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Words of praise: Thai Vans (Victory Monument van map)

Words of praise: Thai Vans (Victory Monument van map)

My prayers for a map with van stations at victory monument have been answered: (ThaiVans Application Demo)
(ChristianPFC thinks the information would fit onto one page - A4 both sides color - no need for an app, and there is indeed a printed map - see below - but it doesn't have all the information.)

Mapping travel paths - Thai Vans tackle the problem of Victory Monument's zero signage 
(same article printer friendly) 

It's incomplete: no intermediate stops, no line numbers. 
Screen shots for the app show prices and time for first and last van (but no frequency), this information is not on the printed map:

Not complete, e.g. vans to Khun Dan Dam and Nang Rong Waterfall in Nakon Nayok province are not listed. I saw line 967 in Nakon Nayok and it's mentioned here:รถตู้อนุสาวรีย์ไปองครักษฺ์-นครนายก-น้ำตกนางรอง-สาย-ม.2จ-967

As far as I can tell from two visits to Victory Monument, there is only one map on display:

I spotted a printed map posted on a window, and after asking nicely I got a copy.
Index of Bus & Van at Victory Monument
(Issue 1 / April 2015 Thai edition) 
It's A3 color, folded to 1/10 of the size. The information is the same, display slightly different. Vans are on one side of the map, buses on the other side.

from which leads to Monument Van map by ThaiVans.jpg?dl=0

The map is by SmartVC (with map for download as pdf or png, Eng or Thai, but only the van side of the map). I didn't find the bus side as high resolution picture or pdf on the internet, here a photograph:

This company (SmartVC) makes the useful new line maps in buses as well (advertising on the right side not in picture):

There are some other independent maps and websites for buses and vans at Victory Monument:

Vans @ Victory Monument

Minibuses or Vans at Victory Monument (in English)

Victory Monument van map (English and Thai)แผนที่รถตู้อนุสาวรีย์ฯ/

Thai Language forum about public transport:รถตู้อนุสาวรีย์ไปไหน/

While there is still a lot missing, this will be useful as basis once I write a book "Complete guide to land-based public transport in Thailand, Vol. 1 Bangkok, Vol. 2 Provinces, by Dr. ChristianPFC". 

(For sake of completeness, I can include boats and airplanes as well.)

Actually Victory Monument is not the only place from where vans leave (but the vast majority do). I know of vans to Suphanburi from near Khao San and vans to Chonburi from Chinatown.

Note on Victory Monument: in Thai it's อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ Anusawari Chai Samoraphum, most commonly abbreviated to anusawari, but to "sawari" when announcing stop in bus, or "chai samoraphum" on traffic signs.

The obelisk is five-sided, and there are five statues around. There is a fence around and gates are closed, and it would be dangerous to cross the traffic circle. However during political unrest I had chance to get close, and found the inside to be a columbarium.

Picture taken through the Art Deco door in picture above:

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC (except for maps)


  1. Me thinks this is all based on what the japanese 9who else?) have collected, it was published about 1,5 year ago in one of their extensive free mags 9can find in kinokuniya bookshop in WTC).
    Its Impossible to keep track up to date, as it very often changes.
    There are also many, many vans for upcountry-south from the Thonburi side, notably the road via the old Sai Thai terminal-and even from that place too. Also from Bangkapi,, opposite the MALL-but Pattaya and Aran/Khmer border only.

    1. I checked the free Japanese magazines, nothing!

      I forgot Future Rangsit. All these other van stations combined might have the same traffic as Victory Monument.

  2. Christian, let me know when your book will be published, I jump on the plane to get it autographed.

  3. I found a book about van stations in Bangkok in Thai language จุดให้ บริการ รถตู้โดยสาร ปรับอากาศ by Naiin for 150 Baht, printed in 2557, ISBN 9786167779287. Numbers of lines are missing!

    Vans can leave full or empty. I had cases where a van didn't stop for me because it was full. It leaves the station when full and can only take more passengers when someone gets off. You can reserve a seat by calling their departure point. Or the opposite: recently, I was the only passenger when the van left, but it filled up on the way.

  4. Van stations at Victory Monument will move elsewhere:

    Detailed information in Thai:


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