe jomtien complex
15:02    BFC3PTY    Ok
15:02    BFC3PTY    Where are you ?
15:04    Christian    Just arrived in jomtien. Rest now, see you evening.
15:04    Christian    Free throughout the day?
15:05    BFC3PTY    Yes we can meet in the evening
15:10    BFC3PTY    Where you stay ?
16:45    Christian    Question mark bar and Guesthouse. I go eat soon, Italian.
16:49    BFC3PTY    See you evening ok
16:50    Christian    Ok
16:50    Christian    Do you want to join for dinner now?
16:59    BFC3PTY    I at volleyball now
16:59    BFC3PTY    Can I meet you later ??
17:00    Christian    OK. Where do you play?
17:00    BFC3PTY    (location)
18:21    BFC3PTY    Can we meet at 20.00 pm
(I was at Jomtien beach, spontaneous decision to walk to the location he sent me as I had nothing else to do)
18:25    Christian    Ok
18:26    Christian    Where are you now?
18:27    BFC3PTY    Volleyball
18:27    BFC3PTY    Why ?
18:27    BFC3PTY    Where are you ?
18:27    Christian    Almost they're (it should be “there”, autocomplete)
18:27    BFC3PTY    Where
18:27    BFC3PTY    ??
18:27    BFC3PTY    ???
18:28    Christian    Location you sent me
18:28    BFC3PTY    You come here ?
18:28    Christian    Yes
18:29    BFC3PTY    I will go back room very soon . My friend not feel good
18:29    BFC3PTY    I have to take he back room
18:29    Christian    Ok
18:29    BFC3PTY    We can see at 20.00 pm
18:29    Christian    Can you take me back, too?
19:27    BFC3PTY    Yes
19:27    BFC3PTY    Come
19:28    BFC3PTY    ??
19:28    BFC3PTY    You come
20:19    BFC3PTY    What you doing ??
20:19    Christian    In my room, play internet
20:19    BFC3PTY    Ok
20:19    BFC3PTY    I go eat and I come to you ok
20:19    Christian    Ok
20:19    BFC3PTY    [Sticker]
21:05    BFC3PTY    You want go walk with me ?
21:05    BFC3PTY    ???
21:09    Christian    Yes
21:09    BFC3PTY    I go get you
21:09    Christian    Ok
21:09    BFC3PTY    I let you know soon when I near your room
21:09    BFC3PTY    See you soon
21:17    BFC3PTY    Come to me
21:17    BFC3PTY    [Photo]
21:18    BFC3PTY    [Photo]
21:18    Christian    Ok
22:20    BFC3PTY    [Photo]
(Spend evening with friends at Bali Hai pier, then back to my room. Stays over night, fucks me in the morning, leaves.)

15:55    Christian    I'm home. See you next week.
20:27    BFC3PTY    Ok sweetheart
20:27    BFC3PTY    Hope to see you soon kiss 󾌧󾌧󾌧

14:15    Christian    Do you play gay Romeo?
14:54    BFC3PTY    Why ?
15:12    Christian    I think I saw you on gay Romeo or grindr. Want to check.
(I saw this boy before, in real life and online, but I don’t remember where.)
15:18    BFC3PTY    I not have gayromeo
15:18    BFC3PTY    😗

9:19    BFC3PTY    Good morning
9:19    BFC3PTY    What you doing sexy ?
9:55    Christian    Just wake up
9:59    BFC3PTY    Where are you ?
10:06    Christian    My room, Bangkok.
10:06    BFC3PTY    Where you room ?
10:07    BFC3PTY    Maybe I can see you in your room ? I on the way to Bangkok now
10:07    Christian    สาทร (Sathorn)
10:07    Christian    [Location]
10:08    BFC3PTY    With soi?
10:08    Christian    Bus or van?
10:09    Christian    (location in Thai)
10:09    BFC3PTY    Bus
10:09    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:09    BFC3PTY    We can see ?
10:14    Christian    Yes. Bus to where?
10:26    BFC3PTY    I can come to your house later?
10:26    Christian    Yes
10:26    BFC3PTY    Soon I get Ekamai
10:26    Christian    Take bus 149 to บ่อนไก่ (Bon Gai)
10:27    BFC3PTY    Ok
10:27    BFC3PTY    I can come to you in the afternoon
10:28    Christian    Where do you go now?
10:38    BFC3PTY    I go see my lady friends
10:38    Christian    OK, see you in afternoon. Tell me where you are, I can tell you which bus to take.
10:39    BFC3PTY    Ok
18:38    Christian    What time do you want to come here?
(message not read and I don’t’ have his phone number so I can’t call)
20:09    Christian    Hello
(message not read)

16:39    Christian    Where are you now?
(message not read)

12:01    Christian    What happened?
20:39    Christian    I'm in สกลนคร.now (Sakon Nakhon)

7:41    Christian    Good morning
14:04    BFC3PTY    Good morning sexy . How are you ?
14:04    Christian    I'm fine. And you?
14:05    BFC3PTY    I am ok just wake up
14:05    BFC3PTY    Last night I was out
14:05    Christian    Where have you been?

12:44    Christian    I go to khon kaen tomorrow.

8:34    BFC3PTY    What you doing theres?
9:30    Christian    Sightseeing tellers
9:30    Christian    Temples
17:56    Christian    Where are you now?
18:45    BFC3PTY    I am in Pattaya ?
18:45    BFC3PTY    When you back to Bangkok ?
19:42    Christian    Back now. What happened on Monday?

6:11    BFC3PTY    Good morning
6:11    BFC3PTY    What you doing today ???
9:47    Christian    Meet Friend from USA for movie.
9:48    Christian    What happened on Monday?
9:49    BFC3PTY    Sorry I was busy with my lady friends and I was go back to Pattaya the same day
9:49    BFC3PTY    Sorry
9:49    BFC3PTY    What time your meet your friend
10:00    Christian    2pm
10:21    BFC3PTY    I wAnt sex with you
10:36    Christian    Busy this week
10:36    BFC3PTY    Maybe I fuck you today V
10:36    BFC3PTY    ?
10:37    Christian    Cannot
10:37    BFC3PTY    Why
10:38    BFC3PTY    ???
10:39    Christian    Busy. Where are you  now?
10:39    BFC3PTY    Bus soon I get bkk
10:40    BFC3PTY    I need to buy some think in Bangkok . At 13.30 I need to meet my friend and go buy some think
10:40    BFC3PTY    Before 13.30 I can meet you and we can have sex ?
(I read the message, but had other plans.)

23:49    Christian    I was busy all week.

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  1. But how was the temperature of his skin?

  2. “I come, I fuck you, I go”...
    ... the funny thing is that in latin there is a special word for "I fuck a boy" :-)
    venio - pedico - vanesco


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