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Phoenix sauna (former EDOK) near Wong Wian Yai

Phoenix sauna (former EDOK) near Wong Wian Yai

I first learnt of change of name from an announcement on Camfrog 12.05.2015:

(Z) (Z) ร้าน ฟินิกซ์ ซาวน่า [วงเวียนใหญ่] (Z) (Z)
          ข้างๆซอย ตากสิน 14 ร้านอยู่หลังตึก LG

(O) อาทิตย์ - พฤหัสบดี เปิด 16.00-24.00 น. ท่านละ 120 บ.
(O) ศุกร์ - เสาร์ เปิด 16.00 น. ถึงเช้า ท่านละ 200 บ.แถมคูปองเข้าฟรี1วัน

(*) สอบถามโทร : 087-688-7999 ร้าน : 02-465-6566
(*) ไลน์ไอดี : Winseng7999

(C) สนใจลงโฆษณาติดต่อโอนเนอร์ (Z) NOOM (IM) หรือ (Z) >NOOM< (IM)

(Stuff in brackets replaces emoticons when saved as text only. Weekend entry 200 Baht with coupon for free entry on weekdays; changed see below.)

It’s not easy to find, despite having been a few times, I walked past. From Wong Wian Yai, walk southwards on the western side of Somdet Phrachao Taksin road. You will pass a Shell petrol station and Soi 14. Turn right (west) directly after Soi 14 (before LG building). There is a shrine at the entrance of the dead end soi. There is a bus stop and a pedestrian overpass in front of LG building.

Entry: Sun-Thu 120 Baht, Fri-Sat 140 Baht.
Opening times: 4 pm – midnight (or 6 am on weekend?)

1st floor (ground floor) reception, lounge/disco/karaoke (two floors high)
2nd floor locker room well lit
3rd floor gym (modern, all new, well lit)
4th floor private rooms (new, all with dimmable lights and fan)
5th floor sauna and steam room (no light in s and s, poor light elsewhere), group shower, group room (former gym, no light)
(6th floor above toilets a mattress for 2 or 3; roof is low)
Balconies accessible on 3rd and 4th floor.

Toilets and shower (cold water, shower gel and mouth wash) on all floors. One small towel, one piece of cloth to wrap around your waist (90% of customers, 10% in underwear), condom and lube for every locker. Free hot and cold drinking water (plastic cups reused).

Mon 01.06.2015
Stay 19:18-20:26. Beside change of name, they thoroughly renovated the place and everything is in good condition. I am alone for some minutes, but when I reach top floor (with sauna and steam room), I spot two cute boys. They show interest, and I fiddle with both in sauna and steam room. Then some more customers appear, so we are six: ChristianPFC, three cute boys and two older. Go to a private room with one of the boys M, afterwards exchange Line.

Saturday 27.06.2015
Shape Spa (same Soi) sign not illuminated, but someone at reception, and he is shirtless with towel wrapped around waist and cute. I enter and ask where Phoenix Sauna is. He does not understand my question, but at least I learn that Shape is closed (i.e. at the moment no massage) and he is the son of the owner (if he had been working there, we would have gotten into business another time).

Phoenix Sauna arrive 19:45. About 15 to 20 customers throughout my stay. When I take shower, I spot M from my last visit. Exchange some smiles and gropes during my sojourn. There is another cute boy Bank, after exchanging a few looks we go into a room. I get fully hard, but then lose it (I’m sensitive: a friend will come and stay over night later; Bank has cold butt cheeks – but upper body and neck temperature ok – and a crab ladder, but no excessive pubic hair on balls; someone switched on the fan for our room in the floor, so I had to go out to switch it off). Bank comes by wanking. Later in the locker room, I give him my name card.
(No call yet 02.07.2015)

Leave 20:55, by coincidence same time as M, so I can tell him to message me in Line when he is free. Having sex with someone I know already in a sauna is a waste of time of money for both of us, I would rather meet him in my or his room. Shape Spa cute boy still sitting at reception in towel.

Overall highly recommended. Accessibility ok, high numbers of customers, well maintained (or rather everything is new and hence no signs of tear yet?), has my type. There is only little I would change: warm water in shower, better light on 5th floor (sauna and steam), wider rubber bands for key for locker (fits around my wrist, but too tight for my ankle). I will be back some day!

Update Nov2015: balconies accessible from gym and from labyrinth/rooms. 

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC

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  1. Update Fri 06.11.2015. Arrive 19:35, 14 customers (count occupied lockers), leave 21:00, 25 customers. Entry Fri-Sat 160 Baht. Nearby Shape Spa seems to be gone.


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