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Dating Thai boys (32): Seducing straight boys

Dating Thai boys (32): Seducing straight boys

Dec 2014 Cambodian boy in Bangkok. Get him into my room for talking and beer, slip my hand under his shirt, but am hesitant to continue, waiting for a signal from him. Finally I have to leave because I have an appointment with a Farang friend. Told this story to my friend, he says I should have called him “I’m indisposed” and moved the appointment an hour, he would have understood.

Feb 2015 Burmese boy in Sangkhlaburi. Get him into my room for talking, but can’t slip my hand under his shirt because it’s so long, he is sitting on it. Then he has to leave to go back to his room, his mother is waiting.

June 2015 Thai boy Nat in Bangkok. Details below.

“Seducing” is far fetched, in all cases the boys got in a rigor/torpor when I started touching them indecently (I had wrong ideas from watching gay porn). It’s more a case of cornering them, there is no way out, and they just wait until it’s over. When alcohol is involved, it borders on drug facilitated sexual assault DFSA.


Thu 18.06.2015
At night, chat up a cute construction worker Nat near my place (spotted him several times already). He and his colleagues live in Minburi and are waiting for car to pick them up (that was 10 pm, so they will be home 11 pm!).

Fri 19.06.2015
Evening go to visit N again (18:20). There was light to medium rain, so I pretend to seek shelter and wait for the rain to stop. Invite him to my room, he agrees as far as I understand, but tells me to go first. One of his colleagues says “ไปเลย” (encouragement to go with me). I wait outside around the corner, stand and read book (18:37-51), and can see him through the hedge (smoking and then working), so I leave alone. I should have forgotten my umbrella, then I would have had a reason to return! (Keep this in mind for similar situations in the future.) Construction work is almost finished, there might be one more chance. Will bring beer (so far, they invited me for drinking), and if all else fails offer money?

Sat-Sun no construction work going on

Mon 22.06.2015
In the afternoon, go to Goethe Institute, pass construction site: Nat busy, wave to him. At night (18:50) come back, it looks like they finish within an hour. Buy two beer for them and soft drink for me and sit nearby and read. Work finishes, and with some supportive words from his colleagues, he stays with me while they drive away (but it wasn’t clear until the last seconds if he would stay with me or jump unto the back of the pick-up, for an over one-hour ride to Minburi, sitting on top of building rubble and possible getting wet in rain). But then, finally, success! We are standing there together, and the boy will be mine the whole night (he has no money, I assume, and doesn’t know where else to go, maybe even doesn’t know where he is)!

Walk back to my room (19:45-20:00). Finally I see him shirtless: promising, but not overwhelming. Shower separately. Afterwards he asks for a nail clipper and clips his finger and toe nails (the clippings go on the floor, he collects them to a heap with his feet). Give him some of my clothes (all too big, he is 19/45/170). Nat says his room is similar in size and has aircon and hot water as well, but costs only 1500 Baht per month. He stays alone in Minburi. Difficult to believe, I have to go some day!

Go out for dinner (street food nearby), then back to room.

Gather the following information. Nat is from Petchaboon, but has been in Bangkok since childhood. Went to school for 7 years, but was a lazy student. Has been working on construction sites since age 16. All over Thailand, and even Korea once with return flight. He earns 13,000 Baht per month (quite a lot, but working time seems to be 8 am to 8 pm – not included travel which can easily be 1 hour each direction – and no day off!). H used to own a phone, but it’s broken and he didn’t have time to buy a new one.

Put my hands on upper thighs and stroke. “Is it arousing?” – “Yes” (In Thai: เสียวมั้ย – เสียว). Wait for response, but more a torpor/rigor than a reaction. That was probably the best occasion in the entire night, but I thought there would be a better one later. I was hoping for rain so we could stay in, but it doesn't rain.

I promised Nat earlier to take him to Karaoke (his face beams every time he speaks of “young girls with big tits” เด็กๆนมใหญ่). Leave my room 22:00 and walk to karaoke in Soi Ngamduplee (near entrance of Soi Goethe): closed. But I remember another one (karaoke is not my business, so I have to think hard where I walked past one in the area) across Rama 4 road, and it’s open! Buy cigarettes for him on the way in 7/11 (first time I buy cigarettes for a boy, and it was a mistake, he would smoke most of the pack in the course of the night). Cashier at 7/11 has problem understanding him and he finally has to point. So it’s not only me, his pronunciation is really poor, even natives have problems! (Or he is from another country and speaks Thai as foreign language; he forgot his ID in Minburi otherwise I would have asked to see it).

These tattoos where made when he and/or his friend were drunk: 

Stay in Karaoke 22:25-23:25 as only customers. Big Leo beer for Nat 80 Baht, coke for me 20, ice 20, tip 20. Slip Nat 400 Baht in case he wants to tip or have girl sit with him. Music level ok. No atmosphere, rather boring as only customers.

Leave and walk to Lumpini park to look at prostitutes. 23:45, none at all on eastern side and only 4 on northern side (from driving past by taxi, I remember dozens between 1 and 4 am). Take taxi to Chinatown (there must be karaoke somewhere, and I know where there are prostitutes). Stop at two karaokes: open but no customers. Finally (00:20) find one that looks better.

Live music, music level ok. Nat likes one of the girls. She does a pretty good job entertaining two tables, keep the glasses clinking, not geting drunk and fending off Nat’s hands wandering over her body. There are short time rooms upstairs, but she doesn’t seem interested. 2:45 they close and I am presented the bill: 750 Bath. Try to check, but can’t read the handwriting. We had 4 big Heineken, 2 orange juice, 2 buckets of ice, food, seems correct. What I find discomforting is that nobody asks me when more is brought (beer, ice, orange juice), when a bottle is getting empty they just bring a new one, put it on the table and add it to the bill.

Leave and walk to areas nearby where I know we will find prostitutes. Now Nat is pretty drunk (had 5 big bottles of beer in my presence, and maybe more before), but wants to go with a girl. We chat with prostitutes and he gropes some, but don’t come to a conclusion (he wants me to wait outside, but I want to watch and touch!). There is another cute boy around. I ask the girl sitting with us what he is doing here, he calls him by name but when she tells him I like him, he utters some words of disgust. I realize I’m not getting anywhere with Nat, so we take taxi back to my room (at least he follows me, imagine he refused to come with me!).

Back in my room 3:55 am. Nat lays on bed fully clothed. I tell him to take off shirt, he does so. Touch his body: warm and dry. Touch his crotch: he is hard, and it’s big! Tell him to take off pants and boxers: no objection. Not only big, beautiful as well (I have seen my share of small or ugly or misshapen dicks). Play with his dick and balls, stroke his thighs. Then have him lie across my chest, so I can see half of his face (and kiss his cheeks and neck) and look down his entire body. Wank him with one hand and myself with the other hand, keeping myself ready for synchronized ejaculation (when he comes, I would come as well). But nothing happens! Put straight porn on TV, doesn’t help. I realize he is drifting into sleep, so I cum and we sleep 5 am (he dresses fully).

I am surprised. He had 5 big bottles of beer but shows only little signs of drunkenness. No change in character (I know people who get aggressive when drunk, or talk incessantly). Does not fall asleep in the taxi. Skin still warm and dry (others get cold and sweaty), is hard but doesn’t cum.

Tue 23.06.2015
Alarm clock rings 9 am (I had asked him when he has to get up), but we stay in bed longer, he finally leaves 11 am (he remembers the way, asks for money for food, I give him 100).

Afternoon I pass his workplace (last day of work there) to say hello and goodbye and give him my phone number and slip him 100 Baht. No call yet. I know in which soi he lives, should I go there and ask at 7/11 or foodstall if he is home? 

Next time things could be easier: offer money for sex. Or is it back to square 1 for me?

Conclusion: that’s a lot of time (total over 12 hours) and money invested:
Two beer from shop about 120 Baht, dinner 35, cigarettes 95, first karaoke 120, tip 20, money for spending for Nat 400, taxi 70, second karaoke 750, tip 40, taxi 80, money for food 100, slip him another 100 on goodbye, total 1930 Baht!

While waiting for Nat to finish work on Monday, a gay money boy messaged me who wanted to come to see me. He would have come to my room, we would have spent an hour, I would have tipped him 1000 Baht. Faster and cheaper.

There is little chance of us ever getting together again (space, time, communication – he has no phone at the moment), but if he called me I would go to visit him in Minburi to see his room and go to karaoke there (or better skip karaoke and drinking, just tell him I will buy him a girl if I can watch).

General observations: Who would have thought that those karaokes have a music level that is not ear damaging and allows normal conversation with your neighbor? Chinatown prostitutes ask for 500 Baht, room is 120 Baht, will take a boy from Saranrom there (dick can be small and/or ugly, but has to have nice ass).

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  1. what an ordeal! why go 4 a straight boy all that trouble !!

    and also- after ur cheese goes out of the freezer into the normal fridge - take it out of plastic and put it in silver foil than it stays nicely dry and not wet

  2. I'd call it adventure, not ordeal. And it's still promising, those straight Thai boys , one never knows how straight they are.

    You send quite a bit on him but treat it as price of admission for an adventure, beautiful cock is just a bonus

  3. Where exactly in Chinatown are the prostitutes? Are there boys aswell as guys? Freelancers?

    1. Traffic circle 22 June and roads leading south. Only ladies.

  4. Referring to hard cock, perhaps you could ask him to fuck you. That could lead to somewhere...

  5. I considered sucking him, but he didn't shower when we came back, went straight to bed. I pondered fucking, but I think that wouldn't have led anywhere, he was tired and drunk and passive (i.e. I could play with his body, but no response).

  6. My experience with (presumably) straight guys is to see whether he can fuck. I mean , if there is enough chemistry between you two to make it happen. If not,I would not bother.

  7. I always have my eye out for wiry small
    Contsruction workers. And the goodlooking
    Guys on beach road pattaya yelling island island
    Referring to koh larn day trips. Alas I have not
    Approached either. Another farang said That
    Might not be advisable with beach road guys.


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