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Snake shrine on Huay Yai road

Snake shrine on Huay Yai road

Only weeks after the Shrine of Cobra Queen on Rama 2 road, I discover another snake shrine, this time in Chonburi province.

12°51'30.3"N 100°55'03.6"E = 12.858419, 100.917675 
950 m east of Sukhumvit road (hwy 3), on the southern side of Huay Yai road, next to Tesabal road 1 Soi 2. (Huay Yai and Na Chom Tian 6 are on opposite sides of hwy 3.)

หมู่ 1 ต.ห้วยใหญ่ อ.บางละมุง จ.ชลบุรี

"Welcome to the shrine of the sage snake (hidden behind lantern)"

View from main road. Left, front, right:

That leaves to wonder if there are any more snake shrines (real snakes, not Naga mythological snake or dragon).

The shrine in Rama 2 road is for a king cobra (งูจงอาง ngoo jong-aang), the shrine in Huay Yai for a jungle/forest cobra (เห่าดง hào dong)
There is Thean Hock Keong temple, popularly known as Snake Temple, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

and a cobra village in Khon Kaen province (post tomorrow).

Update: for more about snakes see here 

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