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Makha Bucha Buddhist Memorial Park in Nakon Nayok

Makha Bucha Buddhist Memorial Park in Nakon Nayok

Full name in Thai:
พระพุธรูป ปางแสดงโอวาทปาฏิโมกข์ และพระอรหันต์ ๑,๒๕๐ รูป ณ พุธทอุทยานมาฆบูชาอนุสาณ์
(meaning: Buddha statue in the posture of teaching, surrounded by 1250 disciples at Makha Bucha park)

To remember Makha Bucha day, when 1250 disciples gathered sponaneously.

On the way to Sarika waterfall. I went to the waterfall first, but from entrance to National Park, ticket seller pointed to the waterfall to show me that there is no water (and there were no people around; even without water I would go if there were locals swimming), so I walk back to Buddha Park.

14°18'06.8"N 101°16'10.3"E 14.301876, 101.269521 
13.6 km by car north of Nakon Nayok Hospital (town center), along hwy 3049 and 3050, 1.8 km further and you reach Sarika waterfall.

Public transport:
From Bangkok or Nakon Nayok, take van 967 (to Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam กรุงเทพฯ-นครนายก-เขื่อนขุนด่านฯ) or 987 (to Nang Rong waterfall น้ำตกนางรอง) get off where hwy 3050 separates from 3049 and walk 2.2 km.

There is not only the statue of Buddha and his 1250 disciples

but a giant Ganesh under construction:

 and some sand sculptures:

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