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Cobra Village in Khon Kaen province

Cobra Village in Khon Kaen province

Baan Khok Sa-nga (King Cobra Village)
บ้านโคกสง่า ต.ทรายมูล อ.น้ำพอง จ.ขอนแก่น 

I have seen snake show at the snake farm in Bangkok and on Koh Samui, and one would have been enough, but it was an invitation and in their schedule so I couldn't decline. 

The large snakes are made of painted styrofoam, show was about 10:50 to 11:10. 


This snake can jump about a meter high:

Men put python head in mouth or in pants:

"Small public zoo" and market:

I was the only Foreign visitor, about 30 Thais in audience. No entry fee, but they collect donations (Thais gave 20 Baht per family per act). At the end they take picutures of selected visitors with snake around neck with instant camera (Thai friend passed me 100 Baht to donate). 

It confirmed what I have seen before: the snake sees the human as a threat and either tries to escape or attacks. Unless a herpetologist tells me otherwise, I will stick to: snake show is unethical treatment of animals and ChristianPFC will not go to snake show (this one was special circumstances) and advises his readers to do the same.

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  1. ......not the type of trouser snake you normally report on Christian!


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