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Siam Gypsy Junction market ตลาดนัด ชุมทาง สยามยิปซี

Siam Gypsy Junction market ตลาดนัด ชุมทาง สยามยิปซี

Wed-Sun 6pm-1am
Wednesday-Sunday, 6pm-1am; entrance is on Krungthep - Nonthaburi road between Soi 27 and 29.
13°49'20.2"N 100°31'57.2"E = 13.822283, 100.532569

I spotted this market when returning to Bangkok by train, and search on the internet gave details:
so I went to explore by foot.

Entrance is 2.9 km by road north-west of MRT Bang Sue; across the road from completed but not in operation yet MRT Bang Son บางซ่อน. 

There is no railway junction nearby, and I wonder how they came to call the market Gypsy market. Thailand is blessed with not having Gypsies. Unfortunately we have Gypsies (Zigeuner in German) in Germany; and it's not politically correct to call Gypsies "Gypsies".

This train (at the entrance on Krungthep - Nonthaburi road) is fake (however the person sitting in it is real):

but this train is real (left side; unlike the Railway markets - see next post - this market has real trains passing in 20 m distance for the full length of the market):

The market is nestled between railway line (20 m south of the market, all trains to/from south and west pass) and MRT line (above the market), which makes it one-lane about 30 m wide and 500 m long. At the eastern end (dead end), there are many unoccupied stalls.

And there is construction of an elevated road above Bang Son wet market (on the other side of the railway line from Siam Gypsy market):

This market used to part of JJ Green (Chatuchak Green, one of the places the original Railway market moved to), and stuff you find there is similar to the Railway markets.

Part of the market has a Wild West theme (albeit that's an Australian flag). "Wild West" is how the US romanticize the genocide on the native Americans.

From researching these markets, I can now draw a tentative timeline:

Original Railway market Chatuchak ends 2013, splits into Railway market Srinakarin and Ratchada Night market. Ratchada night market moves to Chatuchak and becomes JJ Green / Siam Gypsy. Siam Gypsy moves to Bang Son (2015). New branch of Railway market at Ratchada (2015).

Suan Lum Night market (closed 2010) moved to Ratchada Night Bazar, now closed but still a banner สวนลุมไนท์บาซาร์รัชดาภิเษก in the south-western corner of Ratchada-Ladprao intersection.

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  1. My Thai BF always refers to this type of market as a "buffalo market"
    In UK/Ireland we would call it bric-a-brac


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