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Wat Khao Durian - the pink temple in Nakon Nayok

Wat Khao Durian - the pink temple in Nakon Nayok

The outstanding feature is that everything is painted in pink - even the lines on the road and notes posted on paper.  

Wat Khao Durian (Wat Khao Thurian), Nakon Nayok province, Muang district, Khao Phra subdistrict.
วัดสีชมพู หรือ วัดเขาทุเรียน ต.เขาพระ อ.เมือง จ.นครนายก

14°15'37.6"N 101°13'54.5"E 14.260437, 101.231819
6.7 km by road (Nakhon Nayok - Khao Thurian road) north of Nakon Nayok hospital (town center), or 4.0 km by road west of Ganesh Park.

I came from Ganesh Park and hitchhiked (no public transport).

The ubosot was not open, I don't know what it looks like inside. These statues probably show Japanese soldiers from WWII. (There was presence of Japanese soldiers in the area, and there is a cemetery in Wat Pramanee.)

Another interesting part is the public toilet, which can compete with the toilet in Wat Bang Pli Yai Nai in Samut Prakan (I have been there in 2013, no report yet) for being the most beautiful public toilet in a Thai temple (The White Wat in Chiang Rai might have a more beautiful exterior, but nothing of interest once you step inside).

You will find similar to the above in Wat Bang Pli Yai Nai (but not in pink). But the following are unique (from left to right, in the back of ground floor, little light). 
Silver bathroom (ISO 6400, no flash):

Golden Bathroom (flash):

(one is missing, poor picture with flash)
Pink Bathroom (flash):

There are 3 more pink temples in Thailand that I know of (details here:

Wat Thawi Kara Anan วัดทวีการะอนันต์ = Wat Si Chompoo วัดสีชมพู (The pink wat), Phathum Thani province.

Wat Pleng (pink Ubosot) in Nonthaburi.
Wat Si Chompoo, Khlong Sip, Nong Chok.

Update: pictures of ubosot inside on internet, nothing special apart from pink 

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