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Words of Praise: i-mobile IQ6

Words of Praise: i-mobile IQ6

Two years ago (mid July 2013), I bought an i-mobile IQ6 for about 8000 Baht, which I am very happy with and still use (and probably will for many more years; if I buy a new phone I will probably take an Oppo with rotating camera for candid photography - with most phones you have to point the entire phone at the subject, but there is a trick: pretend to take a selfie when you want to take a picture of the person opposite). Details about my search and choice and initial impressions here:

Mobile phones I used (with year of acquisition):

(The Nokia 6210 is still operational, and battery lasts for 2 or 3 days, down from 5 days when it was new.)

The IQ6 has become my main tool for navigation, information and entertainment, and for some months even photography (under many conditions, the phone's camera takes pictures of quality comparable to my camera at that time, Nikon Coolpix S220).

Before, I used to carry guidebooks (now I take pictures of the relevant pages or download from internet), maps (now I use googlemaps), paper or digital dictionary, books for reading (now I can even watch movies during long train or bus rides).

Only hardware complaint is low volume and poor fit of headphones that came with the mobile, I had to buy bluetooth headphones (Avantree Sacool AS8, happy with this purchase as well). Battery lasts one day under normal use or 2 hours when watching movie, a power bank is a good addition.

There is lot of room for improvement in the software and apps. Grindr and Hornet: slow and frequent crashes. Flashlight app updates every few months (why does an app that does nothing more than switching on the flash consumes several MB space and needs updates?). Dictionaries crash. Swipe keyboard has some oddities, when I swipe "Where", it gives me a choice of Effete, Eye, Eyre and Wryer.

While the hardware is amazing, most software is poor, the developers of some apps should be hanged - on their balls!
For google maps and GPS, I don't know if it's hardware or software that's slow. Getting GPS signal can take minutes. A year ago, I sometimes got a location on google maps very quick (seconds), but with large uncertainty (1 km radius), probably from mobile network cell (phone communicates with a tower whose position is known). That was very convenient when I just need a map of the area, or for online dating apps. 

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  1. The slow GPS is caused by the Mediatek processor in the phone

    Your operating system looks like its Jellybean - which is 2 versions behind the current OS (lollipop)

    Think its time for an upgrade, make sure the new phone has a Qualcom processor - and at least 2GB of RAM, that way you apps will not crash so often


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