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Wat Hua Krabeu - Temple with buffalo skulls

Wat Hua Krabeu วัดหัวกระบือ

Famous for a collection of old cars (mainly Mercedes) and buffalo skulls.

Others have written about this place:
book Bangkok off the grid page 106-7
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And there is not much to add except for directions to go by public transport. On a previous trip, I spotted a songtheo (blue, line 1501) with วัดหัวกระบือ as destination at Central Rama 2, which was the incentive to go there and invite a Farang friend.

From Sathorn (Rama 4) take bus 141 (aircon) to Central Rama 2, 21 Baht, 12:01-40. From there to Wat Hua Krabeu was easy: blue songtheo line 1501 to วัดหัวกระบือ (final stop), 7.3 km, south-west along Rama 2, south on Bang Khun Tian road ถนนบางขุนเทียน, east on Thian Thale Soi 19 เทียนทะละ ซอย 19, 7 Baht, 14:20-36.

Return was not that easy as there are different lines 1501 and there are detours for U-turns. The first songtheo took us to Bang Bon market ตลาดบางบอน, the second to Central Rama 2. Total 14 Baht and 16:34-17:29, with 5 minutes wait at Bang Bon market:

Location (ubosot or wiharn?)
Thian Thale Soi 19 เทียนทะละ ซอย 19, Bang Khun Tian district เขตบางขุนเทียน

There are life turtles

and even life crocodiles (one can be seen in the cage):

The temple is famous for a collection of old cars (mainly Mercedes) and buffalo skulls.

Buffalo skulls are scattered all around the temple, even a mosaic in the ground:

This pile of buffalo skulls differs from pictures I saw on the internet, maybe they rearranged them or there are several places with large numbers of skulls, I found only this one:

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