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Coffin Ceremony at Wat Prammanee in Nakhon Nayok

Coffin Ceremony at Wat Prammanee in Nakhon Nayok

Wat Prommanee, Wat Phrammani วัดพราหมณี (the ห is silent without garan, pronunciation พราม-มะ-นี) also known as Wat Luang Pho Pak Daeng (= red lips Buddha) วัดหลวงพ่อปากแดง.

Location (ubosot):
14°14'08.3"N 101°14'46.8"E = 14.235640, 101.246332
About 5 km north of Nakon Nayok, about 200 m east of hwy 3049.

เลขที่ ๘๕ หมู่ ๕ ตำบลบ้านใหญ่ อำเภอเมือง จังหวัดนครนายก
(written on the entrance gate to the temple, however it's not in Tambon Baan Yai, it's a bit north, in Tambon Sarika)
สาริกา - นางรอง ซอย 2 ซอยพราหมณี - เกาะทอง

Public transport:
From Victory Monument in Bangkok or from Nakon Nayok hospital take van 967 or 987 (from NN hospital, about 5 min ride and 20 Baht). 

Entrance gate on hwy 3049. There is an extensive market before you reach the temple.

Shrine for members of the 37th Japanese Army Division who died in Thailand during WW2.

Various other shrines:

Red lips Buddha in ubosot (I would not have noticed) with crates of red Fanta offerings:

But the reason why I went is the coffin ceremony. 

Ticket booth. Two rounds per day (8:30 and 12:30), 80 Baht for basic ceremony (does not include lying in coffin). Buy ticket and exchange it for a box with alms opposite the booth.

I was there around 11:30 and decided to wait for the ceremony. I was let into the hall around 12:15 and another customer (Thai man) came and we waited until 13:20. First kneeing before chanting monks (the Thai man repeated the chants), then donate 100 Baht more for coffin ceremony (put the note on the bottom of the coffin, lie in coffin with back to the ground, hold flowers on your chest; the white cloth will be pulled over the coffin a few times accompanied by chants), get out of the coffin and donate 20 Baht for some further blessings (spray holy water on head, get a bag with white powder to put in wallet so the wallet will always be full). Ceremony ends 13:32.

Staff speaks some English, during the ceremony I just did what the Thai man did.

Reading on the internet, I expected queues, but there was just one other customer. 

Thailand’s Coffin Ceremony for the Living (with video)

Thai Temple Offers the Ultimate Chance at Rebirth

Thais queue to 'die' in pink coffins and be 're-born'

Thai Coffin Ceremony (Offers a Chance at Rebirth)  

update sep 2016: 
a similar one in Wat Takien in Nonthaburi province
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