Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What the fuck?! Plastic waste in restaurants

What the fuck?! Plastic waste in restaurant

ChristianPFC disapproves of single-use plastic (or other material) cutlery and crockery. Single-use (for take away - then throw away) plastic cups for drinks are common in food courts but a recent visit to a fast food chain* shocked me: everything except the tray is single use! Outrageous!

*Idea of the boy I was with. ChristianPFC once sat in a McDonald's (with friends) and once ate at KFC in 2011 (again suggestion of a friend). I now learned that it depends on the branch how much is single use and how much is multiple use.

ChristianPFC suggests there be a tax on single-use cutlery and crockery to stop this waste of resources and energy, or even ban them altogether.

It will reduce pollution as well; when ChristianPFC's hometown got a McDonald's, you could soon afterwards see McDo boxes litter along roads.

Thai street food stalls show that you can wash plates, cups and cutlery even with limited resources:

Under optimum conditions (no plastic bottles, but free drinking water from reusable large containers), there is only the straw for drinking that is going to waste (and sometimes single use chopsticks made of wood or bamboo).

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  1. I agree completely.
    Disposable cutlery is wasting oil, has a risk of creating a litter problem after use and is actually quite nasty to use, compared with proper metal cutlery.

    Boycotting the offending restaurant is a good start.

  2. thank you for bringing this up Christian.
    More we talk about garbage we are producing by overconsumption , bigger chances that more people realize they are contributors to the waste.

    Plastic shopping bags seem to be even bigger garbage problem than single use cutlery. If our mothers could go shopping with the net, why can't we ?

  3. Yesterday, I went to McDonald's for the first time in my life (and yes, it was for a boy). Food ok, but amount of waste generated unacceptable.


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