Thursday, 16 July 2015

Male Box sauna on Rama II road

Male Box sauna on Rama II road

Opening times (since 01.06.2015):
Mon-Fri 15-24, Sat-Sun 12-24. Entry 200 Baht. (that might be the weekend price) (of little use)
update 8apr2017: website gone
Tel.: +66 (0) 2848 1190

(59/480 พระรามสอง 52 Khwaeng Samae Dam, Khet Bang Khun Thian, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10150)
Rama II road, Soi 52 (dead end soi, surrounded by Central Plaza Rama II), house number 59/480. 

Small towel and flimsy loincloth, customers wear underwear or loincloth. Didn’t see condoms or lube.

1st reception, underwear sale (from Silom, 150 Baht per piece or 250 for 2), locker, group shower hot water, bar/karaoke with stage (now used as storage room).
2nd locker, labyrinth, porn room.
3rd private rooms.
2nd and 3rd floor are air conditioned.
4th steam room, sauna (infrared with visible light, well lit, front glass), group shower (cold water, shampoo), free drinks, gym; not obvious entrance to glory holes, porn room, group room.
5th rooftop garden, karaoke, Jacuzzi filled with water but not in operation.

Sat 07.03.2015 first visit
Stay 18:10-19:50. Didn’t take notes, from memory overall very average experience (venue and customers). Met one boy Gan who is a bordercase, he drove me to my place on his mocy, then sex so-so. Fluent in English, educated and intelligent and no character flaws.

(Tue 02.05.2015 Gan comes to my room after work, it's on his way home.)

Fri 12.06.2015 second visit
Stay 18:55-19:35. What a coincidence, upon entering I spot Gan in the locker room, playing on his phone. About 15 customers, all too old and too fat for my taste.

Friday 10.07.2015 third visit (first two visits were poor, so I had to do one more to confirm, and could combine it with visit to Wat Hua Krabue). 17:40-19:00. Two small towels and flimsy loincloth. The loincloth is long enough to fit someone with 40 inch waist (compare fundoshi at Seed: they are for people with up to 30 inch waist, and in June I noticed they extended the length by sewing a piece of string to it to suit bigger customers). Around 5 customers when I arrive, around 15 when I leave. About 10 minutes after me, Gan arrives as well. Later I spot and chat with two cute and younger (early 20s) customers, but both a bit too fat.

There used to be a show on first weekend of the month (from internet, don’t have link), but that has been abandoned (from internet and ask at reception).

Verdict: rather far away from central Bangkok (but visit can be combined with Shrine of Cobra Queen or Wat Hua Krabue), quite expensive (other saunas with similar standard are around 150 Baht), and customer base not my type.

I wish I could be more positive, but considering price, facilities and customer base, one sauna has to take the lowest place in my comprehensive overview of Bangkok saunas, to be published once I have visited all of them.

update Sat 8apr2017: another visit, everything as above, so-so.

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  1. Well then again it shows that others may have other experience. Was even chased after by 2 handsome youngish Thai on my visit-but that was quite some time ago now.
    Also remember they had poh-viewing cubicles with glory holes front and sides. Is that gone? (highest floor, I think).
    From your new home, can step of in 140/141 (or catch a free 195 from Klong Toey via new bridge) at BangPakok and admire Cambodia-town in BKK. (this area has the most Khmer living more or less together in BKK).

  2. "poh-viewing cubicles with glory holes" still there, same floor as gym, entrance looks like toilet cubicle, only found it on my second visit.

  3. Do you know what has happened to the Bangkok Bois blog ?

    1. I don't know. I posted assumptions and possible ways to find out on sawatedeenetwork.


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